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Remnant 2 The Collector Guide

The Collector
Silver Trophy

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The Collector
Acquire 10 Relics

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is the Remnant 2 The Collector guide which will help you acquire 10 Relics. Relics are how you heal in Remnant 2 and having different options for different scenarios that are hot swappable is only a good thing considering the difficulty Remnant 2 presents.

There are a lot more than 10 Relics in Remnant 2 and according to the Wiki page, there are 18 so if a particular Relic is giving you hassle to obtain, leave it and go after another as you only need 10 giving you the freedom to choose which to go for.

To see what Relics you do have, go: Player Menu> Character> Relic with the default being the Dragon Heart which you get at Ward-13 meaning you actually only need to collect an additional 9 Relics out in the World(s).

Some Relics are very simple to obtain whereas others require literal days and days of play time needing to be accrued before they will finally become available.

There’s even a Relic that will, upon its biome being unlocked, prevent you from travelling to any other biome on that World effectively locking you out of 10% of the game. I hope you’re in Adventure mode when that happens.

If you find acquiring a Relic is nice and simple then there’s no reason why you can’t collect 10 of the same Relic if needs be, that will count towards The Collector.

Here are the Relics I found as I progress through Remnant 2:

  1. Dragon Heart Relic.
  2. Blooming Heart Relic.
  3. Pulsing Heart Relic.
  4. Lifeless Heart Relic.
  5. Enlarged Heart Relic.
  6. Runed Heart Relic.
  7. Reprocessed Heart Relic.
  8. Quilted Heart Relic.
  9. Constrained Heart Relic.
  10. Crystal Heart Relic.
  11. Shielded Heart Relic.
  12. Salvaged Heart Relic.
  13. Siphon Heart Relic.
  14. Ripened Heart Relic.
  15. Void Heart Relic.
  16. Resonating Heart Relic.

Dragon Heart Relic

Location: Ward-13.
Relic Abilities: On use, heals 70 Health over 30 seconds.

You will obtain the Dragon’s Heart relic as part of the story.

Blooming Heart Relic

Location: Yaesha, The Expanding Glade (2 variations).
Relic Abilities: On use, heals for 35% of Max Health for 5 seconds. Spawns 3 Healing Orbs which grant 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5 seconds. Orbs last 20 seconds. Recasting removes previous Orbs.

Check out the complete Blooming Heart Relic guide for how to solve the puzzle revealing the Relic.

Pulsing Heart Relic

Yaesha, Endaira’s End.
Relic Abilities: On use, pulses every 2 seconds, healing allies within 7 metres for 20 Health over 0.5 seconds per pulse. Lasts 15 seconds.

Check out the complete Pulsing Heart Relic guide for exactly which wall you need to walk through to find the Relic.

Lifeless Heart Relic

Location: Yaesha, The Forbidden Grove.
Relic Abilities: On use, pulses every 3 seconds, healing allies within 7 metres for 20 Health over 0.5 seconds per pulse. Lasts 15 seconds.

Before you can acquire the Lifeless Heart Relic, you will firstly need to obtain the Ravager’s Maw Amulet which you will receive upon shooting the Doe in the Ravager’s Lair.

You then need to die 3 times in a very specific way…. by eating Fruit.

Check out the Lifeless Heart Relic guide for everything you need to find this inventory increasing Relic.

Enlarged Heart Relic

Location: Ward-13.
Relic Abilities: Innate Double Use Speed. On use, heals 161 Health over 0.5 seconds. Relic capacity is halved.

I’m not 100% sure what made the Enlarged Heart relic appear in Cass’ inventory at Ward-13, I have beaten World bosses on Yaesha 10 times at the time of acquiring the Enlarged Heart. I had also just done another re roll of campaign on Yaesha (I don’t recommend this as you lose all of your progress but I do things normal gamers don’t to put a guide together).

Check out the Enlarged Heart Relic guide for everything you need to acquire the Enlarged Heart Relic.

Runed Heart Relic

Location: The Labyrinth, Entangled Gauntlet.
Relic Abilities: On use, increases Health Regeneration by 5 and generates 500 Mod power over 10 seconds for both weapons.

You can access The Labyrinth after you have dealt with the first World boss you come across in Remnant 2 which will not only depend on your starting World but also the starting point of that given World as well.

The Labyrinth is an interchangeable, difficult realm to navigate so check out the Runed Heart relic guide for where exactly to acquire the Runed Heart Relic.

Reprocessed Heart Relic

Location: The Labyrinth, Fractured Ingress.
Relic Abilities: On use, converts 5 Health as Grey Health to 40 Mod Power per second for 25 seconds for both weapons. Cannot die from conversion.

Acquiring the Reprocessed Heart relic requires precision timing, patience and skill and the relic will go out of its way to hurt you on use so use this one carefully and with the right build.

Check out the Reprocessed Heart Relic guide for where you can acquire this potentially deadly Relic in The Labyrinth.

Quilted Heart Relic

Location: Losomn, Morrow Parish or Forsaken Quarter.
Requirements: Speak with the Oracle after rescuing 2 Dran children.

Rescue the 2 Dran children then escort them back to the orphanage ensuring that you have left the Quilted Heart relic as your final collectible in the Losomn World where the Oracles quilt will be completed.

Check out Quilted Heart Relic guide for everything you need to unlock this powerful relic in Remnant 2.

Constrained Heart Relic

Location: Ward 13.
Requirements: Defeat 12 World bosses on 1 save.

The 12 World bosses you need to defeat can be a combination of any 12. You can, if you want to, kill the Doe on Yaesha from The Forbidden Grove starting point 12 times.

If you’re going for every weapon, Abomination, Boss and experience Remnant 2 has to offer then you will easily take down 12 World bosses along the way, the choice is yours.

Check out the Constrained Heart Relic guide for a look at how to unlock the Constrained Heart Relic for yoursefl.

Crystal Heart Relic

Location: N’Erud, Dark Conduit.
Requirements: Restore the power in the facility.

Head through the Dark Conduit facility which is a randomly occurring biome on N’Erud all the way through to a loose fuse on a power conduit. Restore the fuse and collect the Crystal Heart relic.

Check out the Crystal Heart Relic guide for everything you need to find and collect this incredibly powerful Relic in a highly dangerous biome on N’Erud.

Shielded Heart Relic

Location: N’Erud, Tower of the Unseen.
Requirements: Complete the puzzle after defeating an Aberration.

You will need to ensure you have taken down the E.D. Alpha Aberration in the Tower of the Unseen biome where you can then go back to the mini checkpoint, head back to the top level, collect the Stellar-Powered Cell and drop down behind the statue opening the way through to the Shielded Heart relic.

Check out the Shielded Heart Relic guide for everything you need to find this very powerful Relic on N’Erud.

Salvaged Heart Relic

Location: N’Erud, Ascension Spire.
Requirements: Craft the Relic at the Dryzr Replicator.

Head through N’Erud to the Ascension Spire where the Custodian resides. Make your way down underneath the Custodian’s chambers where you will be able to craft the Dryzr Replicator.

Check out the Salvaged Heart relic guide for everything you need to craft this decent relic.

Siphon Heart Relic

Location: N’Erud, Forgotten Prison / Ascension Spire.
Requirements: Trade the Shining Essence Echo with the Custodian.

Head through and take down the World boss from the Forgotten Prison starting point. With Tal Ratha defeated you will then receive the Shining Essence Echo, trade that with the Custodian for the Relic.

Check out the Siphon Heart Relic guide for everything you need to unlock this life stealing relic that only heals you as long as you can output a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Ripened Heart Relic

Location: Yaesha, Widow’s Court / Ward 13.
Requirements: Obtain and plant the Thaen Seed then harvest fruit for 9 days straight.

Obtain the Ornate Lockbox in Widow’s Court then plant the Thaen Seed where you need to then wait for the tree to grow as well as waiting 3 days a piece for the Celestial Fruit to grow.

Check out the Ripened Heart Relic guide for everything you need to garden your way to one of the best relics in the game.

Void Heart Relic

Location: N’Erud, Alepsis-Taura
Requirements: Defeat Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud then wait 24 hours.

Going from the Seeker’s Rest starting point on N’Erud you can head through and take down Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud where you can then wait 24 hours where Alepsis-Taura will then become accessible.

Unfortunately, when Alepsis-Taura does unlock it will then lock you out of every other biome on N’Erud.

Check out the Void Heart Relic guide for everything you need to acquire this very powerful World ending Relic.

Resonating Heart Relic

Location: Root Earth, Ashen Wasteland
Requirements: Drop down through the building.

Head through the Ashen Wasteland biome to the mini checkpoint then drop down through the building to find the Relic growing on a tree trunk.

Check out the Resonating Heart Relic guide for a visual on where to go.

That’s the Remnant 2 The Collector guide complete, I hope it helped you collect at least 10 Relics.

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