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Remnant 2 Decayed Heart Relic

Here is where you can acquire the Remnant 2 Decayed Heart Relic which is located in the Corrupted Harbor biome on Root Earth and is an incredibly powerful Relic if used correctly.

Location: Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor.
Requirements: Follow a hidden path in the Corrupted Harbor biome.

The Decayed Heart is a contender for one of the best relics in the game providing there are still enemies alive to hurt you which sounds counter productive if it weren’t for the fact the Decayed Heart heals you when you take any damage from an enemy.

Now it will heal you 3 times per enemy hit for 40 points of health, however, it will do so regardless of how much damage the enemy deals to you so if you get a hit that deals 10 damage, you heal for 40, if you take a hit that deals 100 damage, you heal for 40.

The bonus is it’s 40 HP back for the next 3 hits so if you’re low on health, get a lower level enemy to hit you a couple of times and you’ll be back to near full health. It’s a very tactical Relic but an incredibly useful one if used correctly.

Acquiring the Decayed Heart is simply done by going right on the left hairpin just after you clear the initial wave of enemies and Specials down the first ramp and in the open area, go through taking out the enemies then duck right through the gap to find the Decayed Heart at the end of the short path.

That’s the Remnant 2 Decayed Heart Relic guide complete, I hope it helped you find one of the strongest Relics in the game.
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