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Remnant 2 Venom Boss Guide

Here is the Remnant 2 Venom boss guide which will help you find and take down one of the toughest bosses in the entire game, a powerful flying Knight with an over extending Halberd and run ending combos, AOE blasts and shockwaves.

Location: Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor.
Rewards: Dread Core x1, Lumenite Crystal x3, Tome of Knowledge x1, Scrap x500.

Venom is found in the back section of the Corrupted Harbor biome after a nasty fight where you are locked in an engine room with a lot of enemies so ensure you go back and rest up before going through to Venom’s arena as this fight is very challenging, one of the most challenging in the game.

Ensure you have maxed out gear and have your best Relics and armour equipped then go through and get ready for a fight. Venom comes in hot and doesn’t let up until you kill him so having an Archetype equipped such as Handler, Summoner or Engineer is almost essential to survive the fight as he will, on occasion focus on one of your allies allowing you to get some healing done.

The main reason the fight is so challenging is the range of Venom’s attacks, even his combo can stretch for a good 20 ft, now the arena is large, however, he has the ability to close distance on you very quickly and rolling back won’t save you so you are going to need to become proficient at rolling to the side at the last second rolling through his attacks rather than away from them as the tracking will still get you if you do.

Attack wise, there’s not much Venom can’t do, he has long ranged slams that erupt damage towards you, a powerful charged triple hit diagonal combo, massive shockwaves that can easily kill you.

He will also throw fireballs, energy blasts, and a very nasty AOE that sends spirals of energy up from the ground that only has 1-2 seconds of warning before they go off so keep your wits about you here or you’ll be back to the checkpoint very quickly.

Venom’s weak spots are his chest and face which is helpful so focus fire whilst avoiding the barrage of attacks as best as you can always remembering to heal when you get the chance.

The Nightfall long gun is a very useful weapon as when you activate its mod you also get life steal as well as dealing increased, fully automatic damage over a period of time so make good use of that or any other weapon you have maxed out.

This is a very tough fight so don’t be disheartened if it takes you many attempts to complete, where once you have brought Venom down, you only have 1 enemy left to defeat, the final boss.

That’s the Remnant 2 Venom boss guide complete, I hope it helped you find and take down this incredibly challenging Knight in Root Earth.
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