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Poker Club Trophy Guide

PS5, PS4,
43: Platinum Image PS 1 Gold Image PSSilver Image PS 8 Bronze Image PS 30
Release Date
Missable Trophies
Glitched Trophies
Online Trophies
The entire game is online but you can, at times play against bots if you don’t pair up with another player, however this game is still online and others can hook in randomly including more bots.
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
100+ Hours. (This is a very luck based trophy list).

Welcome to the Poker Club Trophy Guide.

Welcome to the most immersive poker simulation ever made, become a poker club pro with our full trophy guide.

If you’re struggling with the game, check out Poker 101 on the main menu.

Poker Club The Nuts trophy
Platinum Trophy

The Nuts
Collect all the trophies in Poker Club

Poker Club Blindman’s Bluff trophy
Bronze Trophy

Blindman’s Bluff
Win a hand without ever looking at your cards

When a hand is dealt you start with 2 hole cards which are cards placed face down so neither your nor the opponent can see what you have got.

You can look at your hole cards by pressing GGGULTRAR2 but for the Blindmans Bluff trophy you need to win a hand without looking at your cards.

This is very luck based so you could get it within a couple of hands or it could take over 100 just remember not to look at your hole cards and once you do win a hand your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Risk It For A Biscuit trophy
Bronze Trophy

Risk It For A Biscuit
Go all-in and win a hand

When playing a hand of poker you have several options on your turn which are:

  • FOLD.
  • CHECK.
  • BET.
  • RAISE.
  • ALL IN.

You want to make sure you have a good hand and choose the all in option because once you have gone all in there is no turning back.

With a successful win on an all in choice your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Backdoor trophy
Bronze Trophy

Hit your needed cards on the turn and the river to make your hand, and go on to win

In a game of poker after you have received your hole cards the game will then proceed to placing 3 cards on the table called the flop at this point players can bet on how strong their hand is looking to get the Backdoor trophy it’s the fourth card (the turn) and fifth card (the river) where you need the correct cards to appear that make up your hand.

So like most of the trophies in poker club this is completely luck based and could take time but once you do get the exact cards you need your Trophy will unlock once you have won the hand 

Poker Club Handy trophy
Bronze Trophy

Win your first hand

Simply win any hand in any available game mode, if you really struggle winning a hand then have a think if this is the game for you.

Once you have won your first hand, your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Deadly Assassin trophy
Bronze Trophy

Deadly Assassin
Win a pot when 3 or more people are all-in

All in is where a player bets all their available funds on one hand, for this trophy you need to be playing against a minimum of 2 other opponents.

Only go all in when you are in a very strong position to win a hand because a loss will dent your chip balance so get used to how Poker Club plays.

Should you be running short on chips due to unsuccessful all in attempts you can increase your balance by simply logging into the game on a daily basis to earn a log in bonus.

No mater how you approach this Trophy winning a hand with 3 players or more on all in will unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Cold Caller trophy
Bronze Trophy

Cold Caller
Call two or more bets on your turn

This will come naturally as when a player bets on a hand by increasing the chips on your next turn you can call the bet they placed so do this twice to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Gutshot trophy
Bronze Trophy

Complete an inside straight

A straight is when you win a hand with 5 cards that climb numerically regardless of the suit an example been 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

An inside straight is when the last card you need to complete the straight is from the middle cards that form the straight so the above example means you would need a 6, 7 or 8 card to complete an inside straight.

Pressing GGGULTRAR2 when your hole cards have been dealt will tell you what current value hand you have and after the flop it will tell you of you are on for an inside straight so proceed with the hand and if you get the card you require on the turn or the river you have completed your inside straight.

You don’t need to win the hand just compete the inside straight.

Once successful, your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club A Bit On The Side trophy
Bronze Trophy

A Bit On The Side
Win a side pot

To win a side pot you need to be playing with at least 2 other players and one of those players has bet all there remaining chips (ALL IN) the game continues with the remaining players continuing to bet on a side pot so your aim is to win this hand and collect the side pot which will unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Poker Joker trophy
Bronze Trophy

Poker Joker
Complete all targets in any Poker Tour event

Each poker tour event has 3 objectives that you can achieve and the easiest event is the stating event on the tour which requires you to:

  • Win a hand.
  • Eliminate a player.
  • Cash out for 250 chips or more.

I suggest playing the game to get familiar to how poker plays then when your ready you can knock out all 3 objectives in a single session, when you leave the table your table statistics will be shown onscreen and if you were successful in a obtaining all 3 objectives your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Dress To Impress trophy
Bronze Trophy

Dress To Impress
Spend 20,000 chips on apparel

As you play hands of poker you will earn xp that levels you up and unlocks apparel that you can purchase, spend a total of 20,000 chips on apparel to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club How I Roll trophy
Bronze Trophy

How I Roll
Win a career total of a million chips

See Choke A Dozen Donkeys Gold Image PS for more information.

Poker Club Give Your Regards To Broadway trophy
Bronze Trophy

Give Your Regards To Broadway
Hit a 10 through ace straight

A 10 through ace straight can be any suit so you need some serious luck to get the combination you need.

The 5 cards you need are 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace starting with your hole cards you can get 2 of the required 5 cards immediately then you need to secure the final 3 from the flop, the turn and the river so just keep playing and keep your fingers crossed, when you get all 5 required cards your Trophy will unlock at the conclusion of the current hand.

Poker Club Showoff trophy
Bronze Trophy

Perform a chip trick

To perform a chip trick you need to press GGGULTRAL3 which brings up the emote menu then press PS DP L or PS DP R followed by GGGULTRACS to confirm your selection.

This will perform a chip trick, unlocking your Trophy.

Poker Club Quack Quack trophy
Bronze Trophy

Quack Quack
Have pocket twos in the hole

In a game of poker you can be dealt a pocket pair of cards which is nothing more than two identical cards that start your hand so in order to unlock the Quack Quack trophy you need to receive a pair of 2s as your hole cards in order to unlock your Troph.

Poker Club Never Give Up trophy
Bronze Trophy

Never Give Up
Rebuy into a game

Firstly you need to lose all your chips that you used to buy into a table from the main menu then when you are shown the end of game statistics you can press GGGULTRASQ to buy back into the game, unlocking your Trophy.

Poker Club Bring It On trophy
Bronze Trophy

Bring It On
Create a public custom tournament

Choose the Play tab then Custom, now set the game up making sure it’s public and has no AI opponents then choose the new game option.

Once another human player joins, your tournament will be created and your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Check Yourself trophy
Bronze Trophy

Check Yourself
Check 100 times

Simply select the check option 100 times when it’s your turn to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Before You Wreck Yourself trophy
Bronze Trophy

Before You Wreck Yourself
Fold 100 hands

Simply select the fold option 100 times when it’s your turn to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Keep Your Heads Up trophy
Bronze Trophy

Keep Your Heads Up
Go head-to-head with any opponent 100 times

This can only be done by playing against a single opponent at a poker table, you won’t need to see the game through all of the stages that make up a hand of poker (flop, turn and river).

This can be done against one of the games many AI bots, however it’s easier done versus a boosting partner via the custom game option.

Once you have been dealt your hole cards and a winner has been determined 100 times your Trophy will then unlock.

Poker Club Three Way trophy
Bronze Trophy

Three Way
Win with three of a kind

You need to win a hand with 3 cards of the same value, if you start with a pocket pair you only need one more of those cards to win, again very luck based so could take time to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Go For It trophy
Bronze Trophy

Go For It
Raise 100 times

Simply select the raise option 100 times when it’s your turn to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Rank Amateur trophy
Bronze Trophy

Rank Amateur
Reach level 5

See Pro Player Gold Image PS for more information.

Poker Club In The Gang trophy
Bronze Trophy

In The Gang
Join or create a Poker Club

See Club Legend Silver Image PS for more information.

Poker Club Holding Your Own trophy
Bronze Trophy

Holding Your Own
Reach level 20

See Pro Player Gold Image PS for more information.

Poker Club Bluffing Eh trophy
Bronze Trophy

Bluffing Eh?
Muck one or both cards face up

From the main menu choose settings then make sure the option auto-muck is turned off, at the end of a hand your given the option to show your hole cards so choose any option to show either one or both of your cards to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Pro Creation trophy
Bronze Trophy

Pro Creation
Create a poker pro

This is the first thing you do in the game and as it can not be skipped it’s entirely unmissable.

Complete you pro to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Dog Eat Dog trophy
Bronze Trophy

Dog Eat Dog
Win a tournament

To win a tournament you need to eliminate all other players off the table the first chance you have is the Mano a Mano tour event so enter the event ensuring you take the win to unlock your trophy.

Poker Club Regular Punter trophy
Bronze Trophy

Regular Punter
Collect your Daily Bonus 7 times

Logging into the game and more importantly the servers for 7 consecutive days will unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Moneymaker trophy
Bronze Trophy

Win a hand with 5 and 4 offsuit as your hole cards

To get this trophy you firstly need to receive a 4 and 5 that are not the same suit as your starting (hole cards) then go on to win a hand.

It will take time for you to get the correct hole cards then the win could take more time so chances are you will get this one while aiming towards other Trophies in the game.

Poker Club On The Button trophy
Bronze Trophy

On The Button
Win a hand in Win The Button

Choose Play then Custom then in the settings make sure the game type is set to on the button, now enter any of the available games and when you win a hand the dealer button will pass onto you, unlocking your Trophy.

Poker Club Rock & High Roller trophy
Silver Trophy

Rock & High Roller
Win a career total of ten million chips

See Choke A Dozen Donkeys Gold Image PS for more information.

Poker Club Rounder trophy
Silver Trophy

Reach level 50

See Pro Player Gold Image PS for more information.

Poker Club Bet Bet Bet trophy
Silver Trophy

Bet Bet Bet
Make a 3-bet and win

Each time someone bets on a hand it’s adds to the bet total so when it’s your turn make a bet then do this another 2 times to make it a 3-bet, unlocking your Trophy at the same time.

Poker Club Philanthropic trophy
Silver Trophy

Contribute 50 million chips to a club

Once you’re a part of a club you can contribute chips to increase its level to do this choose club then then club level and finally contribute, after you have contributed 50 million chips into the club your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Total Knock Out trophy
Silver Trophy

Total Knock Out
Knock out 5 opponents in a cash game

Choose the Play option then Custom, ensure it’s a cash game, has a low buy in amount like 200 chips then enter this game and keep playing until you have eliminated a total of 5 players.

With a low buy in amount it helps speed up the process of eliminating 5 players but your still in for a long match.

Once successful, your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club The Bigger They Are trophy
Silver Trophy

The Bigger They Are
Beat a star player

A star player is identified by having a star in the top left corner of their avatar so when you meet up with one on a table make sure you win a hand against this player to unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Club Legend trophy
Silver Trophy

Club Legend
Own or be a member of a level 25 club

Clubs unlock at level 5 so keep playing the game until you reach level 5 as XP is earned by simply playing then choose the Clubs tab.

Look for a Level 25 Club that you can join either by the club owner accepting your club invite or by spending the buy in clause.

Look for the buy in clause because spending as little as 10k chips can get you the Trophy in seconds rather than having to work your way up to level 25.

Poker Club Bounty Hunter trophy
Silver Trophy

Bounty Hunter
Collect 50 bounties

Bounties are collected by eliminating players during a shootout match which has bounties enabled.

A bounty is a percentage of the tables entry fee set to one side as a reward for eliminating that player.

You will come across some of these events during the PCC tour and they are as follows:

  • Ace in the hole.
  • Bounty express.
  • Road to PCC.

It’s unlikely that you will collect all during the so you can now create using the following settings:

  • Match type: Shootout.
  • Buy in: 200.
  • Bounty: 25%.

With those settings activated start the match and press GGGULTRAL1 to fill the table with AI BOTS.

Now with each AI you eliminate you will collect a bounty so repeat this custom event until you collect your 50th bounty and unlock your Trophy.

Poker Club Choke A Dozen Donkeys trophy
Gold Trophy

Choke A Dozen Donkeys
Win a career total of 100 million chips

Thanks to the consecutive login bonus you can receive chips on a daily basis, these chips don’t count as chips won but been part of a level 25 club and logging onto the servers on a daily basis can net you an additional 50k chips every day after logging on for a minimum of 7 straight days.

This method will help you have a healthy chip balance but you still have to enter and win hands to increase your chips won balance which is the important part of this trophy.

From the main menu choose My Pro followed by statistics to see exactly how many chips you have won and I suggest you concentrate on completing Poker Ace Gold Image PS first then coming back to mop up any remaining chips needed to take you over the 100 million chips won balance where your Trophy will then unlock.

Poker Club Poker Showdown trophy
Gold Trophy

Poker Showdown
Win the PCC Showdown Finale

The Showdown Finale is the last event in the PCC Tour and in order to play it you need to have met the following criteria:

  • 54 completed targets in the PCC Tour.
  • Top 6 finish in the Park Hill Invitational Event.
  • Top 3 finish in the Road to PCC Event.

The buy-in for this event is 250k +25k fee and is a multi table tournament of over 40 players.

Once you have won this event your Trophy will unlock.

Poker Club Pro Player trophy
Gold Trophy

Pro Player
Reach level 100

Every action you make in the game whether that be a win or loss will result in you earning xp so keep playing and levelling up, winning hands will give you more XP and therefore level you up faster but this will still be a long grind and will probably be one of the last Trophies you’ll unlock.

Poker Club Poker Ace trophy
Gold Trophy

Poker Ace
Complete all targets in Poker Tour

Click the link to go to the complete Poker Ace Trophy Guide.

That’s the Poker Club Trophy Guide complete I hope it helps you through the game.
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