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Terminator-Resistance-Game Test

Play through the game on easy to make this game as painless as possible, ensure you make good use of your skill points
Pay particular attention to having enough lockpicks for when you start chapter 11 to make the No Hope trophy/achievement a lot easier to unlock

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PS4, Xbox One, PC
26 ~  1  7  7  11
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
None, everything can be completed via the load game chapter select option
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
15+ Hours

No problemo
Platinum Image

Acquire all the trophies

Hasta la vista, baby
Bronze Image
GS - 30

Destroy your first T-800

You’ll unlock this one at the start of mission 4 providing it’s you, rather than your teammates that get the final kill on any T-800 in the area your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

It's a bird...
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Destroy a T-800 Flamethrower by shooting it’s fuel tank

You can get this one done fairly easily in mission 5, make your way past the drones, spider drones and silverfish enemies to face off against a few Terminators, you’ll see one on its own off in the left building have a look about.
Aim your plasma rifle at the large gas canister on its back, fire off a few rounds making sure you hit the canister, which will destroy the T-800 and unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Successfully hack 10 devices

You’ll need the hacking device for this which you’ll get in mission 3. There’s a lot you can hack in the game, Turrets, crates, gates & terminals are the most common.
Hack any 10 of these successfully and your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Helping Hand
Bronze Image
GS - 5

Successfully hack a Turret

You can unlock this in the 3rd mission, you’ll naturally be told as you progress through the mission where the hacking device is and then prompted to hack the turret when close to it, this is completely optional, make sure you collect the hacking device from the basement of the building after you face your first silverfish, then when you proceed down into the underground car park, be sure to hack the turret
To hack the turret, those of you that remember the classic video game, Frogger will have an easy time of it here, simply jump your white dot through the gaps riding the stream up and down as needed to avoid the solid white bars, once successful, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Upgrade your weapon

You can upgrade your weapons once you get to the Resistance Shelter and have spoken to Alvin.
Easy enough to do, line up the bars/blocks so they match each other, completing the circuit. Once successful your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Turn Up the Radio
Bronze Image
GS - 5

Use Ryan’s boombox to annoy Alvin

First up, you need to accept the quest from Ryan in the Resistance Shelter called Radio For Ryan.
Go into your menu, select this quest, go to the area marked on the map where you’ll find a building with 2 T-800 units inside. Deal with them then grab the Boombox from the table.
Complete the rest of the mission as normal where you’ll be back in the Resistance Shelter. Speak to Alvin then head over to Ryan’s room.
Interact with the Boombox twice to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 5

Take at least a ‘good’ photo of an enemy

You’ll be able to get this in mission 5, make your way to your first objective marker to find a camera upgrade on the table, press R3/RS to enable camera mode, you need to be very close to an enemy whilst staying undetected to have your potential photo rated as “good” you’ll see this prompt on the screen.
Take your photo, if the game is happy with the quality your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Not a Mission Priority
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Complete a side objective

See Priority To Me for more information

Easy Money
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Successfully open 10 locks

You’ll be able to get this just after completing the 2nd mission, make sure you explore everywhere throughout this level to pick every lock, doors, toolboxes and weapon crates all count towards the 10 locks, if you need more lockpicks, get 2 metal scrap and go to a crafting table
Once you’ve successfully picked your 10th lock your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Successfully craft 5 items

Very easy one this, collect all the metal scrap you can find then go to a crafting table. You’ll be tasked at the start of mission 2 to craft a lockpick, simply use 8 metal scrap at any crafting table to craft 4 more where your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 5

Find a note

See Historian for more information

No Hope
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Open the unlockable door in Pasadena

Reload your save to chapter 11, head down the street you start on, head to the left when you get to the red lasers. You’re looking for the blue door next to the armoured spider enemy.
Make sure you have level 3 lockpicking skill in order to unlock this door. The door is a hard grade door which is damn near impossible to get unlocked.
To make this incredibly simple, go to the door and when you’re trying to pick the lock, press TRIANGLE/Y to “force” the lock.
There is a 30% chance this will succeed. If you run out of lockpicks before you’re successful simply reload chapter 11 again and try again. As soon as you successfully open the pointless door, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Taste of Your Own Medicine
Silver Image
GS - 30

Get an enemy killed by a hacked Turret

See Helping Hand for information on how to hack a turret
Once you’ve hacked that turret, in the very next area you’ll be faced with 2 turrets, sneak up to the first one on the right, wait for it to look hard left then get behind it for the hack, once the turret is yours, sit back and wait for your turret to kill the enemy turret at which point your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Efficient Killer
Silver Image
GS - 30

Kill a Terminator using the Termination Knife

You can get a Termination Knife just before you go off to start mission 5, on a crate over to the right side of the outside courtyard.
Equip the Termination Knife into any of your 4 weapon slots by going into your inventory, sneak up behind any Terminator and hold R2/RT to perform an instant kill.
If you are detected by the Terminator, run away or kill it and look for another one. As soon as you get a stealth kill with the Termination Knife your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 30

Destroy a Skynet Outpost

Another trophy/achievement you can unlock in mission 5, as you’re making your way to your 2nd objective just next to where the T-47 and T-825 units are patrolling will be a large building, go down to the basement of this building.
In the top right corner will be a generator, destroy this generator to take out the outpost which will unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Still Counts as One
Silver Image
GS - 30

Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena

You’ll find the T-47 as you make your way through mission 5, its on the way to your 3rd mission objective and as it’s as big as a building you’ll be hard-pressed to miss it. Fortunately, there is a very easy way of taking it down, opposite the ambulances where the T-47 is roaming around there will be a small door.
You can sit in this doorway and shoot its face until it gets staggered then shoot the glowing orange critical spot on its left shoulder to inflict some serious damage. Thrown explosives work very well also. Once its down your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Priority to Me!
Silver Image
GS - 30

Complete 5 side objectives

There are plenty of side missions to do throughout the game, to access these talk to every NPC you come across, nearly all of them want something out of you.
Press the TOUCHPAD/MENU button then R1/LB to open the Quests tab, select any side quest to see the mission marker on the map then simply complete any 5 of these to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Silver Image
GS - 30

Find 10 notes

There are 32 notes you can find throughout the Campaign and you need to find less than a third of them for this trophy/achievement
If you need to see what ones you have press the TOUCHPAD/MENU button then go to the far right tab “Archives” then “Notes
Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll easily find 10 Notes around the notes I managed to find were

  • LA Pulse – 2nd mission, building in the middle of the area, on a pool table
  • Creepy Lil’ Dolls – 2nd mission, first objective building, at the back over to the left on a bed
  • Welcome To Big Jeff’s – 2nd Mission, Big Jeff’s, behind the counter
  • Departing Gift – 2nd Mission, Building just North of the Skynet Gate on a table
  • See You Later – Hideout, behind Medium Lockpick Door, on the table next to the television
  • Dear Maria – 3rd Mission, in the morgue on a trolley
  • Prognosis – 3rd Mission, far right of the building behind a T-800 behind an Easy lockpick door
  • Food For Thought – Hideout, on the Table after you complete Mission 3
  • Southern Hospitality – 5th Mission, go to the first Safehouse where you get the Dispensary Key, the Note will be on the brown sofa
  • Resting Place – 5th Mission, on top of the car park where your first Mission Objective is 
  • Things Are looking Up – 5th Mission, get to the Mission objective in the Southernmost part of the map, your note is on a table
  • Memorandum, John Connor- Resistance Shelter after Mission 5 on a table
  • Research Log – Dr. Alvin Scott – Alvin’s Lab, Resistance Shelter after defeating the Infiltrator
  • Type Magazine – Mack’s house, on the table just as you enter the house from the Garage

There’s 14 listed above, there are plenty of opportunities to find the rest, essentially you only need 10 to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Close call
Gold Image
GS - 100

Escape from Pasadena with other survivors

Story related and can not be missed, complete the first mission to unlock this trophy/achievement

Gold Image
GS - 100

Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers

Story related and can not be missed, when you’re roughly halfway through mission 3 you’ll unlock this Trophy / Achievement

Coming Home
Gold Image
GS - 100

Find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter

Story related and can not be missed, complete mission 4 to unlock this Trophy / Achievement

The Tide Is Turning
Gold Image
GS - 100

Escape Downtown with Alvin

Story related and can not be missed. Complete mission 6 to earn this Trophy / Achievement

Fool Me Once...
Gold Image
GS - 100

Destroy the Infiltrator

This quite a tough fight even on easy. The main thing you need to watch out for is his ability to throw an unlimited amount of grenades, if you’re close to one when it goes off you’ll be straight back to the checkpoint
As with all bi-pedal Terminators, aim for the head to inflict double damage.
Make very good use of your strongest plasma weapons. You’ll have it downed soon enough. Once you’re back at the Resistance Shelter, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Second Generation
Gold Image
GS - 100

Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank

Although this fight seems very imposing, it’s not that bad really, grab the rocket launcher, aim for the red disc on the back of the Tank then run to cover, when in cover, wait for the detection bar to disappear then if it’s facing you loose off a rocket to its head then run behind and aim for the red disc again.
Rinse & repeat until the Tank is down. Hack the Tank, retrieve your codes where your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

I'll be Back
Gold Image
GS - 100

Complete the game on any difficulty level

Story related and can not be missed. You can complete the entire game on easy to have a simpler time of things. Finish the final mission to unlock this Trophy / Achievement

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