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Remnant 2 Cancer Boss Guide

Here is the Remnant 2 Cancer boss guide which will help you find and take down a powerful, story progression boss in Root Earth who is more formidable than it may first appear.

Location: Root Earth, Ashen Wasteland.
Rewards: Necrocyte Shard x1, Lumenite Crystal x3, Tome of Knowledge x1, Scrap x500.

Head through the Ashen Wasteland ensuring you rest at the mini checkpoint, ensure you have your best gear equipped then head through to the arena where Cancer will then awaken.

Cancer will send streams of sticks at you in varying sizes, al of which will hurt at varying degrees depending on their size so ensure you’re out of the way when you can see the pulse coming towards you.

On occasion, Cancer will jump across the arena then when it lands you will have a hard hitting AOE to deal with you need to roll through frame perfectly or you will have half your health bar removed.

It will also headbutt the floor doing a quick AOE so melee builds might suffer here as his slaps and strikes can knock chunks off of your health bar but all in the fight against Cancer doesn’t really pack much of an issue as long as you’re proficient at rolling out of the way of the attacks.

Focus fire on the face of Cancer utilising fire damage if you have it available until you bring it down

That’s the Remnant 2 Caner boss guide complete, I hope it helped you take down this tough boss in the Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth.
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