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Remnant 2 Resonating Heart Relic

Here is where you can acquire the Resonating Heart relic which is located in the Ashen Wasteland biome on Root Earth through a hiddensection of one of the destroyed buildings.

Location: Root Earth, Ashen Wasteland.
Requirements: Drop down through the crumbling building.

Head down to the lower level from the start of the Ashen Wasteland and defeat all of the enemies as well as the special if it appears and mantle up to the mini checkpoint.

From here, go forward along the corridor, into the room on the left then carefully drop down through the floors to the lower level where you will see the Resonating Heart Relic growing on a tree truck in the corridor.

That’s the Remnant 2 Resonating Heart relic guide complete, I hope it helped you find a fairly decent Relic in Root Earth.
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