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Master of the Dart
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Master of the Dart
Get Gold on all Gauntlet trials

Welcome to the Nerf Legends Trophy Guide where you need to get Gold on all Gauntlet Trials.

This will make up the majority of your play time in Nerf Legends as obtaining Gold Medals requires learning the areas for the most part, learning the enemies’ locations and how they react / attack as well as getting yourself some decent gear with high level perks which are essential for most of the Gold Medals required.

Every Gold Medal can only by earnt by achieving a certain amount of points in a given area which can only be achieved by getting consistent kills as well as not dying as every death will give you a points penalty.

There’s no points bonus for a mix of weapons or any sort of style as you would find in Devil May Cry games for example you can equip your best gear, best perks and go ham on all the enemies in the game.

Each main area in the game has a set number of areas you need to complete then a “Master” in the final area all of which you will need to earn a Gold Medal score within.

The areas are as follows;


For the most part you will need to unlock high level weapons such as the Mega Centurion and the Elite Titan CS-50 (click the link to go to the Collector Trophy Guide for how to unlock every weapon) then also slap a few perks on which will be dependant on your playstyle.

Ensure you go for perks which either higher DPS or greater damage resistance (Click the link to go to the Engi Dude Trophy Guide which will tell you how to unlock all 42 perks, what they do and how many slots they take up on a weapon).

Here I will list off every area as well as a brief overview of what you need to do to help you get the Gold Medal score.

Fortress Siege

Town Square

Gold Medal Score: 12,000 points.

This is essentially the area where you learn the basic mechanics of the game, jumping, sliding, shooting and staying in cover. Keep yourself alive throughout paying close attention to the turrets as they can rip your health bar.

When faced with the Giant Crab enemy stay behind the shields and circle around using melee where you can as it’s a lot more effective.

Jump up to the Golden Dragon to complete the area.

Lower Keep

Gold Medal Score: 1,000,000 points.

Head through the area activating the pads as you go to progress. The hardest part in this area is where you bounce on the pads as you try to take down the turrets.

Bounce on the first 4 where you will then be able to land on some rocks next to the 5th pad allowing you to snipe out every turret on the field without needing to worry about dying by falling.

Head through the areas keeping an eye on your health bar then once you’ve jumped the platforms activating the pads. Take down the Scorpion to complete the area.

Upper Keep

Gold Medal Score: 60,000 points.

Head through the tunnels then proceed through each area taking care of the enemies and hitting the pads. Take care around the Giant Crabs using cover and precise fire to take them down whilst keeping a good eye on your health bar.

Take down the final Giant Crab then jump up to the top of the area using the pad to complete the area.

Castle Master

Gold Medal Score: 20,000 points.

This can be a tough one as your health carries over through each round and you’ll need to win 3 in a row to earn the Gold whilst also taking out a good number of mobs that appear from round 2 onwards.

Melee works well as long as you can get close to the boss then keep the pressure on whilst dealing with the mobs.

Take the Castle Master down 3 times to complete the area.

Jungle Trouble

Lower Jungle

Gold Medal Score: 100,000 points.

Make your way through the area shooting the pads as you go whilst watching out for the fast Large Soldier that comes for you then open the double wooden doors.

From here, take down the 2 Giants and proceed forward dropping the towers (look to the right in a cave to find a hidden pad) then zipline through clearing out the enemies.

Shoot the 4 pads then drop the big Soldier to complete the area.

Upper Jungle

Gold Medal Score: 100,000 points.

Head through activating the switches and dealing with the enemies as required then shoot the 1, 2, 3 until they all turn blue.

From here, shoot the switches on the struts raising the platforms which needs to be done fairly quickly as the platforms will fall back down after a few seconds.

Next up go through and take down the Summoner quickly as it will keep Crabs / Heavy crabs coming your way if you don’t which can be very damaging to your health bar.

Shoot the panels around the centre cylindrical structure whilst watching out for the Crabs. Keep your health high whilst shooting then head through to the next section where you will have a 40 second Chaser ambush to deal with.

Keep your guns stocked with ammo during the few second break in between each new wave then ride the elevator up and shoot the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, until they all turn blue then be very cautious whilst ziplining down, you will have to jump off a zipline onto an adjacent one several times which is luck whether or not you’re successful.

Now, once you’re off the ziplines you need to clear the field of an Army of enemies including a Striker, Crabs, Stingers and a lot of them which once they’re all down the area will then complete.

Jungle Cliffs

Gold Medal Score: 30,000 points.

Tread carefully here as you can easily fall to your death which will then give you the same point you would ordinarily receive if you died in combat.

It might take you a few runs to learn the area and what you need to do but once you know it there isn’t much else to worry about here. Keep an eye for health then go through taking care of the enemies.

The Raptorstrike works well here as it’s a decent Sniper Rifle with good range allowing you to hang back for the most part and deal with the enemies before they agrro.

Take down the final enemies to complete the level which will, as long you haven’t died more than once / twice you will earn the Gold Medal.

The Sky Tree

Gold Medal Score: 60,000 points.

Your biggest enemy in this area is gravity. Time your jumps properly and move through cautiously, there’s more than enough enemies in this level to allow you one or two deaths and still get the Gold score but as always try and keep your deaths to a minimum to keep your score built up.

Kill quickly to increase your multiplier which given the number of Stingers (flying bots) should be a fairly simple task.

Take down the big Soldier at the end of the area to complete where as long as hit the required score will award you your Gold Medal.

Jungle Master

Gold Medal Score: 30,000 points.

This is a lot easier than the boss in Castle Master as the boss is slower and has less enemies to swarm you. Use melee where possible or heavy fire ensuring you take down a few enemies throughout.

You’ll need to take the win 3 times in a row which is made easier by the health you can find under the floor of the main arena which will earn you 30,000+ points and of course, your Gold Medal.

Ragnarok Showdown

Viking Bay

Gold Medal Score: 50,000 points.

You will need some heavy weaponry for this one as there’s a lot of tough enemies to take down although you are able to die 3 / 4 times and still get the Gold Medal Score which is a nice bit of leniency on the developer’s part.

Your first enemy is a Goliath, you then have a crab ambush, next up you’ll need to clear out waves of enemies which allows you to slide down a ramp with several turrets (shoot the red button above them to remove them quickly).

From here you need to shoot the hidden buttons (look on the ships, in between crates and below the final platform with the bridge) then get ready for a heavy ambush.

Take down the big Soldier at the end to complete the area.

Viking Village

Gold Medal Score: 70,000 points.

Another area where you will need some heavy weaponry preferably with some decent damage increase / damage reduction perks (See the Engi Dude Trophy Guide for information on the perks).

Head through the areas taking out the enemies then zipline down where a summoner will appear so take that down quickly as it will throw out a lot of health reducing Heavy Crab enemies.

You are able to die around 3 / 4 times and still get the Gold Medal just don’t get greedy and keep an eye on your health. If it gets to low, run to a health bar as it’s easy to get swarmed in Viking Village.

Keep moving forward pushing through the enemy waves where you can drop the 3 Heavy Crabs to complete the area.

Viking Tomb

Gold Medal Score: 70,000 points.

Head through and line up the pads with the symbols allowing you to progress through to the next section. Stand on the pads in number order, 1,2,3,4,5, waiting for their relevant timers to count down whilst taking out the enemies.

Head through and clear out the enemies taking care you aren’t surrounded by Heavy Crabs as your health bar won’t hold up.

Activate the platforms then take out the 3 big Soldiers allowing you to drop down into the canyon. Take out the Soldiers and be careful when sliding down the ramp.

Drop the Goliath boss to complete the area.

Viking Master

Gold Medal Score: 40,000 points.

Get up close to the boss and melee him consistently watching out for the shockwave he will create which can seriously damage your health bar.

At range he’s deadly as the amount of bullets he can fire at you in a short amount of time can be very hard to avoid.

You will need to win 3 times in a row which can be challenging when the other enemies appear but you need to ignore them for the most part focusing on the boss.

Win 3 rounds consecutively to earn enough points to secure your Gold Medal.

Spaceport Blastoff

Hangar 51

Gold Medal Score: 40,000 points.

Proceed through activating the pads and clearing the enemies then defeat the Striker allowing you to drop down through the hole, head to the back of the area, hit the pad on the back of the container and sprint through before the forcefield reactivates.

Take down the Goliath and the Crabs where you can then use the jump pad to get up across the pipes, platforms and satellite dishes to the top of the area.

Take out every enemy, activate the jump pad and take a big jump forward to the central platform which will complete the area.

This is by far the hardest non boss level in Nerf Legends to get the Gold Medal score in.

Launch Pads

Gold Medal Score: 70,000 points.

Go through the activating the pads and dropping the small container on the red plate (shoot the red arrow above the platform) then jump on the containers going across the water.

Next go through and take out the Heavy Crabs, Scorpions and Crabs going through to a plate you will need to stand on for a total of 2 minutes whilst Chasers consistently come for you.

Reload whenever you catch a break and be careful with your shots so the Chasers don’t take to much health from you then head up and shoot the panels allowing you to zipline down but take care as you need to jump across to adjacent ziplines which only works when it wants to.

From here, take down the enemies then using the jump pads, hit the targets, clear the enemies again and use the jump pads to get to the next section of the area.

Now shoot then drop down and shoot the buttons in between the containers, clear the enemies which include a Goliath then go back up shooting the buttons either side of the forcefield allowing you to jump across.

Take down the Summoner, the Strikers, Heavy Crabs and Crabs which is a tough fight. There’s no health in this area so it’s a tough fight.

You can then, once the enemies are all dead jump up to the final platform using the pads completing the area.

Volcano Base

Gold Medal Score: 100,000 points.

Head round standing on the 2 platforms, go through and take out the Crabs / Heavy Crabs then shoot the red arrows above the metal square containers creating a path across the lava to the elevator.

At the top, head around activating the pads being careful of the ambush of Chasers you’ll face where you can then go through to the lower level shooting the red pads around the centre structure ultimately activating the boost gate at the top to jump up and across.

Jump across the platforms ensuring you don’t fall into the lava shooting the 2 pads then go up and around pass the health pick-up taking a left through to the next area which is tough.

For the next section you will have to be precise on your timing  as one touch on either the moving blocks or the red plasma channels you will die instantly rather than just being hurt so be careful only going through the gate when the blocks are out the way.

Take a left and slide down the ramp shooting the target to the right then left, at the end defeat the Summoner and the Crabs enabling the use of the boost gate where you will need to take down one more Heavy Crab in the way of the elevator which you can ride up.

Drop down and shoot the Nerf symbols for a minute allowing you to shoot the pad then go through to next area shooting the arrows above the 4 square containers watching out for the Heavy Guard allowing you to then go through to the final platform completing the area.

Hangar Outskirts

Gold Medal Score: 60,000 points.

Clear out the initial enemies then hit the pad which will bring a 3 minute onslaught of Stingers and Chasers which you need to survive, there is plenty of health near the energy barrier.

In the next area, clear out the enemies, shoot the button then cross the bridge which will cause you to be ambushed by a lot of guards, Heavy Crabs and a Goliath. Hit all 3 pads whilst dealing with the mobs as needed then jump up to the next section.

In the next section you will have a lot of Guards, Chasers, Crabs and Heavy Crabs to get through with limited health so aim for the weak points and push through to the jump pads you will need to use in order to shoot the central targets on the 2 towers.

This next section is tough as you have every type of enemy in the game to deal with as you shoot all 6 light pads so get them done quickly taking down the opponents as you go.

From here, use the jump pads to get to the platform allowing you to zipline across, hit the 2 pads then boost across to the final platform where you will then complete the area.

Hangar Master

Gold Medal Score: 40,000 points.

This, surprisingly is one of the easier Gold Medals to obtain as the boss takes so long to spawn her Rifle you can get in their and using the Energy Axe (See the Collector Trophy Guide for information on how to unlock every weapon) get in there and melee her rapidly to take the win.

If she does manage to spawn her rifle before you get to her, stay in cover moving forward utilising your shield where needed to block incoming shots.

Take the win 3 times in a row to earn the Gold Medal score.

Grand Nerf Arena

Grand Master

Gold Medal Score: 60,000 points.

The boss in this level is a broken mess to be honest with you. He has a massive health bar, hits like a truck and has a shockwave that can blast you off of the arena giving you an instant defeat.

Bring your best weapons (Click the link to go to the Collector Trophy Guide to see how to unlock every weapon in the game) equipped with your highest perks (Click the link to go to the Engi Dude Trophy Guide for how to unlock all 42 perks) to stand a better chance.

Sniper Rifles such as the Mega Centurion / Elite Raptorstrike are a really good option here as staying away from the boss means he can’t hit you with that shockwave.

You will need to win 3 times consecutively whilst taking out a good number of Strikers / Light + Heavy Guards which is a tall order here.

Fortunately the arena is large and multi levelled allowing you to see where the health and power ups are so get to them quickly as required whilst avoiding getting to close to the boss.

Once you earn over 60,000 points you will then obtain the coveted Gold Medal in the Grand Master.

As soon as you have earnt a Gold Medal score in every area in the game, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

That’s the Nerf Legends Master If The Dart Trophy Guide complete I hope it helps you get Gold on all Gauntlet Trials.
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