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Remnant 2 Ripened Heart Relic

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is the Remnant 2 Ripened Heart relic guide which will help you grow one of the best Relics in the entire game. You will need to be patient though as this one will take around 2 weeks to grow.

Location: Yaesha, Widow’s Court / Ward 13.
Requirements: Obtain and plant the Thaen Seed then harvest fruit for 9 days straight.

On Yaesha, there are 2 potential starting points, the one you need is the, The Red Throne where you can then head through to the Widow’s Court biome which will always be there as it leads to the Wold boss: Corruptor.

The Widow’s Court is a complex biome full of twists, turns and hidden sections so to make things simpler, go from the checkpoint to where you have a large building on your left, go through and down the stairs taking out the enemies when you get to the water below.

From here, head out jumping across the gap and mantling up to find a special Archer you need to put down, go up the stairs to come to a walkway where you can then mantle over and drop down to your right.

You will then see a corpse laying on the ground with the Ornate Key next to it. Collect the key then head back down into the water you just came from.

Head right when you’re wet along a corridor that appears to be a dead end, however, the last panel of wall on the left will be an illusionary wall you can go through to find an elevator.

Take the elevator up to come to some grand chambers where you can then collect the Ornate Lockbox from the dresser. Combine the Ornate Lockbox with the Ornate Key which will then give you the Thaen Seed.

Head back to Ward 13, go to the gardening section and plant the Thaen Seed in the ground then wait a number of days for a tree to grow that will then start growing fruit.

Every 3 days of real time you wait, the tree will grow a Celestial Fruit which you can collect. You’re going to need to do this 3 times, where, on the fourth time, rather than growing fruit you will, instead, have grown the Ripened Heart Relic.

That’s the Remnant 2 Ripened Heart Relic guide complete, I hope it helped you obtain one of the best relics in the game.
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