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Remnant 2 Ghost In The Machine Guide

Remnant 2 Ghost in the Machine trophy
Silver Trophy

40 G

Ghost in the Machine
Defeat 25 Aberrations

Here is the Remnant 2 Ghost In The Machine guide which will help you defeat 25 aberrations. An aberration in Remnant 2 is a tougher version of a special enemy, they have more health, hit harder, usually have an entourage with them to help kill you quicker and they also, for the most part, come with modifiers which will be shown under their health bar that can drastically alter the pace of a fight.

In order to unlock Ghost in the Machine, you need to defeat 25 Aberrations, however, it doesn’t say defeat 25 different Aberrations so you can technically continuously re roll and take down 25 of the same Aberration such as Ripsaw in Losomn or Root Nexus in Yaesha.

There will be plenty of Aberrations you can take down as you make your way through the game with varying difficulties. Some will be not much tougher than normal enemies whereas others will be harder than the majority of mainline bosses in Remnant 2 so don’t be disheartened if an Aberration kicks you back to a checkpoint without a seconds thought.

These things have been designed to be tough. Especially in Solo play.

Below, I will break down all 5 Worlds in Remnant 2 with their respective Aberrations, their locations, rewards and brief description with a link taking you to a dedicated guide for that particular Aberration giving you a lot more detail and a video detailing the requirements for success.

The World(s) and how many Aberrations can be found in a given World are as follows:


Losomn has 5 Aberrations which are:

  1. Barghest, The Vile.
  2. Firth: The Oathkeeper.
  3. Gorge.
  4. Ripsaw.
  5. The Executioner.

Check out the Losomn Aberration guide for where to find and how to take down every Aberration you can find between the Dran homeland and the Fae Palaces.


N’Erud has 3 Aberrations which are:

  1. E.D. Alpha.
  2. Fetid Corpse.
  3. Restless Spirit.

Check out the N’Erud Aberration guide for how to find and defeat every Aberration on this note so barren Moon.


Yaesha has 7 Aberrations which are:

  1. Defiler.
  2. Fester.
  3. Mantagora.
  4. Root Nexus.
  5. Rot.
  6. The Gnarled Archer & The Weald Stalker.
  7. Wither.

Check out the Yaesha Aberration guide for how to take down each and every Aberration in the Pan homeland. Be prepared though, these fights are tough, especially the Defiler and the Root Nexus.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth has 1 Aberration which is:

  1. Bastion.

Even though The Labyrinth only has the 1 Aberration, don’t underestimate it as if you’re caught in a series of shockwaves it could easily be back to the checkpoint for you.

Root Earth

Root Earth has 1 Aberration which is:

  1. Bane.

Root Earth only has the 1 Aberration, however, this is an end game Aberration so ensure you’re appropriately geared before going in for the fight as the entourage Bane has can end your run in seconds.

That’s the Remnant 2 Ghost in the Machine guide complete, I hope it helps you take down 25 Aberrations.

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