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Remnant 2 E.D. Alpha Aberration Guide

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is the Remnant 2 E.D. Alpha Aberration guide which will help you find and take down a powerful, breakdancing robot once you have navigated your way through a doorway puzzle which isn’t as simple as it first appears.

Location: N’Erud, Tower of the Unseen.
Rewards: Refunder Mutator x1 Scrap x300.

The Tower of the Unseen is a randomly occurring biome on N’Erud so it might appear for you in campaign, if not re roll Adventure mode until it appears then head up through the biome to the mini checkpoint clearing the Mechs, Specials and drones as you go.

Clear the local area of enemies then go over to the right side of the checkpoint and pull the Stellar-Powered Cell from the node which will close the door in front of you.

Go out onto the walkway and head up the hill, again clearing the Mechs and drones as you go then follow the pathway to the door with the red node on its left side, interact with the node and use the Stellar-Powered Cell to open the door.

Follow the pathway, taking the first right into a small cut-out with an elevator you need to ride up to the next level where you will ambushed by a heavy encampment of Mechs and drones so take decommission them all then go left taking note of the Stellar-Powered Cell keeping the doorway open to your left.

Ascend through the linear path jumping across to the adjacent platform holding the jump button to ensure you mantle up rather than fall to your death then head down, cut across the walkway and down the ramp to open the previously locked door.

Pull the Stellar-Powered Cell from the side of the door you passed earlier then go back up the way you came looking to your right to find another red node you need to place the Stellar-Powered Cell into thus opening another door.

Take the elevator down once you’re through this door to the lower levels of the biome.

Follow the path and go up the stairs where E.D. Alpha will be waiting for you. Now this fight can be nasty or fairly simple given the size of the arena where you take it on, it all depends on the abilities the Aberration has below its name. If you have abilities like Displacer or Shocker you’re in for a rough time, if you have simpler abilities such as Hearty, Thick Skin or Empathy then the fight will be a lot simpler.

You need to stay away from E.D. Alpha at all times as his combos can easily send you back to the checkpoint if you stand there taking hit after hit so ensure you roll through its attacks then away taking shots where possible.

Aiming for the eye on the front of its “face” will help a good amount as they count as critical hits but as long as you stay away from the spinning blades you will have a better chance of survival.

As long as you use the size of the arena to your advantage and don’t allow yourself to get caught in a corner you will be able to bring down E.D. Alpha with precise aiming and keeping yourself above half health at all times as much as possible.

That’s the Remnant 2 E.D. Alpha Aberration guide complete, I hope it helped you find and take down this breakdancing blender on N’Erud.
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