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Remnant 2 Bane Aberration Guide

Here is the Remnant 2 Bane Aberration guide which will help you find and take down the toughest Aberration in Remnant 2, not due to the Aberration itself, but the enemies that accompany this overgrown tripod who can only be summoned providing you have a very hard to come by weapon in Losomn.

Location: Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor / Twilight Vale.
Rewards: Supercharger Mutator x1, Wooden Shiv x1, Scrap x100.

Bane is a very tough fight mainly due to the fact you have 2 watered down versions of one of the toughest bosses in the game to contend with: Venom who is the boss in the Corrupted Harbor biome.

Before you can summon Bane you will firstly need to ensure you have the Dreamcatcher melee weapon which is acquirable in The Tormented Asylum on the Losomn World from the Morrow Parish starting point.

You can then go down into the Bane arena, equip the Dreamcatcher and hit the large root with the blue gas coming out of it to acquire the Walker’s Dream which you can use by going: Player Menu> Inventory> Walker’s Dream> Quickslot> Select Slot> return to game> use Walker’s Dream to be taken to a new biome: Twilight Vale.

Follow the path down from the mini checkpoint ensuring you have your best gear equipped then begin the fight against Bane and its entourage.

The Aberration doesn’t really do much, it will roar, stomp and walk about, the real challenge here are the accompanying enemies you have to contend, all of which die once Bane is down but that’s easier said than done given the Specials efficiency at being in your face from the second they spawn in.

If you’re able to focus fire fire on Bane then do so, however, if the specials keep putting you down then focus on them whilst staying away from Bane’s feet as you can easily be squashed back to the checkpoint if you’re low on health.

There are several other enemies in the fight as well including those burrowing root enemies that throw energy balls at you and are more irritation than threat but they will still need putting down if they become an issue.

Ensure, whenever you have an opportunity to unload a clip or 2 into Bane’s face you do so or the fight will become a very long one as Bane’s roar brings more enemies meaning it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

With Bane taken down you can then take the Wooden Shiv to Ward 13 and acquire the powerful Invader Archetype.

That’s the Remnant 2 Bane Aberration guide complete, I hope it helped you find and take down
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