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Remnant 2 Shielded Heart Relic

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is where you can acquire the Remnant 2 Shielded Heart relic which can be found hidden behind an Aberration as well as a puzzle. They didn’t make this one easy to find, however, you need to find it as it essentially shields your entire health bar for a time which can be invaluable.

Location: N’Erud, Tower of the Unseen.
Requirements: Solve the puzzle after taking down an Aberration.

The Tower of the Unseen biome is a randomly occurring biome on N’Erud and as such you may find it during campaign or it might take you a few re rolls in Adventure mode, either way, once you are in the Tower of the Unseen biome, head up to the mini checkpoint taking out the Mechs and drones as you go.

You will need to have taken down the E.D. Alpha Aberration before you can acquire the Shielded Heart Relic so follow the steps in that guide then come back here and we’ll get going from the mini checkpoint so you have your bearings.

Head up and around back through the doorway and ride the elevator to your right up and follow the path right to the door you used to gain access to the elevator leading you down to the E.D. Alpha Aberration.

Pull the Stellar-Powered Cell from the right side of the door and go back down to the elevator you just came up in and ride it back down to the lower level.

Get back on the elevator and quickly roll off of it where the elevator will go up without you where you can then, drop down through the elevator shaft to the lower level. If you take hit then heal up and drop down again.

Carefully walk around and across the walkway to the node on the back of the statue, insert the Stellar-Powered Cell where a door over to your right will open revealing an elevator you can take down allowing you to collect the Shielded Heart relic from the shrine.

That’s the Remnant 2 Shielded Heart Relic guide complete, I hope it helped you acquire a very powerful relic in N’Erud.
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