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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater brings you the first 2 games in this classic series to life on PS4, Xbox One and PC
You can skate through the best skate parks created as any one of a number of legendary skater’s or create your own skater to start your own legacy
You will need 2 controllers to make this a lot easier to acquire several trophies / achievements
Here is the complete trophy / achievement guide to help you get through this iconic game

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PS4, Xbox One, PC
37 ~  1  4  13  19
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
None ~ You can replay the parks as many times as you need to
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Creative, Every other trophy / achievement can be acquired in Local Co-Op which doesn’t require an online connection, however, it will require you to have 2 controllers
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
100+ Hours (Skill dependant)

Tony Hawks Pro Skater Intro Image
Platinum Image

Complete all other Trophies!

Summer's Over
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Unlock School in THPS1 Classic

Load up THPS 1 then start the Warehouse park. Simply complete any 3 Objectives in the Warehouse park
The easiest of these are

  • High Score – 10,000 (score 10,000 points total)
  • Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters
  • 50-50 the Big Rail Gap (grind along the long red pipe)

Once you have completed 3 Objectives, you will then unlock the School, unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn a Medal on any competition park in Tours

You can access a Skate Tour after you have completed enough tasks to unlock the fourth area in THPS1, your objective here is to get a placing in the top 3, giving you either bronze, silver or gold
Make good use of your specials and combo as many tricks together as you can, the Tour will take place across 3 rounds against several AI opponents, your score at the end of the 3 rounds will determine your finishing place
Once you do get in the top 3 in a Skate Tour, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

The Truth is Out There
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Unlock Roswell in THPS1 Classic

Roswell, is the final park you can unlock in THPS 1, keep completing objectives as you make your way through the game. Eventually you will be skilled enough to complete just over 50, where Roswell and your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

The Truth is In Here
Silver Image
GS - 30

Find every alien plushie

There are a total of 19 Alien Plushies to be found across THPS 1 + 2, one for each of the 19 parks across the game. Finding all 19 will unlock the Roswell Alien skater
Collecting the Plushies is a case of running over them on your board then completing the park that you’re on
Their locations are as follows

THPS 1 ~ 9 Plushies

  • Warehouse ~ On the lower level, make your way around to the right, go up the first ramp, then on the second ramp over to the right is the Plushie
  • School ~ From where you start, turn around and head to the corner with the shadow, just inside the shadow will be the Plushie
  • Mall ~ Halfway through the level, over to the right next to a set of brown elevator doors will be the Plushie
  • Skate Park ~ This Plushie is on the balcony behind you when you start the stage. Not the easiest to get to, you’ll need to either wallride or perform a good jump to get to the balcony
  • Downtown ~ Make your way to the top right of the stage, go up the ramp and make your way to the top of the stage where the ramps are. Just behind one of these ramps overlooking the street is the Plushie. Press Down on the d-pad to slow yourself down
  • Downhill Jam ~ Once you start the stage, turn around and go to the top left corner to find the Plushie
  • Burnside ~ Once you start the stage, make your way over to the light red wall, just here will be your Plushie in the shadow
  • Street ~ On the roof of Margo’s Diner will be this Plushie
  • Roswell ~ Go to the room with the UFO, to the left of the entrance will be the Plushie

THPS 2 ~ 10 Plushies. Please note ~ you will need to earn all 3 Gold Medals in order to unlock the 9th stage, Chopper Drop and then complete every park objective in THPS 2 in order to unlock the final stage Skate Heaven

  • The Hanger ~ On the left side of the hanger is a helicopter, you need to do a small jump on to and then grind on the helicopters rotor blades. This will cause a secret room to open on the left wall of the same area. Go through here where you will find the Plushie in the bottom left corner
  • School II ~ Go to the right from the start of the stage, jump on to the green roof, you will find the Plushie in the corner against the brick wall roughly in the middle section of the roof
  • Marseille ~ From the start of the stage, head straight forward and jump on to the wooden ledge with the trees, just behind one in the middle will be a small piece of wood at angle, run into this piece of wood for it to smash away a section of wall, go in here and go to the top left section, the Plushie will be next to the black gate
  • NY City ~ From the start of the stage, go down the ramp to the right. At the back of this area in-between the half-pipe and the glass wall will be the Plushie
  • Venice Beach ~ Bit of a tricky one this, from the start of the stage, turn directly left, jump over the ramp slowly (press DOWN on the d-pad to slow down), you need to land on the wooden slats, turn around to see the Plushie
  • Skatestreet ~ From the start of the stage, head forward up the large ramp and hold FORWARD on the d-pad then hold BACK as soon as you land, your aim is to have the wall to your right then jump and land on the black bar, grind along this bar to open a secret room. Once in the secret room, head outside, use the ramp on the right to jump up to the Plushie in the corner
  • Philadelphia ~ Make your way over to the small round building with the blue railings, grind on these railings then on to the black powerline, this will cause the telegraph pole to fall revealing a new area. Just up to the right is the Plushie
  • The Bullring ~ Go straight forward and jump up on to the spectator seats, just at the edge of the barrier will be the Plushie
  • Chopper Drop ~ Please note, you will need to have achieved Gold Medals in all 3 skate competition parks in THPS 2 in order to unlock Chopper Drop
    Once you drop out of the chopper, head up the ramp to the left, the Plushie will be on the top of this ramp in the corner
  • Skate Heaven ~ The hardest / most frustrating Plushie to acquire in the game. Firstly, light blue grind rail in between the 2 buildings then grind it for a few seconds (max out rail balance in stats to make this easier). This will then unlock the volcano. You only have roughly 20-30 seconds before the volcano will close again (re-grind the rail to open it back up), you need to get some good speed then jump into the volcano, this will bring you to a secret area. In here over to the left will be your Plushie

Once you have acquired all 19 Plushies, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Grand Tourer
Silver Image
GS - 30

Complete every goal in THPS1 Classic and gain all gold medals

Definitely one of the harder trophies / achievements in the game. THPS 1 has 9 stages. 3 of these are Competition parks, where you score points across 3 rounds. You will need a gold medal across all 3. They are Skate Park, Burnside and Roswell
In addition to those 3 parks, you will also have 6 parks each with 10 challenges (collect S-K-A-T-E, get the secret tape and so). You will need to complete all 60 of these challenges
Once you have done so, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Click the buttons below to see how best to tackle every objective in THPS 1

Back to School…. Again
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Unlock School II in THPS2 Classic

Simply complete any 4 objectives in The Hanger in THPS 2, the easiest ones to complete are

  • High Score – 10,000
  • Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters
  • Collect 5 Pilot Wings
  • Barrel Hunt

Once you have completed any 4 objectives, you will unlock School II as well as your Trophy / Achievement

4 for Four
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn any 4 Medals on competition parks in Tours

This will require you to play across THPS 1 + 2, there are 3 competition parks in each game so pick your favourite 4 and simply place in the top 3
The competition parks in THPS 1 are Skate Park, Burnside, Roswell, in THPS 2 you have Marseille, Skatestreet and  The Bullring
Once you have taken a medal on any 4 of these courses, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Mess with the Bull….
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Unlock Bullring in THPS2 Classic

The Bullring is the last of the areas you can unlock in THPS2, make your way through all of the other parks in the game completing the objectives as you go. Once you have completed 40 objectives in THPS2, unlocking The Bullring, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

… Get the horns
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Get hit by the Bull in Bullring

From the main menu, select Skate Tours, then Ranked & Free Skate, from here, choose the last park (The Bullring, Mexico)
Running around the edge of the Bullring is a Bull. Simply ollie off the edge of the edge of the arena as the Bull is approaching you, allowing the Bull to charge into you
As soon as the Bull has hit you, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 30

Complete every goal in THPS2 Classic and gain all gold medals

You’ll need some decent skill to unlock this one. THPS 2 has 10 stages in total, however only 8 of these are required for this trophy / achievement. 3 of these are Competition parks, where you score points across 3 rounds. You will need a gold medal across all 3. They are Marseille, Skatestreets and Bullring
In addition to those 3 parks, you will also have 5 parks each with 10 challenges (get a sick score, smash the boxes and so). You will need to complete all 50 of these challenges
Once you have done so, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Click the buttons below to see how best to tackle every objective in THPS 2

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete a match in multiplayer

From the main menu, select Multiplayer, then you can either choose Quick Playlist or Local Multiplayer (you will require 2 controllers for local multiplayer)
Then simply choose any type of match you like with any time / score limit and start the match
Upon completion of the match, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Get hit by a vehicle on every map that features them

You will more than likely unlock this trophy / achievement through natural gameplay as you make your way through both THPS 1 + 2
You can get this one done in Free Skate (main menu, ranked and free skate). Choose any of the following stages, all of which feature a vehicle you will need to be hit by


  • Downtown ~ Taxi
  • Streets ~ Camper Van (there is also a Tram going around as well, get hit by that to avoid any potential issues)


  • School II ~ Golf Cart
  • NY City ~ Taxi
  • Philadelphia ~ Bus

Once you have been hit by a vehicle on all 5 maps, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Create a skater using the CAS system

Nice and simple this one, from the main menu, press TRIANGLE / Y to access the Skaters then at the top will be 4 empty slots, simply fill out the information and press continue to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Create a new park and upload it

From the main menu, choose Create A Park, go to my parks then create a new park. Be as creative as you want to be here, you can either place 1 section or make a really intricate park
Once you’re happy with what you’ve done, pause the game, then select Edit Details / Publish. Select Publish, fill in the details, when you have done this successfully, your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

Bought the Farm
Silver Image
GS - 30

Spend $10,000 in the Skate Shop

This is a cumulative total, you won’t need to spend all $10,000 in one sitting. You’ll earn money for every challenge you complete so you will easily earn enough on your way through the game
After you have spent at least $10,000 in the Skate Shop, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find all Stat points for any Pro Skater

There are a total of 50 stat points available for each Pro skater (custom skaters don’t count towards this one), these are scattered through the 19 levels in both THPS 1 and THPS 2, depending on which Pro skater you choose will depend on where the stat points are located. You will see before you start a particular park how many stat points you have acquired, then it’s a case of going off exploring to find the remaining ones
Once you have collected all 50 stat points for a pro skater, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Donut Mess with a Cop
Silver Image
GS - 30

Unlock Officer Dick

To unlock Officer Dick, you need to firstly create a skater (main menu, press TRIANGLE / Y, choose any open slot, fill in the information and confirm) then go and complete all 24 Skater Challenges for your created Skater
These will see you need to have unlocked all 19 parks across THPS 1 + 2. As soon as you have completed your 24th challenge, Officer Dick will the become available as a playable character and your Trophy / Achievement will also unlock

Rookie of the Year
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn the “Rookie” Challenge Collection

The Rookie challenge collection is the easiest by far to complete, to view what challenges you have completed, from any menu whilst not active in a park, use R1 / RB to tab right to Challenges, in the bottom right will be the 12 Rookie challenges, click on this to view which ones you have left
The Rookie challenges are as follows

  • Golden ~ Earn a gold medal on any competition park in THPS 1 / 2
  • Creator ~ Create a Skater using the Create-A-Skater option from the main menu
  • Combo-Riffic ~ Complete all of the following mini – challenges High 5 (land a combo with 5 or more tricks combined), Reversion (land 5 reverts), Lip to Revert (land a combo with a lip trick, revert and manual), Revert to Manual (land a combo with a grab, a revert and a manual), Vert Break (land a combo with a grab and a grind), Street Transfer (land a combo with a manual, a flip trick, and a grind), Wall Bounce (land a combo with a grind, wallplant and another grind), Speciality (land 5 special tricks)
  • Portfolio ~ Change your badge (far right tab Profile“, select any different badge)
  • Speedrun? What? ~ Complete every goal in Skate Park
  • Edit Stats ~ Edit any Skater stat
  • Facelift ~ Edit a Skater’s appearance in the Edit Skater menu
  • Accessorize! ~ Edit a created Skater’s clothing in the Edit Skater menu
  • Hit The Deck ~ Purchase a Deck from the Skate Shop
  • Logo-go-go ~ Purchase a Logo in the Skate Shop
  • Customized ~ Customise a Skater’s special trick in the Trick Editor

Once you have completed all 12 Rookie challenges, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Going to the Vet
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn the “Veteran” Challenge Collection

The Veteran challenges collection are essentially a step up from the Rookie challenges. To view what challenges you have completed, from any menu whilst not active in a park, use R1 / RB to tab right to Challenges, in the bottom right will be the 10 Veteran challenges, click on this to view which ones you have left
The Veteran challenges are as follows

  • Ranked ~ Jam Session (complete a single session run on any classic park), Speedrunner (Complete a speedrun on any classic park)
  • Trick Slot King ~ Unlock 3 special tricks for a created Skater
  • Metallic ~ Earn a medal in every competition park (THPS 1 Skate Park, Burnside, Roswell. THPS 2 Marseille, Skate Street, Bullring)
  • C-C-Combo ~ Complete any 6 of these combo challenges, 3 Moves Down (land a 3 move combo worth 20k points with no specials), 5 and Away (land a 5+ move combo with at least 1 revert, using no grinds, specials or flatlands), Salt Flats (land a 15+ move combo using non-special flip tricks and flatlands), Be Special (land a 25+ move combo with no grind tricks and at least 1 special), Lips ‘n’ Stuff (land a 10,000 point combo with a non-special lip trick and a revert), Re-Revert (land a 15,000 point combo with at least 2 reverts a grab trick and no grinds or specials), Halfpipe Dream (land a 20,000 point combo with a grab and lip trick with no specials), Grindy Grabby (land a 30,000 point combo with a grab trick, grind trick and no manuals or reverts), 8 Channel TV (land a 40,000 point combo using only 8 non-special tricks)
  • Play Create ~ Complete any 3 of these challenges in Create-A-Park, Low Objects (Place 50 objects), Player Facing (land a 1000+ point combo in the CAP editor), Propped Up (place 25 props or dynamic props in CAP), Everyone’s a Critic (Rate 10 parks created by others)
  • Build It Up ~ Complete any 2 of these challenges in Create-A-Park, Creative (Save a new park), Remixer (Remix a published park), In the Clouds (upload a created Skate Park to the Cloud)
  • Smarty Pants ~ Complete all of these challenges from Create-A-Park, Dragged (Drag a Smart Object Vertex over 20 metres), Modified (Modify Smart Objects along 4 or more different vectors), Curvy (Ass 3 new vertices to Smart Sweeps), Railing (Drag a Smart Rail Vertex over 30 metres)
  • Skate Pals ~ Complete any 4 of these challenges from the Multiplayer Challenge Category, Split Personality (start a Split Screen Match), Horse Race (give 5 letters in Horse), Low Count (complete 10 multiplayer matches), Hired Painter (Paint 10 surfaces in Graffiti across all playtime), Party Time (create an online multiplayer party)
  • Full Completion ~ Complete the entire collection of challenges for any Pro Skater
  • Veteran Badge ~ Complete every challenge in the Veteran Collection
Once you have completed all 10 Veteran challenges, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Gold Image
GS - 80

Earn the “Legend” Challenge Collection

The Legend challenges collection are the hardest of the 3 collections to complete. To view what challenges you have completed, from any menu whilst not active in a park, use R1 / RB to tab right to Challenges, in the bottom right will be the 6 Legend challenges
The Legend challenges are as follows

  • Rags To Riches ~ Complete all challenges in the Create-A-Skater collection
  • Eldest ~ Complete any 3 of these challenges, 10,000 Stat Man (complete any of the 10,000 trick completion challenges), Multi-Platinum (complete Platinum Score Challenges on 2 Classic Parks), Medium Count (Complete 100 multiplayer matches), Par For The Course (Complete a Speed Run under the Par Time for any 3 classic parks with goals)
  • THPS1 ~ Complete every Park and earn all Gold Medals in THPS 1
  • Pro-Ficiency ~ Complete the entire collection of challenges for any 3 Pro Skaters, Tony Hawk, Leo Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Steve Cabellero, Jamie Thomas, Eric Koston, Rodney Mullen, Nyjah Huston, Riley Hawk, Rune Gilfberg, Tyshawn Jones, Aori Nishimura, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Elissa Steamer, Kareem Campbell, Lizzie Armanto, Chad Muska, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley, Shane O’Neill
  • THPS2 ~ Complete every Park and earn all Gold Medals in THPS 2
  • Legend Badge ~ Complete every challenge in the Legend Collection to earn the Legend Badge

Once you have completed all 6 Legend challenges, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Got There
Gold Image
GS - 80

Complete all “Hard” Get-Theres

There are a total of 19 Hard Get-There’s 9 in THPS 1 and  10 in THPS 2, in order to unlock the last 2 levels in THPS 2 you will need to acquire 3 Gold Medals to unlock Chopper Drop then complete every level objective to unlock Skate Heaven
These will require you to link a series of locations in a single combo which can be very difficult, this is one of the reasons I have given the game a 9/10 difficulty. Manuals (UP,DOWN quickly whilst skating / before you land will help you a great deal here)
Practice as many times as you need to, eventually, you’ll have a good run on each of them. This will be a lot easier to do, once you have unlocked the Roswell Alien character (see The Truth Is In Here for more information), as this character has maxed out stats
To view these challenges tab right to the Challenges tab then select Skate Park Challenges, then either THPS1 Get-Theres / THPS2 Get-Theres
Oh, and to make things even more challenging, all mods have to be disabled, otherwise it will negate the attempt
I am currently working towards  a video guide to give you a visual reference, bear with me, this are solid hard to get done
Here’s a full breakdown of all “Hard” Get -There’s


  • Oh Holy Pipe ~ In Warehouse, connect the Holy Shiiii…., and Over the Pipe gaps in a single combo
  • Uphill Both Ways ~ In School, connect the KickerRail to Rail Transfer2 Planters, the Dumpster Rail, and Garbage Ollie gaps in a single combo
  • Stairway Down ~ In Mall, connect the Skater EscalatorOver a Stair Set and Over a Huge Stair Set gaps in a single combo
  • Windy Walkway ~ In Skate Park, connect the Walkway Rail TransOver The BoxWall Gap Jr.Around The Bend, and HP Transfer gaps in a single combo
  • Down And Around ~ In Downtown, connect the KickerKicker to Street, Car Ollie and Cheesy Deck gaps in a single combo
  • Teleporter? What? ~ In Downhill Jam, connect the Downhill HalfpipeOther Downhill Halfpipe and 50ft gaps in a single combo
  • Spiral Fountain ~ In Streets, connect the Around the Fountain, Backwoods Ledge Rail 2 Rail, and Down the Spiral gaps in a single combo
  • Rollin’ Deck ~ In Roswell, connect the Rollin’ ChannelHigh DeckRoswell That End’s Well, and Grey Grind gaps in a single combo


  • Corner Hopper ~ In Hangar, connect the Light CornerLil Light HopperChopper Hop, and the Big Light Hopper gaps in a single combo
  • Railing Kill ~ In School II, connect all 3 Roll Call! Rails and the Gym Rail 2 Rail gaps in a single combo
  • Tour The Riviera ~ In Marseille, connect the Over the TableLedge to RailRail to RailBox to Box and Dumpster Pop gaps in a single combo
  • Snack Time ~ in NY City, connect Park EntranceYou’re Next in LineSit Down and Grab a Snack and Joey’s Sculpture gaps in a single combo
  • From The Roof! ~ In Venice Beach, connect the Ramp 2 RoofCanyon Jump, and Touchdown! gaps in a single combo
  • Surfin’ In The Pool ~ In Skatestreet, connect the Circle the PoolExtension TransferOver the WallRail Secret Area Key and Surfin’ U.S.A. gaps
  • Flyin’ Wheelie ~ In Philadelphia, connect the Fly by WireTelephoneBench, and Funbox Wheelie gaps in a single combo
  • Banana Bandana ~ In Bullring, connect the Up to the Stands, Nailin’ the Rail, Launch to Banana, and Rail Plat gaps in a single combo
  • Go! All! The! Way! ~ In Chopper Drop, connect the 70ft, 80ft, and 90ft gaps in a single combo
  • Intersectional ~ In Skate Heaven, connect the Southern Intersect Sad, Mid Intersect Sad, Northern Intersect Sad, and Southern Crossover Sad gaps in a single combo

Once you have successfully completed all 19 HardGet-There’s your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

#10 Downing Street
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Reach Career level 10

See One Hundred! for more information

Silver Image
GS - 30

Reach Career level 100

This is the longest trophy / achievement in the game by a long way. You earn XP by completing Challenges, now whilst there are a lot of challenges across THPS 1 +2, level 100 will take some serious grinding (no pun intended) to reach
To see which challenges you have remaining and can therefore smash out fairly quickly, press R1 / RB whilst on any menu whilst not in a park to tab right to Challenges. All of the challenges that you see will earn you xp towards level 100, I strongly recommend, playing as every Pro Skater and completing as many of their challenges as you can first off, this will net you some serious xp along the way to level 100
Eventually, you will hit level 100 after putting in some serious time. Only go after the challenges you are comfortable with at first, work your way up to the harder ones later, you will naturally become more skilled at the game as you play through it
Once you have hit level 100, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Paint the Town
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Paint 100 surfaces in Graffiti across all playtime

Please Note ~ this can only be completed in Local Multiplayer, so you will need 2 controllers for this trophy / achievement
From the main menu select Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer then Graffiti, change the time limit to 1:00, load up a player 2 and start the match
Your objective here is to paint the various items located around a given park / area by successfully landing tricks on them. You will know which ones you have landed a trick on as the item will be red
Personally, I worked my down the list of Skate Parks until I hit 100. This should take you roughly 4/5 parks to complete
Once you have successfully painted 100 surfaces, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Horsin' Around
Silver Image
GS - 30

Give 50 Letters in Horse

Please Note ~ this can only be completed in Local Multiplayer, so you will need 2 controllers for this trophy / achievement
From the main menu, select Multiplayer, Local Mutliplayer, then Horse, your objective here is for you as Player 1 to score higher than your opponent (Player 2), as this is done in local co-op, there’s a very easy way to get this done
Have Player 1 set a nice high score, then Player 2 needs to perform any Flip Trick (any direction on the d-pad and SQUARE/X), to earn 100 points. This will ensure Player 1, “gives” Player 2 letters
You can set the game to be as long as 16 letters which means you will need to play 3 full games, then an extra game with 2 letters (totalling 50)
You can get this completed on any map you wish, however, try and stay away from levels with cars as they can make you bail which will make this longer to complete
As soon as you have “given” 50 letters to Player 2, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Combination Blow
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Land a 50,000+ point combo

See You Broke The Scoreboard for more information

Shoot and Score
Silver Image
GS - 30

Achieve a High Score of 1,000,000+ on any classic Park

See You Broke The Scoreboard for more information

High as a Kite
Silver Image
GS - 30

Land a 1,000,000+ point combo

See You Broke The Scoreboard for more information

You Broke the Scoreboard
Gold Image
GS - 80

Achieve a High Score of 10,000,000+ on any classic park

This can be done easily by going from the main menu, select Create A Park, then press TRIANGLE / Y to search. Type in 10 Million trophy / 10 Million achievement then select any park that come up
These will have a series of small ramps linked together with a right angle rail. Simply jump over the first set of ramps, so you’re on the inside of the square / rectangle. Ensure you have maxed out rail balance stats (you can do this on a custom skater) then hit the rails head on, just hold down TRIANGLE / Y to grind continuously.
Once you have hit around 7,145 x 1,408, jump off and ensure you land the trick. This will then unlock all score related trophies / achievements in the process. If you bail the combo, you’ll have to have another go, sometimes your skater will fall off automatically, this is just a glitch and will require you to try again
Once you have successfully landed a 10,000,000 point combo, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Gap Master
Gold Image
GS - 80

Complete all Gap collections

I total, there are a whopping 536 gaps to complete in order to unlock your trophy / achievement. As you would expect these get progressively more challenging as you make your way through the game. To see which ones you have completed, pause the game then select game options, then view gaps
I recommend doing this in Free Skate with game mods on, or do it raw so you get the practice in for the “HardGet-There’s
Here is a breakdown of how many gaps you can find per stage


  • Warehouse ~ 15 gaps
  • School ~ 27 gaps
  • Mall ~ 15 gaps
  • Skate Park ~ 17 gaps
  • Downtown ~ 27 gaps
  • Downhill Jam ~ 11 gaps
  • Burnside ~ 13 gaps
  • Streets ~ 25 gaps
  • Roswell ~ 12 gaps


  • The Hangar ~ 22 gaps
  • School II ~ 42 gaps
  • Marseille ~ 38 gaps
  • NY City ~ 43 gaps
  • Venice Beach ~ 42 gaps
  • Skatestreet ~ 39 gaps
  • Philadelphia ~ 40 gaps
  • The Bullring ~ 30 gaps
  • Chopper Drop ~ 10 gaps
  • Skate Heaven ~ 68 gaps

Whichever way you choose to do this, once you have completed all 536 gaps, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Piece by Piece
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Place 500 objects in CAP

From the main menu, select Create A Park, then at the top of the screen, press the blue banner (go to my parks), select Create A Park
Once inside the editor, press DOWN on the d-pad to access all of the available pieces, simply place 500 of these wherever you want with CROSS / A, you will more than likely need to delete some pieces in order to place the 500, you can do this by hovering over a piece and pressing TRIANGLE / Y then continue placing pieces until your Trophy / Achievement unlocks

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Bail a 100,000+ point combo

Similar to the You Broke The Scoreboard trophy / achievement.
Load up a 10 Million trophy / 10 Million achievement course (main menu, Create A Park, press TRIANGLE / Y to search) once you’re in the course, start grinding on the ramps, then once you’re happy you have a score of at least 100,000 (1000 x 100 for example), jump off and perform a trick on the way down to ensure you don’t land the combo
Once you have successfully bailed a 100,000 point combo, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Score Total
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn 5,000,000 points in Trick Attack across all playtime

Please Note ~ this can only be completed in Local Multiplayer, so you will need 2 controllers for this trophy / achievement
From the main menu, select Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, then trick attack, change the time to 5:00 and choose any map you like
You need to score a total of 5,000,000 points across however many sessions that may take you. Any landed score here counts towards the cumulative total. For me, I did this across every map in the game, I’m certainly no expert on this game. The better you are, the quicker you’ll have this done
To see how many points you’ve earnt go to Challenges, Multiplayer Challenges, Invested Competitors, Score Total
Once you have racked up 5,000,000 points in Trick Attack, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Combo Total
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn 2,000,000 points in Combo Mambo across all playtime

Please Note ~ this can only be completed in Local Multiplayer, so you will need 2 controllers for this trophy / achievement
To access Combo Mambo, from the main menu select Multiplayerlocal multiplayer, then select Combo Mambo, adjust the time limit to 1:00 and choose any map you’re comfortable or would like practice on
Then it’s a simple case of racking up a total of 2,000,000 points. This doesn’t have to be done all in one session, you can do this over as many attempts as you need to in order to reach the total
Only the maximum scoring combo will count towards the total, for example if you score 20,000 with a combo, then a series of say 10-15,000 points, only the 20,000 point combo will go towards your 2,000,000 point total
As soon as you have accumulated 2,000,000 points, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 30

Break 20 Panes of Glass

There are plenty of opportunities to smash glass in the game. For me, I unlocked this in THPS1 by playing the Warehouse and the Mall levels. Simply smash through the panes of glass until your Trophy / Achievement unlocks

Can't Judge Me
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Achieve a judge score of 99.9 on a competition run

One of the more challenging trophies / achievements in the game. This will require you to do a perfect run, do not bail once, land as many high scoring combos and don’t bail during the round, ensure you land plenty of specials into kickflips into reverts into manuals and you should have a score of 99.9 soon enough
You can complete this on any of the 6 competition parks in the game. Practice and knowledge are definitely your best allies here, don’t be surprised if that takes you a lot of attempts before you finally hit a judge score of 99.9. Also, you only need to score 99.9 in any one of the three heats to unlock your trophy / achievement 
The competition parks are as follows


  • Skate Park
  • Burnside
  • Roswell


  • Marseille
  • Skatestreet
  • The Bullring

Once you have successfully earnt a judge score of 99.9, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock, good luck!

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