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Nioh 2 The Tengu's Disciple

The Tengu’s Disciple is the first DLC offering for Nioh 2, introducing you to new weapons, new enemies, Dream of the Demon difficulty and an amazing series of new levels to fight through
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Release Date
Missable Trophies
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Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
120+ Hours (You have to beat the entire main game on Dream of the Demon to be able to start The Tengu’s Disciple on Dream of the Demon which is required to unlock the Genpei Demon trophy)

Bronze Image

Completed “A Song to Calm the Storm”

This is the first DLC mission you’ll come to in The Tengu’s Disciple DLC and it is a nasty one even on Way of the Samurai
I won’t give any major details here, but I will offer some advice, make sure you bring some very powerful fire Onmyo magic and your best ranged weapons to have the bet chance of making it through in one piece
There are 2 bosses you’ll need to take down in A Song to Calm the Storm, once you have taken down the second boss (fire magic pretty much essential) enjoy the fantastic Soul Core the boss drops. Your Trophy will unlock once you leave the mission

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Completed “Eternal Rivals”

Once you have completed A Song to Calm the Storm, select the option from the map “Head East” to find a new area. Start the mission Eternal Rivals, which will see you go through a series of caves, forests and tight turns. Be aware of a new enemy down here that can make mince meat out of you in seconds, a very large enemy, once it activates its’ cyclone ability, keep trying to dodge away to get out of the stream and survive
The boss here is incredibly challenging, uses a multitude of ranged attacks  as well as some devastating combos
Fortunately, there’s a shrine just before the fight which makes the mission a lot more manageable. Once you have defeated the boss, and completed the mission, your Trophy will unlock

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Completed “Shadows Creep in Kuruma”

Shadows Creep in Kuruma is a side mission that unlocks once you have beaten the first DLC mission, A Song to Calm the Storm.
This mission will see you make you way up the side of a mountain taking out various yokai as you go. Once you get to the top of the mountain, take out the boss and complete mission to unlock your Trophy

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Completed all missions in “The Tengu’s Disciple” on any difficulty level. (Does not include Twilight or training missions)

In total, there are 2 main missions and 8 side missions in The Tengu’s Disciple, you can complete these on any difficulty you have unlocked for the DLC, complete these missions in the order they appear, visiting The Interim as required to unlock the latter missions
For the side mission, An Encounter Among the Blossoms, you will need to collect all 3 of Saigyo’s Poems, see Poetry In Motion for more information
Once you have completed every mission in the DLC (Twilight and training missions not included). Your Trophy will unlock

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Completed all missions in “The Tengu’s Disciple” on Dream of the Demon. (Does not include Twilight or training missions)

This is looking like a very bad time in Nioh 2, first off, to access The Tengu’s Disciple DLC, you need to complete the game on a given difficulty, in this case, Dream of the Demon
You’re going to need to be levelled in the 400-500 range to have a chance at getting through the game with some seriously powerful gear. Once you have completed the main game on Dream of the Demon, you should be more than equipped to take on this DLC
Once you have completed all of The Tengu’s Disciples missions on Dream of the Demon, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Collected all Kodama in “The Tengu’s Disciple”

In total there are 25 Kodama to collect in The Tengu’s Disciple
They are

  • A Song to Calm the Storm ~ 10
  • Shadows Creep in Kuruma ~ 6
  • Eternal Rivals ~ 9

Once you have collected all 25 Kodama, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Acquired mystic art for the splitstaff

You can acquire a Splitstaff as long as you have The Tengu’s Disciple DLC installed. You’ll naturally find a Splitstaff in your regular loot drops.
Equip the Splitstaff and start taking out enemies, you need a minimum of 120,000 proficiency in order to unlock the dojo mission, Breaking Free
It’s in this mission you will unlock your Splitstaff mystic art, you will be facing off against a very powerful Hattori Hanzo, equipped with a wooden Splitstaff and 3 Elixers. Keep your distance whenever Hanzo starts a combo then when he’s finished get in and punish him then back off before the next combo begins.
Only use your Elixers when you absolutely have to as you only have 3 and he can hit very hard. As soon as he’s down you will complete the mission and receive 2 Splitstaff weilders locks.
Use the 2 locks to acquire 2 Splitstaff skill points, make your way over to the Splitstaff skill tree, the 2 mystic arts that are available are the Law Of Largesse and the Law Of Lethality. Simply unlock either of these mystic arts, where your Trophy will also unlock

Bronze Image

Collected all of Saigyo’s poetry cards

In total, there are 3 of Saigyo’s poems to find in The Tengu’s Disciple and their locations are as follows

1st poetry card, main mission, A Song to Calm the Storm
Continue through the mission to the second shrine, just pass this shrine will be a small area with red fabric making a square where you will fight 2 Bakegani, in the bottom-left corner will be your Saigyo’s Poem 1

2nd poetry card, main mission, Eternal Rivals
Make your way through the mission until you get to the Mezuki mini-boss, defeat the Mezuki, then against the far-left wall, where Mezuki was looking will be a corpse, on this corpse will be Saigyo’s Poem 2

3rd poetry card, side mission, Shadows Creep in Kurama
From the second shrine in the mission, proceed forward, staying left, you are looking for a ladder, go up this ladder, to find a small path leading up, take the first left  off of this path, on the right will be a small building, just inside this building will be Saigyo’s Poem 3

Once you have found all 3 of Saigyo’s poetry cards, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Bathed in every hot spring found in “The Tengu’s Disciple”

There are 3 hot springs to be found across The Tengu’s Disciple DLC and they are as follows

  • 1st hot spring, main mission, A Song to Calm the Storm
    Proceed through the mission until you get to the second shrine, from here, proceed through the small area with red fabric making a square area where you fight 1 large and 1 small Bekagani yokai, take a right when through the small area and follow the path around to the right, the hot spring is at the end of this path
  • 2nd hot spring, side mission, Shadows Creep In Kurama
    From the second shrine in the mission, proceed forward, staying left, you are looking for a ladder, go up this ladder, to find a small path leading up, take the first left off of this path to find a ladder going down, use this ladder then go left again to find the hot spring
  • 3rd hot spring, main mission, Eternal Rivals
    Continue through the mission until you are in the mine and have discovered the second shrine, follow the path down to the lower level of the mine where a lot of the amrita shards are, follow the path around to the left where you will find a Nurikabe as part of the far-left wall, in the room behind the Nurikabe will be a Hot Spring Chamber Key, collect this key once you have dealt with the yokai, then make your way back out, take the second left down to a large set of wooden doors, just behind these doors, will be your hot spring

Once you have bathed in all 3 hot springs, your Trophy will then unlock

Bronze Image

Used all the giant bows in “A Song to Calm the Storm”

In total, there are 3 giant bows in the A Song to Calm the Storm mission. In order to fire these giant bows you will need to find 3 incendiary arrows. These you will find in fixed locations throughout the mission.
The first incendiary arrow is found on the top deck of a ship once you have kicked down the second mast, you’re looking for an NPC at the top of the stair case, he will give you your first incendiary arrow, the giant bow is directly behind him in the top-left corner of the ship, interact with this giant bow to fire off your incendiary arrow
The second incendiary arrow is just after you fight your first Bakegani yokai (large crab), take a right after you defeat it, defeat all 4 enemies on the ship and collect the incendiary arrow from the centre of the deck. The second giant bow is on top of a ship that looks like a building directly behind the Bakegani fight, go into this buildng, defeat the Gaki and the Nure-Onna enemies then proceed up the ladder, defeat the Aberant Soldier and the Ubume, the giant bow is off to the left side of the ship, interact with the bow to fire off your second incendiary arrow
The third and final incendiary arrow is after you have teamed up with Benkei, proceed through the mission, take out the Kiryoki to dispel the dark realm, the arrow will be in this room next to a chest, once collected, make your way out of this room and take a right, you’ll see the third giant bow at the end of this area on the left. Interact with the bow to fire off your third incendiary arrow, at which point, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Destroyed 150 of the golden Amrita shards found in the gold mine in “Eternal Rivals”

The easiest trophy to unlock in The Tengu’s Disciple, to unlock the Eternal Rivals mission, you need to have first completed the first DLC story mission called, A Song to Calm the Storm. Once completed, go to the top right corner of the Tengu’s Disciple map and select Head East to unlock a new section of the map, it’s here the Eternal Rivals will be found.
Once you start the mission, head up into the building and go through into the large gold mine, any of the amrita shards on the floor will count towards this trophy, there will be some behind rocks or on top of platforms that you won’t be able to break, but there are more than enough to be able to break 150.
As soon as your 150th amrita shard has been destroyed, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Used an attack to knock Yoshitsune off his perch in “Eternal Rivals”

Eternal Rivals is the 2nd story mission in The Tengu’s Disciple DLC, to access this mission, you need to have first completed A Song to Calm the Storm, then in the top right corner of the map, click Head East. This will then take you to a new portion of the map where you can then play the Eternal Rivals mission
Ensure you have a Hand Cannon and as much ammunition as you can carry for it, as that’s essential to unlock this particular trophy. Also, ensure you do not fire the Hand Cannon all the way through the mission to ensure you have the maximum amount of ammunition
Yoshitsune, is the boss in this level, and you’re going to need to be quick to unlock this trophy, every so often, Yoshitsune will summon the dark realm, and jump up onto one of the railings  either side of the bridge you’re fighting on
It’s at this moment, you need to fire off a shot from your Hand Cannon, however, this is a lot easier said than done as he’s incredibly fast and really doesn’t stay still for long.
If you haven’t managed this before you defeat Yoshitsune, simply let him kill you as there is a shrine directly outside the boss gate. It’s better to just re run the fight rather than the entire level, eventually, you will get lucky/skillful and get a shot off on Yoshitsune, where he will then fall off the railing onto the bridge. At this point, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Completed picture scroll missions 10 times

You will randomly collect picture scrolls as you make your way through the DLC or the main game as long as you have The Tengu’s Disciple installed, these are very rare random drops and hold some very challenging enemies
To start a picture scroll mission, you need to be on the map then go over to the gold symbol on the left side of the screen
You can only attempt the picture scroll missions you have the picture scrolls for, also, you can not complete the same scroll 10 times, you need 10 different scrolls then complete all 10 missions in order to unlock your Trophy

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