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Project Cars 3

Weekend Warrior to Racing Legend welcome to SlightyMad studios’ most recent entry into the Project Cars series
Here we have the complete trophy / achievement guide with video full video support where necessary to help you through this sim turned arcade racer
Here’s a video to help you grind out some serious xp and cash to help you get through Project Cars 3

Guide Created By ~ ValeNort46
PS4, Xbox One, PC
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Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
PS4 – None as of Patch 1.05
Xbox – Challenge Accepted, currently not unlocking even with the recent patch, we will update as soon as we can
Online Trophies / Achievements
6 ~ New Challenger Approaching, Right on Time, Bargain Hunter, Rapid Fire Racer, Making Adversaries, Overcome your Rivals,
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
30+ Hours

Slightly Mad Racer
GS - 0

Earn all other trophies / achievements

Here's The Keys
GS - 10

Purchase your first car

After playing through the introductory invitational event you will then be given some credits and asked to buy a car, simply purchase any of the available cars to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

The Journey Begins
GS - 10

Complete the first Career race

Cross the finish line in any career event to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Mastering the trade
GS - 10

Master your first track

See They call me the track master for more information.

The Treble
GS - 20

Complete all 3 Career Objectives in a single Career Event

Each career event has 3 set objectives that you have can earn, for example in a hot lap event your objectives are all target lap times so exceed the fastest time to complete all objectives and unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

New Challenger Approaching
GS - 10

Post a time or score for when a Rivals Event completes

Rivals events are split into 3 categories and they are Daily, Weekly and Monthly so i recommend you enter the Daily challenge and set a valid time then log back into the game the next day after the daily challenge has expired, when you enter the rivals menu after the event has expired you will get your reward and unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Deserved Recognition
GS - 10

Earn your first Career Accolade

The easiest accolade is for completing 10 events driving road cars, this can be the 10 different events or the same event 10 times, once you cross the finish line to complete your 10th event the Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

Right On Time
GS - 10

Complete in a scheduled race online

From the main menu choose Multiplayer followed by scheduled events, now select any of the scheduled events available and register your entry, then let the timer expire and when it does you will automatically enter a matchmaking screen with other players who have registered for the event, now when the event starts participate and when you cross the finish line your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

Splish Splash
GS - 10

Win a 3+ Lap race in Thunderstorm conditions

From the main menu choose custom event then choose a simple track like Monza short, in the settings tab choose weather and make sure the starting and finishing weather are set to Thunderstorm and the race is a minimum of 3 laps, all other settings are personal preference.
In thunderstorm weather your braking distances are greatly increased and the car is harder to handle so learn the circuit and restart as many times as is needed, once you cross the finish line to take the win your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

GS - 20

Apply multiple decals to one of your cars

Choose Garage from the main menu then select any of your cars followed by choosing the option customise, now choose decals and apply decals to any 2 locations on the car and return back to the garage menu to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Pace Setter
GS - 30

Compete in 3 different Pace Setter events

Pace setter events appear in career mode and they task you with setting 3 consecutive clean laps to score an overall average time of those 3 laps.
You have to unlock these events by progressing through career mode, the first 3 events you can reach are located in the road e specials and road d specials sub events.
Pace setter events in Rivals mode DO NOT count towards the total
As soon as you have completed your
third pace setter event, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bargain Hunter
GS - 20

Purchase a car from the Showroom that’s discounted in the ‘Daily Deal’

Choose showroom from the main menu and the game will automatically bring up a random car at a discounted price, simply buy this car to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

A Smashing Time
GS - 20

Smash 100 targets in Breakout

The first breakout event you can unlock is called Mustang Rally and is part of the Road E specials tab, when the event is unlocked you will need to purchase the 1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 fastback which costs 22,050 credits, if youe short of credits complete championship events to gain more money.
With the event unlocked and car purchased enter the event and smash as many boxes as you can, after a couole of attempts you will exceed the 100 boxes and unlock your Trophy / Achievement. 

Grease Monkey
GS - 30

Apply upgrades to a road car to take it into the next road car class

Choose garage from the main menu then choose any road car you have and choose upgrades from the vehicle tab and add a stage 3 turbocharger to that chosen vehicle and it will take it beyond the threshold for the next car class and unlock your Trophy /  Achievement.

Achieving Those Goals
GS - 30

Complete a total of 25 Career Objectives

See Objectively Mad for more information.

Track Master In Training
GS - 30

Master 3 different tracks

See They call me the Track master for more information.

GS - 30

Perfect over 100 corners

Each corner in the game has 3 elements to it and they are the red braking point that signifies the entry point of a corner, the yellow apex point which is the ideal place your car should be mid corner and finally the blue exit point shows you exactly where to place the car to leave the corner at the fastest possible speed, if done correctly the game will inform you that you have perfected a corner.
simply repeat this process until you perfect over 100 corners at which point your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.   

Custom Plates
GS - 20

Alter the licence plate on 3 or more of your vehicles

You will need 3 cars in your garage which buying the 3 cheapest cars in the game will cost you around 70,000 credits, now choose any car and select custom followed by edit before finally selecting license plate, now alter the text or design and repeat the same steps for the final 2 cars to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Making Contacts
GS - 20

Unlock 5 Career Invitational Events

Invitational events are unlocked by reaching certain goals in the game, these career goals can be found by pressing TRIANGLE/Y from any career mode menu.

Below is a list of all the career goals that unlock a invitational event.

  • Win 50 career events
  • Complete 50 clean races
  • Complete 100 objectives
  • Complete 200 objectives
  • Win 30 race events
  • Win 30 championship events
  • Win 30 events driving Aston Martin cars
  • Win 30 events driving Ferrari cars
  • Win 30 events driving Ford cars
  • Win 30 events driving Lotus cars
  • Win 30 events driving Nissan cars
  • Win 30 events driving Porsche cars
  • Win 50 events driving cars from Germany
  • Win 50 events driving cars from the UK
  • Win 50 events driving cars from Italy
  • Win 30 events driving cars from Japan
  • Win 30 events driving cars from the USA
  • Win 15 events driving cars from France
  • Win road E World Series
  • Win road D World Series
  • Win road C World Series
  • Win road B World Series
  • Win road A World Series
  • Win Hypercar World Series
  • Win GT C World Series
  • Win GT B World Series
  • Win GT A World Series
  • Win GT Open World Series

Simply complete any 5 of the above career goals to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Rapid Fire Racer
GS - 30

Compete in 10 Multiplayer Quick Races

Choose Multiplayer from the main menu then quick play to enter matchmaking, eventually you will join a lobby and when the timer expires the race will start, now all you need to do is cross the finish line in 10 of these races to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Smashed It
GS - 20

Compete in 5 different Breakout events

Breakout events appear as career events every so often, all you need to do is unlock 5 of these events then enter them to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Under The Hood
GS - 20

Complete a race using either the ‘High Speed’ or ‘High Grip’ Tuning presets in a race car

Choose custom event from the main menu then select any track you wish and add any race car, now let the track load up and before you start the race choose tuning from the menu, in this tuning menu choose either High Speed or High Grip then enter the race, once you cross the finish line your Trophy  / Achievement will unlock.

GS - 30

Win your first Career Championship

See Silverware collection for more information.

GS - 30

Earn 20 Accolades

Accolades are earned for actions on and off the track and they include tasks like

  • Podium Finishes
  • Fast Laps
  • Race Wins
  • Mastering Corners
  • Clean Laps

Simply play the game and through natural progression of career mode you will obtain over 20 accolades and unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Seasoned Racer
GS - 40

Reach Player Level 2

See Veteran Racer for more information.

Challenge Accepted
GS - 30

Complete 20 Career Objectives in Challenge Events

Challenges form an individual championship part of career mode, they require certain unlock conditions in order to be able to play them, like normal career events they feature a total of 3 objectives, the game features a total of 16 championships so you need to earn 20 out of a possible 48 objectives, here is a list of the championships and their unlock conditions

  • Baby Formula – Win Road C World Series
  • Prototype Club – Win GT C World Series
  • Prototype Pro – Win 30 events using Porsche Cars
  • Formula B – Win 30 events using Lotus cars
  • Super Trucks – Win Road E World Series
  • Touring Car legends – Win Road D World Series
  • F488 Challenge – Win Road A World Series
  • Group 5 – Win Hypercar World Series
  • CanAm – Win GT A World Series
  • LMP Legends – Win GT Open World Series
  • Group C – Win 30 events Using Ford Cars
  • Turbo Lotus -Win 30 events using Nissan Cars
  • Formula E – Win Road B World Series
  • Indy Car – Win GT B World Series
  • Hybrid Prototypes – Win 30 events using Ferrari cars
  • Formula X – Win 30 events using Aston Martin cars

With 20 objectives complete your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Goal Orientated
GS - 40

Complete 50 Career Objectives

See Objectively Mad for more information.

Stripped To The Bone
GS - 30

Upgrade a Road spec car to Race Spec with a ‘Race Conversion’

Race Conversions can happen to most of the cars in the game, at only 75,000 the Ford Escort 1600 is the cheapest car to buy and then race convert, to do this go to garage and select the car then choose the option upgrades and scroll all the way to the right until you reach the option race conversion then purchase this to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Making Adversaries
GS - 40

Post a time or score in 10 unique Rivals Events

Rivals event take the form of Daily, Weekly and Monthly so to post a time in 10 this means you will have to log into the game for 10 straight days and post a time in the daily event at which point your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

Maximising Potential
GS - 40

Upgrade a race car to its highest possible Performance Index Rating (PIR)

This can be done to any road car you have converted into a race car or to any race car directly, go to your garage and select your chosen race car then chose the upgrades options, if you followed my stripped to the bone guide you will already have a Ford Escort 1600 racing car in your garage, now upgrade every available option which will cost you about 70,000 coins on this race car to unlock your Troohy / Achievement.

They Call Me The Track Master
Gold Image
GS - 50

Master 15 different tracks

Project cars 3 features over 50 tracks and has over 100 variations of these tracks, some tracks like Monza Short has only 3 corners but on the flip side the Nurburgring 24H track has 55 corners so work your way through the tracks choosing the smaller and easier ones to master.
To master a track you need to drive each corner perfectly by braking at the red braking marker on the way into a corner then turn the corner at the ideal apex point shown on screen by a yellow marker before finally exiting a corner on the optimal racing line signified by a blue exit marker.
These tracks have to be mastered in one session and restarting or quitting to the menu will reset the counter so choose custom event from the main menu and set it up as a 10 lap practice session, with 15 tracks fully mastered your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Objectively Brilliant
GS - 40

Complete 100 Career Objectives

See Objectively Mad for more information.

Car Collector
GS - 40

Purchase 25 unique cars

With over 200 road and race cars in the game you have plenty of choice but this will be expensive as you have to buy unique cars meaning you can’t buy the cheapest car in the game 25 times over.
You earn cash for simply levelling up so perform clean races and perfect cars to increase the amount of XP you can earn during career mode, you can bu a car and then instantly sell it to get some of your money back.
The cheapest 25 cars in the game are as follows

  1. 1971 Ford Escort RS1600- 19,000
  2. 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo- 20,100
  3. 2013 Toyota GT 86- 21850
  4. 1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback- 22,050
  5. 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI T.M.E.
  6. 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)- 32,150
  7. 2016 Honda Civic Type R- 29,950
  8. 2019 Audi TTS Coupe- 31,600
  9. 2018 Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-32,600
  10. 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 4MATIC- 34,250
  11. 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ360- 40,400
  12. 2015 Ford Mustang GT- 43,000
  13. 2012 Formula Rookie- 29,850
  14. 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe S- 46,600
  15. 2019 Alpine A110S- 46,650
  16. 1967 Lotus Type 51- 57,250
  17. 2020 Toyota Supra- 51,300
  18. 1987 Porsche 959 S- 55,150
  19. 2016 Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe
  20. 2017 Aston Martin DB11- 54,050
  21. 2018 Super Truck- 65,600
  22. 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300SL (W194)- 70400
  23. 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG- 66050
  24. 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO- 57,050
  25. 1974 Jaguar E-Type V12 Group44- 74,050

Once you have bought your 25th unique car your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock
Silverware Collection
GS - 40

Win 5 different Championships in Career

Each career car class has a total of 4 series, each series has 4 events for you to take part in compromising of 3 feeder events that with enough objectives complete will unlock a championship finals, winning this championship finals is what counts your your trophy/achievement but be wary that the basics championship final will be much easie than the majors championship final.
Just make sure you win 5 different championships to unlock your Trophy / Achevement.

Overcome Your Rivals
GS - 40

Earn 300 Rival Points in a single season

Rivals is online only and you set times against other players, this is done over daily, weekly and monthly events, each season lasts for a calendar month, for each event you participate in you will score points based on your finishing position, thankfully you score a minimum of 10 points for finishing in the bottom bronze 3 tier in a daily event so taking part in every daily event for the entire season’s length should result in you scoring the 300 points to unlock your Trophy / Achievement.

Objectively Mad
Gold Image
GS - 50

Complete 200 Career Objectives

Each career event has 3 side objectives that you can complete so its just a matter of beating as many of these objectives as you can until you reach 200 and your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

Veteran Racer
Gold Image
GS - 50

Reach Player Level 3

Player level 3 is a total of 945,000 XP, this might seem a little daunting but the game rewards you for been a good driver, competing in career races making sure you perform clean overtakes and clean laps will result in you picking up around 20,000-30,000 XP per race.
This XP can be boosted by altering what settings you have turned on and off like steering assist and braking assist, this trophy/achievement will unlock during natural progression of career mode.

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Thank you for this guide! It is great help! working on the plat right now