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Remnant 2 Crystal Heart Relic

Author: Griffin.
Genres: Action Adventure, RPG, Souls.

Here is where you can acquire the Remnant 2 Crystal Heart Relic which is obtainable in a nasty biome, The Dark Conduit on N’Erud as long as you manage to fight your way through to a broken fuse, restoring the power to the facility.

Location: N’Erud, The Dark Conduit.
Requirements: Restore power to the facility.

The Dark Conduit is a randomly appearing biome on N’Erud, for me it spawned from the Eon Vault biome, however, given the procedurally generated nature of Remnant 2, you might find the Dark Conduit as you progress through campaign or it could take you several runs on Adventure mode.

Either way, once you do have access to the Dark Conduit, head through taking out every enemy in the biome of which there are a very heavy number. For me, there were the slugs to contend with although you may well face other enemies along the way, what I do know is there was a lot of specials to contend with along the way.

You are aiming for the very back room of the facility where there will be 2 large fuses next to each other with the one on the right hanging out slightly so go and push it back in where you will then restore the power to the Dark Conduit unlocking a doorway.

Head into the now accessible room, look over to the right and collect the Crystal Heart Relic from the shrine.

That’s the Remnant 2 Crystal Relic guide complete, I hope it helped you find the Crystal Relic tucked away in one of the nastier biomes on N’Erud.
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