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Remnant 2 Restless Spirit Aberration Guide

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is the Remnant 2 Restless Spirit Aberration guide which will help you find and take down a powerful Aberration who is locked behind a dangerous looking vortex of pure energy.

Location: N’Erud, Tower of the Unseen.
Rewards: Timewave Mutator x1, Scrap x250.

The Restless Spirit Aberration is a tough fight if you go in under prepared. Unfortunately, you have some defying drops to contend with and an Army of Mechs including a respawning Special enemy which is a rare occurrence in Remnant 2.

Head up from the start of the Tower of the Unseen biome, clear the Mechs where you should see a large hole you would usually need to go around. However, if you carefully drop down the different layers of the hole taking out the Mechs and Special enemies as you go you will eventually come to the lower section.

Head forward through the door to come to an energy vortex that is spinning at very high frequencies. Interacting with the vortex will transport you to a prison of sorts where the Restless Spirit is waiting for you.

The Restless Spirit is similar to the regular flying enemy you will no doubt of encountered throughout N’Erud and has similar telekinesis moves spawning several objects that can be thrown towards you at high velocity.

Depending on the abilities the Restless Spirit Aberration has will determine the difficulty of the fight, if it has Minions or Shocker the you could be in for a bad time whereas Hearty and Empathy for example aren’t anything to worry about.

There will, as usual, be several normal enemies you will have to contend with as is the way of things in Remnant 2. That said, if you can survive the Mechs, the zombie style enemies should just be cannon fodder for you.

Every so often the Restless Spirt will drop to the floor and crawl around so use this opportunity to get off some heavy attacks as it will stay in place for a second or 2 before levitating again, keep pressure on the Aberration until it falls down for good.

That’s the Remnant 2 Restless Spirit Aberration guide complete 
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