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Here is a breakdown of all of our games we have covered by their genres. If it’s Open World, Sports, Fighting, Driving or a nice easy platinum on a Sunday afternoon, click any of the images below to see what we have for your preferred genre.

Action / Adventure

Whether you need help through Dead Island, Devil May Cry, God Of War, The Last Of Us or any other Action Adventure you can find complete guides for all of them to help you through some truly amazing games.

Beat-’em-Up (Fighting)

If pummelling your opponents into the ground is your thing then check out our guides to help you master games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken and, Virtua Fighter as you perfect your combos throughout the finest on offer.

Easy Platinum / 100% games

Do you have a spare hour or 2 on a Sunday afternoon and feel like boosting your trophy count or earning a Platinum Image PS or 10 then have a look through our fast and or easy platinum games below.

F.P.S. (First Person Shooter)

Regardless of whether you’re a run ‘n’ gunner, a camper or a fan of massive explosions, check out all of our FPS content for games like Borderlands, Call of Duty, Necromunda and Outriders to help you through them.

Horror / Survival Horror

Have you got a strong stomach? Can you can handle the things that go bump in the night? Well if you need any help we have guides for a variety of games from Bloodborne to Resident Evil to The Last Of Us.

Open World

Are you a fan of trekking across open plains whilst completing quests, helping survivors or becoming a crime lord then we’ve got you catered for with Far Cry, Grand Theft Auto and Kingdoms of Amalur to name but a few.


If you possess the skill to master the timings required in a Platformer then check out our content for games like Astro’s Playroom, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank where you’ll experience some truly amazing games.


Do you like keeping your brain active? Do you like puzzle games that make you think and work things out? If so, and more importantly, if you need any help then check out our POWGI and Tetris content.


We have covered more Racing games than any other genre so if it’s F1, GRID, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed or WRC, we’ve got you covered with complete guides to help you through some high speed action.


Role Playing games are long, intricate and in depth and with game Borderlands 3, Kingdoms of Amalur and Final Fantasy VIII there are hundred of hours you can lose throughout some incredible adventures.


If you’re looking for any of our content for FIFA, WWE, Golfing or Pool you’re in the right place. We have you well covered with our highly detailed guides throughout the world of Sport based video games.

Souls / Souls-Like (Challenging)

Souls and Souls likes are the reason Griffin got into making guides and with complete guides for the NIOH and Dark Souls series as well as Bloodborne you’re in the right place if you can handle the difficulty these games present.

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