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Here you can find all 15 collectibles which whilst they have no trophy / achievement linked to them are pretty cool to find and give you a good look at the models used in game for the various enemy types.

Some of the collectibles will be found fairly easily, however, some of the collectibles have specific areas you need to go through in order to collect them all.

There’s a total of 15 Collectibles and can be viewed at Settings + Extras> Collectibles.

The collectibles themselves are hidden away in either hard to reach or difficult to discover locations and each area in game that isn’t a “master area” has one collectible except Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar 51 which has 2 collectibles.

Below I will list off the collectibles you can find in area order working through the following main areas;


Collect all 15 to complete your collection and view the models at your leisure.

Fortress Siege


Fortress Siege, Town Square.

Go through the gate after hitting the 4 pads, take out the Crabs, the Stinger and the Giant Crab where you can then shoot the marker above the fountain.

Jump on the boost pad (mission marker) where several boost pads will appear. You need the one at the bottom of the ramp taking you back to the first area.

Jump on the pad where you will then fly up to the highest tower where you can then collect the Stinger collectible.

Heavy Crab

Fortress Siege, Lower Keep.

Make your way through to the penultimate section after using the boost pad in the timed section then drop down to the lowest level where you need to activate the pads before the Scorpion boss.

Go round the back of the ledge to find the Heavy Crab collectible.


Fortress Siege, Upper Keep.

Once you have taken down the Goliath after sliding down the 2nd ramp, jump up to the ring above you. Turn around then jump over to the rock archway to your left and drop down to the ledge below.

On this ledge will be the Chaser collectible.

Jungle Trouble


Jungle Trouble, Lower Jungle.

Head through the large wooden double gates and deal with the 2 Goliaths and every Crab, Stinger and Nerfbot that appears. Once they’re all down you will be able to go forward and use the jump pad.

Just before you do so there will be a small canyon to your left you can go down to find the Scorpion collectible.


Jungle Trouble, Upper Jungle.

Once you have shot the panels around the cylindric structure you will go up a ramp where the Chasers (rolling mine enemies) will come for you on a timer. To the left you have a barrier that is removed once the time hits 00:00.

You need to go to the right instead of left to find a ramp leading down into a small cut-out where you will find the Summoner collectible to your left.

Sight Turret

Jungle Trouble, Jungle Cliffs.

Proceed through opening up the first barrier where you will need to take out the Heavy Crab and the Scorpion.

From here make your way up the stairs to the right aiming for a small gap in the right side wall which you can drop down to a ledge below.

On the ledge will be the Sight Turret collectible.

Sonar Turret

Jungle Trouble, The Sky Tree.

From the start of the level drop down to the platform below then look to your left where a Heavy Crab will spawn, shoot it so it jumps over to your platform and take it down.

Now you’re free to jump over to the platform where the Heavy Crab spawned then jump to the adjacent tree root looking left to find the Sonar Turret collectible.

Ragnarok Showdown

Long Striker

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Bay

Clear out the initial enemies where you can the boost jump up to the cave with all the Crabs. Take them all out then go to the right rather than going forward towards the mission to find a Secret area with a slope.

At the base of the slope will be the Long Striker collectible.

Heavy Striker

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Village.

Proceed through the area until you hit the 3 numbered pads allowing you to use the jump pads to get across the gap then, once you’re in front of the rocks you need to jump up keep an eye to your lower left to see a small island you can jump down to.

On this island in front of the house is the Heavy Striker collectible.

Suppressor + Stingers

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Tomb.

This is a tricky one!

Head right the way through the area to the final section where you slide down the ramp towards the boss fight.

When you get to the bottom of the ramp you need stay left which is very important as if you go to far right you will trigger the boss fight meaning you need to go through the area again and have another go.

Once at the bottom of the ramp shoot the pad to the left which will spawn a jump pad you can use to get to the platform above you then jump into the highest part of the tower where you can then acquire the Suppressor + Stingers collectible.

Spaceport Blastoff


Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar 51.

Head through the area going through the corridors to the open section where you fight the first Goliath of the area then head right rather than forward through a corridor.

On the right side of the corridor will be a metal box you can jump on allowing you to jump up onto the walkway above, from here, turn around and follow the walkway where you will come to a small room.

Inside this room behind the pipes will be the Suppressor collectible.


Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar 51.

Head the area until you have defeated the Goliath in the open cylindrical area where you can use the jump pad to go up to the pipes.

Proceed up and around across the 3 satellite dish style platforms allowing you to go through another air duct. From here, Jump on to the satellite dish platforms aiming for the right side opening.

Once in here, go behind the boxes to find the Goliath collectible.

Heavy Guard

Spaceport Blastoff, Launch Pads.

Make your way through the level to the very last fight against the Summoner, Striker, Heavy Crabs and Crab enemies.

Defeat them all then before jumping up to the Rocket Platform which will complete the area, grab the speed boost pick up to the right of the lowest platform and jump across the jump pads in the water to the far island.

On this island will be the Heavy Guard collectible.

Light Guard

Spaceport Blastoff, Volcano Base.

Proceed through the area until you ride the yellow elevator up. From here, clear out the enemy then head to your left then take a right and another left which will bring you to the Nerf Space Station with a pad you can step on.

In this new area with reduced gravity head directly forward to collect the Light Guard collectible.


Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar Outskirts.

Head through the first section then survive the 3 minute Chaser and Stinger ambush allowing you to progress through to the next section.

From here, go right jumping over the rocks taking care not to fall down into the canyon to the end where you can then acquire the Guard collectible.

Once you have acquired every collectible your collection will be complete.

That’s all of the collectibles in Nerf Legends I hope it helps you complete the set.
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