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Welcome to our Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC guide
This is currently a work in progress and is subject to change
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Release Date
Missable Trophies
Glitched Trophies
Online Trophies
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
40+ Hours (skill dependant)

The Demon and the Phoenix
Bronze Image

Completed “Suzune in the Flames”

Suzune In Flames is the first of the DLC main missions and a surprisingly short one
Deplete Minamoto No Yorimitsu’s health down to 20% where the mission will complete and your Trophy will unlock

Guardian of the Gate
Bronze Image

Completed “The Blighted Gate”

The Blighted Gate is the second of the DLC main missions. Make your way through this maze like level. At the end, you will face off against Tschigumo
Ensure you have plenty of fire magic to make the fight easier, once it’s been defeated, you will complete the mission and unlock your Trophy

What Must Be Done
Bronze Image

Completed “Palace of the Damned”

Palace Of The Damned is the third and final DLC main mission and can be a challenge
You will encounter 4 bosses as you make your way through this mission, I won’t include any spoilers here, however, to have a much easier time of it ensure you have a good supply of Lightningstop Talismans
After you have defeated ********* *** ** ****, the mission will complete and your Trophy will unlock

Heian Samurai
Bronze Image

Completed all missions in “Darkness in the Capital”

This can be completed on any difficulty, however, you will need to complete the every mission on the same difficulty. To make things easier, I recommend you go for this one on either Dream of the Strong or go straight in Dream of the Samurai if you’re not that highly levelled or skilled
See Heian Demon for the full list of missions you will need to complete. Once you have completed every mission on the same difficulty, your Trophy will unlock

Heian Demon
Bronze Image

Completed all missions in “Darkness in the Capital” on Dream of the Demon

This is the hardest trophy to unlock in this DLC, first up, you will need to hae completed the main game of Nioh 2 on Dream of the Demon, you can then begin the Darkness of the Capital DLC on Dream of the Demon
You’ll know what to expect here and given the amount of boss fights in the DLC you’ll have to bring your A game
The majority of the latter missions will unlock as long as you completed the earlier missions first, you will also need to go to The Interim twice, the missions will tell you the requirements you need to meet if they are locked
Here is the complete list of missions you’ll need to complete

Main Missions

  • Suzune in the Flames
  • The Blighted Gate
  • Palace Of The Damned

Side Missions

  • The Buddha’s Palm
  • Insatiable Bloodlust
  • Boundless Chaos
  • The Sweet Scent of Plums
  • The Demon Slayers
  • The Dragon Clan
  • A Storm in the Underworld
  • The Revelry Ends

Complete them all to unlock your Trophy
Good Luck!!

Kodama Pathfinder
Bronze Image

Collected all Kodama in “Darkness in the Capital”

There are 25 Kodama to collect as you make your way through the DLC
Here is a breakdown of their locations

  • Suzune in the Flames ~ 2 Kodama
  • The Blighted Gate ~ 9 Kodama
  • Palace of the Damned ~ 8 Kodama
  • The Buddha’s Palm ~ 6 Kodama

Collect them all to unlock your Trophy

Fist Master
Bronze Image

Acquired mystic art for the fists

The Fists are the newest weapon in Nioh 2 and they are a very welcome addition in my humble opinion
In order to acquire their Mystic Art, play through the DLC until you get a set of Fists as a drop, then equip them and start defeating enemies to increase your proficiency
You will need a minimum proficiency of 120,000, once you have accrued this amount or more, head over to the Starting Point, go to the Dojo then you’re looking for the mission entitled Strike Like a Yokai
This mission will see you face off against Kato Danzo and shouldn’t give you to many problems
Once he is defeated you will receive 2 Fist-Wielders Locks, use these if you require more Fist skill points then go to the Fist skill tree. You’re looking for either of the Mystic Arts entitled either Gong or Unbowed, simply choose either of these to unlock your Trophy

The Flame That Lights the Darkness
Bronze Image

Lit all fire altars in “Palace of the Damned”

There are 5 fire altars throughout the Palace of the Damned, these are activated by going to them and holding CIRCLE, there are 2 in the starting area then after you have defeated the Nue, you will then b able to find the last 3 in the final area of the level, I will have their exact locations for you shortly

Spa Fanatic
Bronze Image

Bathed in every hot spring found in “Darkness in the Capital”

There are 3 Hot Springs in the Darkness in the Capital DLC
I will finalise their placement soon, here are the missions where they are located

  • The Blighted Gate, Main Mission
  • The Buddha’s Palm, Side Mission
  • Palace of the Damned, Main Mission

Bathe in all 3 to unlock your Trophy

The Ultimate Recognition
Bronze Image

Completed “The Dragon’s Kin”

The Dragon’s Kin is actually the mission The Dragon Clan, this is a level 140 mission on Dream Of The Samurai and sees you face off against none other than Ren (Ryu) Hayabusa
This is a seriously challenging fight, Ren hits like a truck, has very good defence and can employ a multitude of elemental attacks, the hardest hitting seem to be a homing fireball that he follows up with several shuriken immediately after
Keep your distance here and only go in once his magic has been cast, whittle his health down and make good use of your Onmyo magic such as Sloth and Steel Talisman to have a better chance
Once you have defeated him, and have completed the mission, your Trophy will unlock

Tsuchigumo Exterminated
Bronze Image

Defeated Tsuchigumo while equipped with at least one piece of gear with the special effect “Dragon Ninja”

To acquire a piece of equipment with the Dragon Ninja active skill, you need to complete the mission The Dragon Clan, which will see you face off against Ren Hayabusa, an incredibly skilled ninja with a lot of powerful Ninjitsu at his disposal, at the end of the fight there is a high chance that his drops will contain a piece of equipment with the Dragon Ninja divine (green) skill imbued on it
Equip this piece of equipment (you can soul match it at the Blacksmiths to make it more powerful should you feel you need to) then go off and start the mission, The Blighted Gate. The boss in this level is Tsuchigumo, simply defeat it whilst the Dragon Ninja piece of equipment is equipped to unlock your Trophy

Behind the Bamboo Blinds
Bronze Image

Caused Oboroguruma to release Amrita from its carriage at least 10 times

This is a very luck based trophy. In order to do it you will need the Oboroguruma to have its horns glowing gold then hit it with a good attack in high stance, I tried this in both Mid and Low stances and could never get it to happen
You can also burst counter at the last second which works roughly 50% of the time. Ordinarily when you hit the enemy its face will change along with the attack. As long as you hit it when the horns are glowing gold you will have a high chance of it sending out a chunk of amrita instead of a face
Successfully do this 10 times to unlock your Trophy

True Atonement
Bronze Image

Attained 100% Penitence on a Stone of Penance

You will need to have a spare (unequipped) Accessory of any level. Once you have this, you can access the Stone of Penance at the Shrine
You will need to exchange the Accessory for a Stone of Penance which increases the games difficulty, you can select either Dream of the Strong / Dream of the Demon for this then go off and complete any missions (can be either main or side missions and they can be repeated)
When you have a Stone of Penance, you will see a new icon appear on the right side of the screen when in a mission, you will fill this up by defeating enemies
Once the bar is completely full, your Trophy will unlock
You can then select the option Increase the Pain to make the enemies harder but the rewards more plentiful

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