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Saints Row is set to come out on the 23-Aug-2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC and will 3 editions available depending on how immersed you want to be in the Saints Row Reboot.

The Saints Row editions are;

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Saints Row will enable you to play on both 9th and 8th gen (PS5 / PS4 + Xbox Series X/S + Xbox One) consoles regardless of the version you buy and if you pre order you will have access to the;

Idols Anarchy Pack which includes;

  • Idols DJ Helmet.
  • Twinkle Bat.
  • Sandstorm Scrambler.

The Standard Edition of Saints Row on console will cost £59.99 or 49.99 on Epic (PC).

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition will include everything the Standard Edition will (pre order dependant) as well as;

Expansion Pass which will offer;

  • Three Expansion Packs which offer new content periodically bringing new missions, weapons, enemies, diversions and vehicles as well as more customisable options with each pack that releases.
The Gold Edition will cost £84.99 on console or £74.99 on Epic.

Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition will include everything you get with the Gold Edition as well as the brilliant;

Saints Row: The Third Remaster which sees you play as the leader of the Saints in the city of Steelport as you work through to take over every territory becoming the ultimate kingpin using all manner of crazy weaponry, abilities and skills throughout the experience.

The Platinum Edition will cost £94.99 on console or £84.99 on Epic.

That’s all 3 Editions you can get for upcoming Saints Row, which one are you leaning towards?

For me, I’ve already got Saints Row the Third Remastered so I’ll be getting the Gold Edition to get the extra content when it becomes available.

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