Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart Aim To Misbehave Trophy Guide

Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart

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Aim to Misbehave
Silver Image PS

Aim to Misbehave
Acquire the RYNO

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart Aim To Misbehave Trophy Guide helping you acquire the RYNO which requires you to find 10 RYNO SpyBots found throughout the various planets
The RYNO is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Each SpyBot you collect will earn you 10% of the RYNO blueprint which once you have every SpyBot you can collect the RYNO from Ms. Zurkon
Here are the 10 RYNO SpyBot locations

RYNO SpyBot 1

Corson V
You need to head through the factory which is found by going right from the Ms. Zurkon closest to your ship, walk up the magnetic path and take a right. Cross the gaps through the rifts to come to the factory
Make your way through using the boxes to jump up to the higher left ledge with the wall jumping section. From here, go left through the doorway and make your way across the boxes to the outside behind the factory
Head across the gap and take out the enemies where you will then find the RYNO SpyBot in the large pipe at the very back of the area

RYNO SpyBot 2

Before you can acquire this RYNO SpyBot you will need to complete the events on Sargasso and Scarstu Debris Field (the 2nd and 3rd planets in the game) then head back to Sargasso at any point in the game afterwards where you will find a side quest just on the platform where you dock your ship called Help Trudi which will have you needing to gather 60 Zurpstones
30 Zurpstones can be acquired on foot which will then unlock a Dragon for you to fly on, from here, you can go around the map looking for landing pads which are represented by glowing blue lights coming out of the ground which you need to press PS Circle to land on
Once you have collected 45 Zurpstones, the Dragon will then be able to shoot fire allowing you to get the final 15 Zursptones which are usually high up on top of cliffs / buildings with no landing point nearby
After you have collected all 60 Zurpstones, return to the initial landing pad (near your ship) where you will receive the SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 3

Head to the North East section of the map where you will find a ledge leading up and a couple of platforms you need to jump across
From here, head through the cavern and use the 2 tether points to get across the gap to a crashed ship upon which will be the RYNO SpyBot
You will be ambushed by a few enemies after collecting the RYNO SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 4

Blizar Prime
Go through Blizar Prime aiming for the Find the Missing Chef side quest which tasks you in protecting the honey pump from waves of enemies
Defeat every enemy without the pump being damaged to badly to earn the RYNO SpyBot as well as the Sweet, Sweet Victory Silver Image PS Trophy

RYNO SpyBot 5

Torren IV
Make your way down to the market from the start of the level then before going through to the Ms. Zurkon take a right down the magnetic walkway to the end where you will find the RYNO SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 6

Scarstu Debris Field
After completing the Torren IV planet, you will earn the Hurlshot which allows you to use the yellow grappling points to hurl yourself a great distance
Now that you have the Hurlshot, make your way to Scarstu Debris Field (the 3rd planet) and head around behind the entrance to the bar where you can use a yellow grappling point to reach a far off island upon which will be the RYNO SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 7

Once you have completed the Cordelion planet you and have gone back to your ship a new teleporter will have opened up allowing you to go back to the Rubion Forge
Use the teleporter then go forward a few paces and turn around, look up to the rift tether above where you teleported in and get up there with PS L1
Look to your right where you will see the SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 8

Complete the planet for the first time then go back in to make this RYNO SpyBot easier to find
Once you have jumped out of your ship head forward and use the pink teleporter to go to the Plunder Marketplace, from here use your Rocket Boots to boost off the end of the ramp to your left, use the swing to get over the water then jump on the Speetle
Rather than going straight you need to take the first right over the ramps to a small island at the end of the water. On the island next to a teleporter that will take you back to your ship will be the RYNO SpyBot

RYNO SpyBot 9

You can get this one either during the story or after you have completed the planet
If you’re going through the story, you need to take a right once you’re in the ventilation ducts before dropping down to rescue Clank
If you are going for the RYNO SpyBots after the story, head down the walkway then jump over to your right using the swing then pull yourself through the rift tether. From here head to the back of the area where you can use the teleporter to warp to the Processing Centre
Follow the walkways around either taking out or passing the enemies where you can go through the second door on the right to be in the cells where you previously rescued Clank going out the back door where you can jump and wall run around to a vent you need to break through
Keep heading right when you’re in the vents where you will come to the RYNO SpyBot in a room with an orange glow. If you go the wrong way, you will drop down to the cells and will need to make your way back around the wall running section to get back to the vent

RYNO SpyBot 10

Scarstu Debris Field
You will need to head back to the Scarstu Debris Field planet after completing the main game then head to the Battleplex arena where you will be able to access new Gold Challenges
Select the Gold Challenge called Vroom Around where you need to defeat Vroom Goons in low gravity which is easy enough then once completed, you will receive the RYNO SpyBot as a reward

Once you have found all 10 RYNO SpyBots, speak with Ms. Zurkon to receive the RYNO at which point your Trophy will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart, Aim To Misbehave Trophy
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