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Project Cars 3

Here is the first of the 4 DLC packs releasing for Project Cars 3, the Legends Pack is where you celebrate 3 of the Japans most iconic 90’s sports cars, also included is the Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit along with a host of new car customisation options
Below is the complete trophy / achievement guide to help you through your journey

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PS4, Xbox One, PC
6 ~  1  2  3
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
20 Hours

Bronze Image
GS -

Win a 3+lap race around Sakitto National in the Acura NSX

Choose custom event from the main menu then make sure the car is the 1997 Acura NSX identified by a blue DLC logo in the top corner of the car selection and the track is Sakitto National, the race needs to be a minimum of 3 laps, all other settings are personal preference so proceed to the race
When in the race screen adjust the difficulty of the AI cars to very easy just to make your life easier, you can have as many or little assists as you wish then with all that done enter and win the race to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Class Representative
Bronze Image
GS -

Apply a Legends Pack decal to your car

Part of the Legends Pack DLC are new decals that have been added, so choose garage from the main menu the select any of your garage cars and press X/A to access the car menu then choose customise, now choose custom and edit from the popup menu to enter the customisation screen
Choose decals and press R1/RB to scroll to the far right to reach the Legends Pack decals now select any of these decals and press X/A to apply it to your car, now exit this screen to unlock your Trophy / Achievement 

Bronze Image
GS -

Master Yas Marina GP

Choose custom event from the main menu and select the Yas Marina GP circuit  then choose any car you wish and set the game mode to practice and enter the event.
When the track loads up choose settings and select the full racing line as this will, on screen show you the braking point going into a corner as well as the ideal apex point of the corner before finally the ideal exit point making it easier to master this track
Now it’s just a matter of driving until you perfect all 17 corners of this track, fortunately, you have as many laps as you wish in practice mode as to master a circuit it has to be done in one session meaning you can’t quit and go back to it, with all the corners mastered your race engineer will come over the radio telling you that you have mastered the circuit and unlock your trophy/achievement

From Icon To Icon
Silver Image
GS -

Upgrade a Toyota Supra MkIV to a Toyota Supra MkIV Racing with a ‘Race Conversion’

In order to get this trophy / achievement you will need to firstly buy the Toyota Supra MkIV which can be found in the Road E section of the showroom and cost 30k coins
With that bought get into the car and head over to the garageselect the car choosing upgrades then finally select Race Conversion which will cost you 130k coins
With the Race Conversion applied your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

Wankel Fever
Silver Image
GS -

Complete 10 races using either the Mazda RX-7 or RX-7 Racing

Choose custom event from the main menu and make sure the car is either the RX7 or RX7 racing version then choose the Knock Hill Tri-Oval course, ensuring it’s a race of 1 lap and all other settings are personal preference
Now load up the event and start a race, when the race is complete go through all the results screens until you reach the car affinity screen at which point choose the restart option and complete the race again, repeat this process until you have completed the 10 races at which your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 

Legend In The Making
Gold Image
GS -

Complete all objectives in the Legends Pack Career Events

Part of the Legends Pack DLC is a new career event series which compromises of 16 events and each event has a total of 3 objectives you can earn
So enter each event and complete all 48 of these objectives, you don’t have to get all 3 objectives in one go so you can take multiple attempts to get any of the harder or tricky one
With all 48 objectives completed, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 

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The Bo$$
The Bo$$
4 days ago


I’m having a hard time with the achievement “Legend in the making”
Could you please provide car guides for the hot laps?
How to tune and what settings you played on ?