Trophy Guide

Spiderman Miles Morales

Spiderman: Miles Morales is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Spiderman where you play through as Miles Morales
I recommend you play through the campaign first then go off and start the activities / crimes / hideouts, completing everything you can before going into new game +
Here is the complete Trophy guide to help you through this excellent web swinger

PS5, PS4
50 ~  1  2  10  37
Release Date
Missable Trophies
Glitched Trophies
Online Trophies
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
35+ Hours

Be Yourself
Platinum Image

Collect all Trophies

Just the Beginning
Gold Image

Unlock all Skills

There are a total of 33 skills which are broken down into 4 categories in your skills menu (TOUCHPAD, Skills) which will see you need to go through New Game+ until you reach level 23 where you can then unlock the final skills in 3 of the 4 categories
The fourth category are the Challenge Skills which are found at the bottom of the skills menu and are unlocked by completing Challenges (Combat, Traversal and Stealth)
In order to unlock any of the skills in the 3 main categories, you will need skill points which are earnt by levelling up
The skills you will need to unlock are

Combat Skills

  • Energy Syphon
  • Spread The Love
  • Web Yank Opportunist
  • In For A Shock
  • Gunslinger
  • Trained Technique
  • Final Countdown
  • Let’s Go (New Game+ Skill)

Venom Skills

  • Venom Smash
  • Floodgate
  • Venom Jump
  • Synaptic Breakdown
  • Venom Dash Launcher
  • Miles Smash!
  • Venom Rocket
  • Bio-Electric Instincts (New Game+ Skill)

Camouflage Skills

  • Concealed Presence
  • Never See It Coming
  • Measured Response
  • Unseen Strike
  • Blinding Light
  • Patient Spider
  • Web Cocoon Bomb
  • Unseen Force (New Game+ Skill)

Combat Challenge Skills

  • Spin Cycle
  • Payback
  • Air Marshal

Traversal Challenge Skills

  • Point Launch Boost
  • Quick Recovery
  • Quick Zip

Traversal Challenge Skills

  • Silent Step
  • Scare Tactics
  • Surprise Attack

Once you have acquired all 33 skills, you will unlock your Trophy

A New Home
Gold Image

100% complete all districts

There are 9 Districts throughout the game you will need to do 100% In order to see what you have left to do open your map then hover over any of the districts where you will see a check box
Everything is very well highlighted on the map for what you need to do, if you’re working through the rest of the trophy list you will naturally have most things done
You will need to beat the story then not start ng+ where you can finish off all activities across the districts in free-roam
The districts you will be working through are from the top of the map down

  • Harlem
  • Upper West Side
  • Central Park
  • Upper East Side
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Midtown
  • Greenwich
  • Chinatown
  • Financial District

Once you have 100% all 9 districts, your Trophy will unlock

Urban Explorers
Silver Image

Collect all Time Capsules

There are 15 Time Capsules to collect throughout the game and they are unlocked early in the game
Collecting a Time Capsule will reward you with xp as well as activity tokens and will also count towards 100%ing the game
The Time Capsules are very easy to find are all marked on the map as a green stop watch symbol
Collect all 15 Time Capsules to unlock your Trophy

Memory Lane
Silver Image

Collect all Postcards

You will need to firstly have completed the main campaign where a new side-mission will become available at Miles’ home in Harlem
Go to the quest marker where a cutscene will start, you will receive a clue and a pink postcard marker on the map. This will begin the Postcard questline
Here are the postcards in the order you can find them

Natural History Museum Postcard

Head to the marker then look for the statue with 4 people holding up a metal sculpture depicting the globe. On the side furthest from Central Park will be the next postcard clue

Empire State Building Postcard

Go to the viewing platform of the Empire State Building and go to the North-East side where you will find a telescope with an Out Of Order sign on it, interact with the telescope to receive the next Postcard clue

Modern Art Museum Postcard

Make your way to the front of the Modern Art building then zip up to the ledge to the left. On this ledge will be a fossil of a shell, jump ontop of it then look left to receive your next Postcard clue

Music Club

On the wall outside the C.O.D.B.s Nightclub will be small ladder. To the right of the ladder is a small light you can zip to, however, you will need to aim with L2 first as it’s not an automatic zip point. Once on the light, look to your left to receive your next Postcard clue

Seafood Restaurant

Head over to the postcard location on the map then drop down to street level where you will see a large Lobster sticking out of the side of the building. Zip up to the Lobster then look to the tail to receive the next Postcard clue

El Barrio

In front of the El Barrio building on the gate to the right is a postbox. Interact with the postbox to receive your next Postcard clue

C. J. Walker Park

Go to the basketball court then go to the hoop on the West side, under the hoop will be your final Postcard

Once you have collected all 8 Postcards and have watched the cut-scene, your Trophy will unlock

Silver Image

Open all Underground Caches

You will have 35 Underground Caches to collect throughout the map, these are available early in the game and are shown on the map as light green chests
The Caches themselves are very easy to find, simply get near to their location on your map then press R3 where the Caches will be highlighted
You will also be able to find Underground Caches in the Roxxon Labs as well as Underground Hideouts
Once you have collected all 35 Underground Caches, your Trophy will unlock

Under Their Noses
Silver Image

Shut down all Roxxon Labs

There are 3 Roxxon Labs you will need to shut down (defeat every enemy) and all are much easier to take down once you have completed the main game an invested a good amount of skill points into the various skill trees
The 3 Roxxon Labs can be found in Hell’s Kitchen, Chinatown and the Financial District. Shut down all 3 Roxxon Labs to unlock your Trophy

Underground Undone
Silver Image

Shut down all Underground Hideouts

Very similar to the Roxxon Labs, you have 3 Enemy Hideouts to takedown, which become a lot easier after having completed the main campaign and having invested a good amount of Skill Points in the various skill trees
The 3 Enemy Hideouts can be found in the Upper West Side, The Upper East Side and Greenwich
Shit down all 3 Enemy Hideouts to unlock your Trophy

Ready for Anything
Silver Image

Purchase all suits

There are 19 suits in total you will need to buy for this trophy, some are acquired throughout the main game, the rest will require you to complete certain side missions or various activities throughout the world
Most of the suits will also cost Activity Tokens and Tech Parts to unlock. You will need to complete the main campaign before a good amount of these suits become available
The suits you will need and how to unlock them are as follows

Sportswear Suit

The first suit you wall have in the game

Great Responsibility Suit

Gifted by Peter Parker early in the game. Unlocks the A Gift From Pete Trophy

Homemade Suit

Requires 8 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part to unlock
This suit unlocks the Suit ModPower Pitcher which increases the damage of thrown objects

T.R.A.C.K. Suit

Requires 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part to unlock
This suit unlocks the Visor ModUntrackable which decreases damage from ranged attacks by 25%

Animated Suit

Requires 20 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Suit Mod, Stronger Webs where enemies take longer to break out of webs

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

Requires 12 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part to unlock
This suit unlocks the Visor Mod, Trick Master where you gain bonus Venom Power for performing Air Tricks

Crimson Cowl Suit

Requires 14 Activity Tokens and 2 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Visor Mod, Ghost Strike where enemies can no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

Requires 16 Activity Tokens and 2 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Visor Mod, Venom Overclock where Venom Power generation increases as health drops

The End Suit

Requires 16 Activity Tokens and 2 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Suit Mod, Steady Focus which slows the rate that Camouflage drains when not moving

Miles Morales 2099 Suit

Requires 14 Activity Tokens and 3 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Suit Mod, Venom Suppression Resistance which reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression. Activate Camouflage to instantly remove Roxxon bolas

Into The Spider-Verse Suit

Requires 18 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech Parts to unlock
This suit unlocks the Suit Mod, Vibe The Verse where you can use this mod to leap into the Spider-Verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different Earth!

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through the story

Uptown Pride Suit

Complete all 10 FNSM App Activities to unlock this suit (See Five Star Review for more information)

Winter Suit

Unlock the Come At The King Trophy to acquire this suit

Miles Morales 2020 Suit

Complete all 9 spider-training challenges (see Spider-Training Complete for more information) then complete the The Final Test side-mission (becomes available after completing all 9 challenges) to unlock this suit

Programmable Matter Suit

Complete the 3 Roxxon Labs and the 3 Enemy Hideouts which will unlock the Matter Up side-mission
Complete the mission to unlock this suit

Purple Reign Suit

Acquire all 10 Sound Samples and complete the side mission, Back To The Beginning to unlock this suit
Unlocks the Visor ModReclaimer which replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy

Bodega Cat Suit

You will need to complete the main story then complete the side-mission, Looters. After this, another side-mission Cat’s Pyjamas will unlock in Harlem
Complete the mission to unlock this suit

Spider-Training Suit

Start NG+ to unlock this suit
Unlocks the Suit Mod, Power Transfer which allows you to turn off Camouflage early to transfer a portion of the unused Camouflage Energy to Venom Power

Once you have unlocked all 19 Suits, your Trophy will unlock

Come at the King
Silver Image

Unravel a criminal conspiracy in Harlem

Complete the side quest We’ve Got A Lead (keep playing side quests until this quest becomes available)
Once you have completed the side-quest, your Trophy will unlock

Never Saw It Coming
Silver Image

Complete an Enemy Base without being detected

An enemy base are either Roxxon Labs or Enemy Hideouts and are best tackled after you have completed the main campaign
Max out your skills as much as you can then go into a lab / hideout. What you need to do is defeat every enemy without them getting the red alert “!” sign over their heads, the yellow “?” is fine as they won’t have detected you, they’ll just be suspicious of you being there
Make good use of your Camouflage and your Gadgets then go through systematically and take out every enemy. If there are 2 or more enemies grouped together, fire a small web (R1) nearby to distract them. One enemy will go off to investigate the noise allowing them to be taken down
Ensure you scan each enemy with R3 where you will be told either “Danger” or “safe” make sure you only take an enemy down when it’s deemed safe to avoid being detected
You can repeat any lab or hideout as many times as you need to where the enemies will be in very similar if not the same locations
Once you have taken down every enemy in an enemy base, your Trophy will unlock

100x Combo!!!
Silver Image

100x Combo!!!
Perform a 100x Combo

You can get this done fairly quickly in a Roxxon Lab, ensure you have a good amount of enemies around you and that you are playing on easy (if you’re hit the combo won’t reset)
Use weak attacks like pressing SQUARE twice then wait, press SUQARE twice again to keep your combo going without inflicting to much damage to the enemies (meaning you can hit them more racking up your combo)
Once you have hit a combo of 100 or more, your Trophy will unlock

Launch, Swing and Dive
Bronze Image

Get Spectacular or better on a Spider-Training Traversal Challenge

There are 3 Traversal challenges throughout the map that require a lot of agility and dexterity to complete
Traversal challenge 1 can be found in the Northern part of the Upper West Side region and requires you to web zip (L2&R2) then jump with CROSS to get through the course as quickly as you can. To get a spectacular rating, you need to get through in 60 seconds or less
Once you have reached a time of 60 seconds or less, your Trophy will unlock

Punching Pixels
Bronze Image

Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Combat Challenge

There are 3 Combat challenges found throughout the map that scale up in difficulty. Combat challenge 1 can be found in the North West side of Harlem and to get a spectacular rating you need to web yank (hold TRIANGLE) the enemies’ weapons into the enemies that surround you at least 10 times
Once you have achieved a spectacular or better rating, your Trophy will unlock

Dodging Light
Bronze Image

Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Stealth Challenge

There are 3 Stealth challenges found across the regions in the game. Stealth challenge 1 is found in the South West side of the Upper East Side region and requires you to take down all enemies without being spotted once
For the most part this is simple, except for the roof you start off with where there are 2 enemies standing together. Hold R1 and select the Remote Mine, fire it then activate your Camouflage (hold UP on the D-Pad), press L3 to activate the mine taking them both out
To get a spectacular rating, you need to take out every enemy in 480 seconds or less. Once you have achieved a time of 8 minutes or less, your Trophy will unlock

Spider-Training Complete
Bronze Image

Complete every Spider-Training Challenge once

There a 9 challenges in total, spread across the 3 different aspects of the game (Combat, Stealth and Traversal)
You will need to complete the first challenge of a category before you can move onto the next one. The result doesn’t matter as long as you complete the challenge, you’re fine to only earn an amazing rating for each of the challenges for this one
Here’s a brief overview of the challenges, their locations and requirements are

Combat Challenges

Combat Challenge 1.0

Found in the North West section of Harlem
Requires you to take out enemies by web yanking (hold TRIANGLE) their weapons away then hitting the enemies during the swing animation

Combat Challenge 2.0

Found in the East side of Midtown
You need to not get hit more than 3 times to complete this challenge, make good use of your venom and web yank abilities to have an easier time of it here

Combat Challenge 3.0

Found in the North West corner of Chinatown
You will need to Air Launch enemies (hold SQUARE) then knock them out whilst they’re in the air. Finishers will help a lot here as will air kicks (hold SQUARE whilst in the air)

Stealth Challenges

Stealth Challenge 1.0

Found in the South West side of the Upper East Side
You will need to take out a series of enemies on rooftops without being detected. Use the Remote Mine for the 2 enemies grouped together and your Camouflage to have an easier time of it here

Stealth Challenge 2.0

Found in the North West side of Greenwich
You will have 3 hostages to rescue (go to them and hold TRIANGLE) once you have taken down the guards. Ensure you use wall and ceiling takedowns to make this easier as well as Remote Mines to make the enemies in groups more manageable

Stealth Challenge 3.0

Found in the West side of the Financial District
Take out the Snipers first as they can be a pain when you’re taking down the other enemies then systematically work your way through the enemies making good use of your Camouflage and Remote Mines. Once all the enemies are down, disarm the 3 bombs (hold TRIANGLE) to complete this challenge

Traversal Challenges

Traversal Challenge 1.0

Found in the North section of the Upper West Side
You will need to zip (L2&R2) to various points then jump with CROSS at the last second to propel yourself through the course

Traversal Challenge 2.0

Found in the East side of Hell’s Kitchen
Make a leap of faith then quickly zip and swing through the checkpoints, sprint up the building to the finish

Traversal Challenge 3.0

Found in the West side of Central Park
Use your traversal skills to go through every checkpoint, work from the south back up to the North section where the finishing checkpoint will become available once you have gone through every other checkpoint

Complete all 9 challenges to unlock your Trophy

Pete's First Villain
Bronze Image

Complete the Final Test

Complete all 9 Spider-Training Challenges throughout the map where the Final Test will become available. This is a side mission where you will face off against 2 powerful enemies. Defeat them both to unlock your Trophy as well as the Miles Morales 2020 suit

Bronze Image

Craft 10 Upgrades

This will require you to craft upgrades for your gadgets (TOUCHPAD, Gadgets). 4 Of the gadgets are automatically acquired as you make your way through the main story, the final one, although not strictly required is a very useful gadget called Gravity Well and is unlocked by spending 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part
The gadgets are uploaded by spending Activity Tokens, however, the final upgrade for each weapon isn’t unlockable until NG+
Choose any 10 Upgrades to unlock your Trophy

Rhino Rodeo
Bronze Image

Ride Rhino through the mall

This will be the first trophy you’ll unlock in the game

Deep Cuts
Silver Image

Collect all Sound Samples and recreate the Davis Brothers Mix

There are 9 Sound Samples to uncover throughout the game. The first one will be automatically acquired as you make your way through the main story, you are then free to go off and find the rest of them
In order to find a Sound Sample, you will need to press TRIANGLE to play the original sound, you then need to match the sound by using your surroundings whilst holding L2 and recording with R3
Here are the locations and what you need to be aiming at in order to unlock each Sound Sample


Head over to the right side of the area then look up to the train tracks with the basketball courts on your left

Upper West Side

Head to the outside of the open garage with the fire truck inside and scan the audio

Central Park

Head to the outside of the open garage with the fire truck inside and scan the audio

Upper East Side

Head up to the left side of the buildings behind the Christmas Tree, stand on the edge of the building and aim for the edge of the building just next to the water tower


Jump up onto the building on the left side of the area with the electric billboards then look to the small building with the orange lights then record the audio


Get on top of the small circular building with the white stripes then look up to the left to the clocktower


Look to the Chinese archway across the street and scan the lower the part of the white sign

Financial District

Web up to the roof of the circular building, go to the left side then look out across the bay to the Ferry and scan the audi

Once you have collected all of the Sound Samples, you will then need to head to Harlem and complete the short side mission, Back To The Beginning to unlock your Trophy (my Trophy unlocked once I collected the final Sound Sample but you’ll need to complete the side mission to acquire the Purple Reign suit)

Hanging By A Thread
Bronze Image

Keep the bridge together

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

The Core of the Problem
Bronze Image

Investigate Roxxon’s underground lab

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

True Deception
Bronze Image

Complete the vault sequence in Underground Undercover

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

The Harlem Express
Bronze Image

Get the trains running again

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

Bronze Image

Chase Tinkerer through the city

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

Shared History
Bronze Image

Walk through Miles and Phin’s past

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

Exploding Bulldozer
Bronze Image

Defeat Roxxon Rhino

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

Family Drama
Bronze Image

Defeat Prowler

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

Ultimate Sacrifice
Bronze Image

Save Harlem

Automatically unlocks as you make your way through main story

From the Rafters
Bronze Image

Perform 25 Ceiling Takedowns

You can get this done when stealthing any indoor section (there’s a lot). Get yourself onto a ceiling with enemies below you then press SQUARE when locked on to perform a ceiling takedown
Perform 25 ceiling takedowns to unlock your Trophy

Climbing the Walls
Bronze Image

Perform 25 Wall Takedowns

Wall Takedowns can be performed as long as the enemy doesn’t know you’re there. Climb on any wall then press R3 to scan the enemies, once you have an enemy marked as safe, press SQUARE to stick the enemy to the wall
Repeat this 25 times (you can re-play the Roxxon Labs or Enemy Hideouts as many time as you need to) to unlock your Trophy

Invisible Spider
Bronze Image

Defeat 30 enemies while Camouflaged

You will be able to camouflage from early on in the game (acquired through story progression)
In order to activate your camouflage, hold UP on the D-Pad where you will turn a blue see through colour. Any takedown you perform in this state will count towards the 30 you need
Once you have taken down 30 enemies whilst camouflaged, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Defeat 100 enemies with Venom attacks

Venom attacks are very powerful attacks that you can use every so often in battle, they deal a considerable amount of damage to your enemies, so it should be fairly easy to take out enemies
The first venom ability you will acquire is the Venom Punch used by pressing L1&SQUARE when prompted on screen. You will then receive different venom abilities later in the game
Defeat 100 enemies with venom attacks to unlock your Trophy

Up and Over
Bronze Image

Perform a Venom Jump, then a Venom Dash on a single enemy

You can unlock the Venom Jump in the Venom Skills section of the Skills menu (TOUCHPAD then tab right to Skills) and is activated by pressing L1&CROSS
The Venom Dash becomes available after you complete the main story and is activated by pressing L1&TRIANGLE You will need to bars of Venom Charge to perform both of these abilities
Go to any Lab / Hideout then get close to an enemy, perform the Venom Jump to launch the enemy then when at the peak of the jump, lock-on to the enemy then perform a Venom-Dash, when you hit the enemy, your Trophy will unlock

From Downtown
Bronze Image

Use Venom Dash to throw an enemy into a group of three or more

First up, complete the campaign to unlock the Venmo Dash to unlock the Venom Dash which is activated by pressing L1&TRIANGLE when you have at least 1 bar of venom charge
Line up an enemy in front of a group of other enemies then when in combat use the Venom Dash to grab an enemy and throw them. Ensure the thrown enemy hits at least 3 other enemies before hitting the floor to unlock your Trophy

Like a Rhino In A China Shop
Bronze Image

Smash into 15 breakable objects while steering Rhino through the shopping mall

At the start of the game you will be on Rhinos’ back. Simply steer him into any of the objects to the left or right of the screen
Take care though as the objects you smash into will also hurt you. Once you have smashed 15 objects, your Trophy will unlock

Competitive Spirit
Bronze Image

Beat Phin at the rocket launch mini-game

You can access the Rocket Launch mini-game when you’re in the final mission
Head over to the left of the area when you are looking for a light source to trick the sensor then interact with the rocket launch console
Hold down SQUARE to win the game, unlocking your Trophy 

Best Fries in Town
Bronze Image

Pay your respects to a legend in the Upper West Side

Head to the West side of the map, you need to be inline with the long pier going off to the left then count 6 blocks to the right where you will see a diagonal building on the map. Just in front of this building is a statue to the legend that is Stan Lee. Scan the area with R3 if you’re struggling to find him where he will then be highlighted
Go up to Stan Lee and press TRIANGLE to pay your respects, unlocking your Trophy

JJJ Would Be Proud
Bronze Image

Apply a sticker and customize lighting while in Photo Mode

Pause the game at any point then scroll down to Photo Mode, press SQUARE to access the Light Mode then select Light 1. Change this to Sphere Light then press SQUARE again to access the Sticker Mode, select any available sticker to unlock your Trophy

Bronze Image

Defeat 50 enemies with Remote Mine gadget

The Remote Mine becomes available early on in the game and can be a useful little gadget. To access the Remote Mine, hold down R1 then select the left option
To use a Remote Mine, aim with L2 close to any blue panel (R3 to scan) or close to an enemy then press L3 to activate the mine
Take out 50 enemies with the Remote Mine to unlock your Trophy

Five Star Review
Bronze Image

Complete all FNSM app requests

The FNSM app can be found by swiping LEFT on the TOUCHPAD, then in the Activities section there will be icons with a Spidey-face on them
These are the FNSM app requests from members of the public. You will need to complete all of them to unlock your trophy, the requests are as follows


Emergency Comms Down
Found on the South side of Harlem
Speak with the EMT then go to both locations, taking out the enemies and powering the generators then return to the EMT to complete the mission

Upper West Side

My Car’s Gone!
Found on the North East side of the Upper West Side
Speak with the NPC then head to the Scrapyard, take out every enemy there. Once done, find the car (back of the building) to complete the mission

Upper East Side

Stuck On Skyscraper!
Found on the North side of the Upper East Side
Speak with the NPC stuck on the platform go to the top of the building and deal with the enemies then restore the power to complete the mission

Hell’s Kitchen

Ice Breaking My Crane!
Found on the North side of Hell’s Kitchen
Speak to the engineer then head across to the building opposite, use your web shooters to break the ice. Swing the crane then break the pipe to complete the missioN


Can’t Find My Pigeons
Found on the North side of Midtown
Follow the scent trails to the coop then follow each of the 3 trails to retrieve the pigeons. Afterwards, take out all of the enemies to complete the mission


F.E.A.S.T. Toys Stolen
Found on the North West side of Chinatown
Take pictures of the licence plates until you find the right truck then take photos of the targets (use your Camouflage to make this easier). Take out all of the enemies to complete the mission


My Truck’s Stuck
Found on the West side of Chinatown
Yank the truck, power it up then deliver the address list to complete the mission

Financial District

Lost Cat
Found on the East side of the Financial District
Follow the scent trail until you find the cat, return the cat to complete the mission

Financial District

Can I Get A Photo?
Found on the South West side of the Financial District
Make your way around the building webbing up the pipes then yank the fire hydrant to put out the car fire, completing the mission

Financial District

Thank You, Spiderman
Found on the North side of the Financial District after you have completed the other 9 missions
Get to the location and read the postcard (doesn’t count towards the Postcards), after the cut-scene, your Trophy will unlock

Complete all 10 FNSM App requests to unlock your Trophy

Mod that Suit
Bronze Image

Craft a Suit Mod

See Look With Better Eyes for information on this

Look with Better Eyes
Bronze Image

Craft a Visor Mod

Visor mods and Suit Mods become available very early in the game, to craft one, bring up your in-game menu then go to Suits then Suit Mods / Visor Mods. To craft a visor mod or a suit mod, you will need Activity Tokens as well as Tech Parts for some mods
Keep playing through the game until you have enough activity tokens then select any Suit Mod to unlock your Mod That Suit Trophy and select any Visor Mod to unlock your Look With Better Eyes Trophy

Never Give Up
Bronze Image

Pay respects at Jefferson Davis’ grave in Harlem

Head to the north west corner of the map to find a Graveyard, just off to the north west of the centre of the area will be Jefferson Davis’ grave. You can use R3 to scan the area where the grave will be highlighted
Go to the grave, press TRIANGLE to interact with the gravestone, unlocking your Trophy

A Gift From Pete
Bronze Image

Receive the Gift Suit

Automatically acquired after you stop Rhino at the start of the game

Crime Master
Bronze Image

Complete all Bonus Objectives for every crime type

There are 11 crime types that you will need to complete, all of which can be found at random locations across the map, if you leave this one until your last trophy before starting new game+, you will have easily uncovered all 11
To start a crime, swipe left on the TOUCHPAD then go to the Crimes tab. The important bit here is that you complete the bonus objectives (press R3 during the crime to see these). There are 2 bonus objectives per crime and you are free to replay these as many times as you need to
The Crimes and their objectives are as follows

Armed Robbery

Web Throw 3 Objects At Enemies
Find some random debris laying around then throw it using L1&R1 at any nearby enemies

Web 3 Enemies To A Wall
Start the Crime on a wall then perform 3 wall takedowns or use your web shooters when the enemy is near a wall (punch them to one if needs be) then web them up where they should stick to the wall

Arms Deal

Stealth Takedown 3 enemies
Use the walls to takedown 3 enemies when they are marked as safe

Achieve A 10x Combo
Get 10 hits in quick succession


Web Throw 3 Objects At Enemies
Press L1&R1 near any of the debris, throwing it at 3 enemies

Achieve A 10x Combo
Get 10 hits in quick succession


Air Launch 3 Enemies
Go near an enemy then hold SQUARE

Web Throw 3 Enemies
Web an enemy then grab them and throw them

Chopper Malfunction

Swing Kick 6 Enemies
Air Launch (hold SQUARE) 6 enemies then hold SQUARE whilst you’re both in the air to swing kick

Defeat 4 Enemies While Camouflaged
Hold UP to activate your Camouflage then takedown 4 enemies


Air Yank 5 Enemies
Jump into the air then hold TRIANGLE to pull an enemy into the air

Stealth Takedown 3 Enemies
Make good use of your Camouflage and Remote Mines then take out the stragglers with Stealth Takedowns


Achieve A 10x Combo
Get 10 hits in quick succession

Air Launch 3 Enemies
Hold SQUARE to launch an enemy into the air

Raft Escapees

Don’t Allow Any Vehicles To Be Stolen
Take down the enemies as swiftly as possible, use your Venom Punch to stop them stealing a vehicle

Venom Attack 5 Enemies
Perform 5 Venom Attacks (use your visor and suit mods to help with this)

Stolen Vehicle

Stop The Car Without Taking Damage
Time your strikes and move around the car carefully to avoid being hit

Force The Car To Stop Safely
Take out the enemies then rapidly press SQUARE to stop the car

Street Shoutout

Use The Gravity Well Gadget To Pull In 8 Enemies
You will need to purchase the Gravity Well (TOUCHPAD, Gadgets then Gravity Well, this will cost you 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part)
Throw the Gravity Well into a large group of enemies affecting at least 8

Use Venom Attacks On 4 Enemies
You will need Venom Charge for this then hold down L1&CROSS to Venom Jump near 4 enemies or Venom Punch (L1&SQUARE) 4 enemies

Supply Theft

Perfect Dodge 5 Times
Wait for the warning sign above your head to turn red then press CIRCLE to dodge, do this 5 times

Achieve A 30x Combo
Get 30 hits in quick succession

Perform all bonus objectives for each of the 11 crimes to unlock your Trophy

Nowhere to Hide
Bronze Image

Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns

You will receive a tutorial for Stealth Takedowns early in the game as you are getting the trains running again. When around a group of enemies that haven’t noticed you, press R3 to scan the area
You will see above the enemy either Danger or Safe, once you see safe you can take the enemy out using a Stealth Takedown (button prompts on-screen)
Perform 100 stealth takedowns to unlock your Trophy

I'm On A Boat
Bronze Image

Ride the derelict boat in southern Chinatown

Head to the South East corner of the map to the higher of the 2 bridges. Just under the bridge closer to the shore will be a grey boat
Jump on to this boat (you can swim if you don’t make it from the shore) to unlock your Trophy

Socially Acceptable
Bronze Image

Scroll through the entire Social Feed at the end of the story

Play through and beat the games’ final mission where the credits will then roll. After the credits have finished (skip them if you wish) press the TOUCHPAD to bring up your in-game menu
Use R1 button to scroll to the Social Feed tab then hold DOWN using the R3 button where you will scroll through the feed
Once you get to the bottom of the Social Feed, your Trophy will unlock

Plus Plus
Bronze Image

Complete the game on New Game+

First up, go through and complete the main story once. Then enter new game+ and complete the story again to unlock your Trophy

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