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Keen Eye
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Keen Eye
Find all secrets

Welcome to the Nerf Legends Keen Eye Trophy Guide where you need to find all secrets.

There’s a total of 11 secrets to find throughout the various areas in Nerf Legends and are hidden away in various locations in a given area.

All you need to do is enter the area which will then inform you with a message on screen “Secret Area Discovered” the secrets themselves are found throughout several of the hub areas inside the main areas and can be found in;


Please Note ~ You will need to find all 11 secret areas in a single playthrough, if for whatever reason your trophy / achievement doesn’t unlock go back through one by one ensuring you see “Secret Area Discovered” appear on screen.

Once you discover a secret location I strongly recommend you complete the area to avoid any potential pitfalls.

The secret areas are;

Fortress Siege

Secret Location 1

Fortress Siege, Upper Keep.

After you shoot the red arrows after sliding down the first ramp dropping the floor down you can then use the jump pad to get up to another sliding ramp.

Rather than going left, instead take a right up the ramp to the end, where, inside a cave will be the secret location.

Jungle Trouble

Secret Location 2

Jungle Trouble, Lower Jungle.

Head through the area to where the gates open and the 2 Goliaths appear then once you’ve taken them down continue through to where you will face several Crabs / Guards.

Once they’re dealt with you can proceed to the back energy barrier where you will go across a small stream. Follow the path to the left downstream to the end to discover the secret area.

Secret Location 3

Jungle Trouble, Upper Jungle.

Continue through the area to where you get a Chaser ambush for 40 seconds before taking the small elevator up to the ziplines.

The Chaser’s will come from the left and right, the left has an energy barrier you can slide under whereas the right path has a tunnel with a small cave at the end.

Go to the end of the right side path to find this secret area.

Secret Location 4

Jungle Trouble, Jungle Cliffs.

Make your way through the area to where yo take down the Scorpion and Heavy Crab enemy then drop down.

Clear out the enemies in the vicinity then head forward, take a left up the lower staircase then jump behind the small metal crate up and to your right to get to a small gulley.

Just inside the gulley will be the secret area.

Ragnarok Showdown

Secret Location 5

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Bay.

Take out the Goliath at the start then use the jump pad to get up to the cavern with the minute long Crab ambush.

Once you’ve survived, face the exit then take a right towards a frozen slope to discover the secret area.

Secret Location 6

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Village.

Go through to the area after the section where you’re ambushed by the Scorpions and Heavy Crabs for 3 minutes dropping down to the ledge with the 3 pads you need to hit.

From here use the jump pads to get across the ravine then look to your left. You will see a face imbedded in the rock with small rock formations you can jump up and around the “face rock” with.

Once you’re nearly all the way around look down to see a section of land with a house which you can drop down to.

The area in front of the house down here will be the secret area.

Secret Location 7

Ragnarok Showdown, Viking Tomb.

You will need to go right the way through the area to where you slide down the final section just before the boss.

Once you’re at the bottom of the ramp stay left as if you go right you will start the boss fight and will need to go through the area again.

Over to your left will be a pad you can shoot so do so then use the jump pad tyo get to the structure above you.

Once you land on the platform you will be in the secret area.

Spaceport Blastoff

Secret Location 8

Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar 51.

Continue through the area to the section where you defeat the first Goliath then before heading through take a right into a corridor.

Jump up onto the metal crates to your left to a walkway above you.

Turn around then at the end of the walkway to the left will be a small room.

Enter the room to discover the secret area.

Secret Location 9

Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar 51.

Proceed through the area to where you take down the second Goliath then navigate around the pipes and platforms on the walls.

Once you head through the tunnel and go outside, use the platforms to get onto the platform where 2 Crabs are waiting for you.

From here, jump across the 3 satellite platforms going straight rather than right into a small cut-out in the wall.

Go to the back of this area behind the crates to find the secret area.

Secret Location 10

Spaceport Blastoff, Hangar Outskirts.

Make your way through to the final section where you defeat the Summoner then before you use the jump pads to get up to the final platform drop down to the lower level.

To your right will be a speed boost which you need to collect the speed forward and use forward momentum to get across the jump pads in the water.

You only get one attempt at a double jump as you make your way across to the island so be wary of where the jump pads are.

Once on the island, go up the hill until you’re informed you have found the secret area.

Secret Location 11

Spaceport Blastoff, Volcano Base.

Continue through the area to the section after you shoot the metal containers down into the lava creating a path to the elevator.

Ride the elevator up and deal with the Creepers at the top then look to the red barrier which will have a mission objective on it and instead go left, left again, shoot the red pad behind the metal container allowing you to go through the barrier.

Stand on the red pad which will take you to the Nerf Space Station.

Once you have teleported through you will have discovered the secret area.

That’s all 11 secret areas in Nerf Legends, find them all in a single playthrough to unlock your Keen Eye Trophy / Achievement.

That’s the Nerf Legends Keen Eye Trophy Guide complete I hope it helps you find all of the Secrets.
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