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Nioh 2 The First Samurai

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None if you’re skilled enough
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Approx. time to 100%
40+ Hours very much skill dependant

Welcome to the Nioh 2 DLC Pack 3 The First Samurai Trophy Guide
Here is the third and final DLC pack that is coming to Nioh 2 and what better way to end an experience like this but to crank the challenges up until the crank breaks!
The First Samurai is by far the most challenging DLC across Nioh 2 and will see you pitted against a series of new bosses that are incredibly fast and lethal as well as a wide number of new areas with new ancient yokai to battle
Here is the complete The First Samurai DLC trophy guide to try and help you through this harrowing experience as smoothly as possible

All Things Begin

Completed “Dawn of the Demon”

You will need to complete the mission, Dawn of the Demon, this can be done on any difficulty. Bring a serious amount of buffing Onmyo / Ninjitsu with you as the boss(es) in this level hit like a truck
Defeat the final boss in the mission to complete it, unlocking your Trophy

A Dream of Peace

Completed “A Distant Dream”

Bit of a strange one this as my trophy unlocked once I obtained the Aun Key, however, to complete the mission you will need to defeat a very powerful, fast, combo heavy boss where timing is crucial with a burst counter. The second you see the red aura surround the boss you need to hold R2&CIRCLE to even stand a chance at performing a burst counter
Miss the timing on it and you’ll be open to a very nasty combo that can’t (for me anyway) be broken
Make good use of your buffs / debuffs with the boss and you should come through it the other side in one piece

The Original Samurai

Completed all missions in “The First Samurai”

Click the link below to go to the complete The Original Samurai Trophy Guide

The Original Demon

Completed all missions in “The First Samurai” on Dream of the Demon

There are 2 main and 9 side missions to complete in the, The First Samurai DLC and to do these on DOTD will take a serious amount of skill, max level gear and patience
You can die as many times as you need to learn the levels and the enemy layout. The hardest part here is going to be dealing with the bosses as they are next level
As always with Nioh, the more you struggle, the more you need to level both yourself and your gear up. Practice is essential for standing a chance here, learn the missions, learn the enemy placement then go in accordingly. Ranged attacks should never be over looked. Keep a good supply of spirit stones equipped on a shortcut to replenish your Yokai Shift which can be invaluable when using a damaging element against the yokai
Complete all 11 missions to unlock your Trophy
Good luck!!

Spirit Guide

Collected all Kodama in “The First Samurai”

Click the link below to be taken to the complete Spirit Guide Trophy Guide

Cleansing Caskmaster

Used a cask of holy water in “Dawn of the Demon” to damage an enemy’s Ki

Make your way through the first part of the level and defeat Otakemaru, after this you will be able to access the second part of the level
Dotted around the level are casks of holy water littered about the area. In order to unlock this trophy you simply need to smash an urn when an enemy is very close to it, considering there are plenty of Bakegani around here that will charge at you, they’re going to be your best bet for this
Lure an enemy in close, smash the urn which will damage their Ki, unlocking your Trophy

Scent Of Danger Trophy Guide

Completed “The Alluring Ancient”

Click the link below to go to the complete Scent Of Danger Trophy Guide

Spa Connoisseur

Bathed in every hot spring found in “The First Samurai”

There are 5 Hot Springs in the, The First Samurai DLC, to use a hot spring, as always make sure there are no enemies around then hold CIRCLE once in the water to relax for a few seconds
The missions the Hot Springs can be found in are as follows

Hot Spring 1

Dawn of the Demon, Level 138 Main Mission
Continue through the mission to the third shrine after defeating the Itsumade and dispelling the dark realm, head up the right path then look to your left where you will see the Hot Spring

Hot Spring 2

A Distant Dream, Level 142 Main Mission
Head through the mission to where the Kinki (golden One-eyed Oni) is found, head up the slope to the right of the Kinki, take the first right then the first left pass 2 Gaki. At the end of the path on the left will be the Hot Spring in a large skull

Hot Spring 3

A Distant Dream, Level 142 Main Mission
Proceed through the mission to where you defeat a powerful enemy who will drop the Agyo Key Piece from the right of the Aun gate. Once you have acquired the Agyo Key Piece, you can use the elevator in front of you, however, to get to the hot spring, carefully go around the centre of the elevator then drop off to the ledge below. Go right dropping off the end to find the Hot Spring on your right with a yellow border, you will need to defeat the Underworld Soldier who is sitting in the Hot Spring

Hot Spring 4

In Search of the Elixir, Level 139 Sub Mission
Proceed through the first section of the mission then down into the caves, take out the surrounding yokai then stick to the left wall where you will see a lootable corpse up on a ledge, a lootable corpse just to your right and a series of spiky rocks in front of you. over to your right will be / was the poison cauldron. Against the wall just over to the right in front of yo will be a Nurikabe which you can get pass with either Gestures or combat. Once pas the Nurikabe, go through and look to your right to find the Hot Spirng

Hot Spring 5

In Search of the Elixir, Level 139 Sub Mission
Come out of the cave where you found the fourth Hot Spring then go straight across the cavern, head up to the left when you can where you will find the Hot Spring at the top of the set of pools

Once you have bathed in all 5 Hot Springs in the, The First Samurai DLC, your Trophy will unlock

A Friend Indeed

Saved all the Mujina in “A Distant Dream”

There are 3 Mujina to “save” in the A Distant Dream main mission. You will need to find / rescue the Mujina then speak with them where one will join you helping you in battle. The Mujinas’ locations are

First Mujina

Head up the slope to the right of where you fight the Kinki enemy (blinged out Ogre), go all the way up and around to the right and cross the small bridge to find a hole, drop down this hole twice to find the Mujina

Second Mujina

Continue through the level until you come to a wooden building, on the lower level will be a Konaki-Jiji, defeat it to acquire the Prison Key. Use the key on the cell to the left on the right hand wall to find the Mujina

Third Mujina

As you’re making your way up and around the building you will come to a small room on your right, inside this room will be the Mujina

Once you have spoken to all 3 Mujina, your Trophy will unlock

The Demons' Den

Defeated the four demons in “A Distant Dream”

You should get this naturally as you make your way through the mission, 2 Demons are found as you make your way through the first half of the mission, the other 2 hold 1/2 of the Aun Key required to proceed through to the end of the mission
Defeat all 4 Demons’ to unlock your Trophy

Way of the Vanquisher

Completed “Against All Comers” on Dream of the Demon or higher

Against All Comers is a level 374 sub mission that sees you face off against a series of increasingly difficult human and yokai enemies, mini bosses, bosses and everything else in between and above
Essentially, the name of the mission says it all. You will have a serious amount of work to get halfway through this mission, never mind all the way through
I can’t recommend highly enough the importance of saving your buffs / debuffs until the very end of the battle where you will face off against a series of bosses including 2 Otekamaru bosses back to back then a very suped up William (the protagonist from Nioh)
You are afforded brief moments of respite in this mission to allow you to catch a minute restocking your elixirs from any that may have dropped whenever a Sudama appears. When you’re ready to proceed through the next few waves of enemies, drop an item for the Sudama to continue
Once you have completed the Against All Comers mission on Way of the Demon, your Trophy will unlock
Good luck!

Honoring the Dead

Collected all of Kukai’s brushes in “Words of Respite”

There are 4 Grand Master’s Brushes to collect in the Words of Respite side mission
which unlocks once you have completed the first main mission, Dawn of the Demon
Here’s where they can be found

Grand Master’s Brush I

Make your way forward then take the first left in between the buildings. Follow the path to the top where you will see a corpse slumped against a wall holding the Grand Master’s Brush I

Grand Master’s Brush II

Make your way through to the back of the level until you come to the large building. Inside the building at the back, behind a wooden pillar on the ground floor will be the Grand Master’s Brush II

Grand Master’s Brush III

From the shrine, head right dropping down to the open area staying to the left where you will see a circular, open hut. Inside the hut will be the Grand Master’s Brush III 

Grand Master’s Brush IV

From the shrine make your way right into the open area then carry on through the level to the right, head to the very back of the area pass the large broken tree trunk, to find the Grand Master’s Brush IV

Collect all 4 Grand Master’s Brushes to unlock your Trophy

The Path We've Taken

Obtained the aid of Tokichiro, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and Minamoto no Yorimitsu from a Benevolent Grave in “A Familiar Glow”

In order to unlock the A Familiar Glow side mission, you will firstly need to save all 3 Mujina (see A Friend Indeed for information on this) in the A Distant Dream main mission then speak with the Mujina in The Interim, this will unlock the A Spirit’s Return, complete this side mission to unlock the A Familiar Glow side mission
In order to gain the help of Tokichiro, Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Minamoto no Yorimitsu, you will need to use their benevolent graves

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