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Here we have the full MediEvil PS4 Remake trophy guide detailing in full, every trophy you can earn in MediEvil with YouTube support where applicable

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Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
50 Hours

Savior of Gallowmere
Platinum Image

Unlock all trophies

Quest Complete-est
Gold Image

Complete all levels in the game

There are 22 Main Levels that will count toward this Trophy, you will get these as you make your way through the main game. See Antagonist for information on how to get into the Ant Caves and Demolished The Demons for how to get the Shadow Artifact, as soon as you have completed a level you can cross it off the list

Here is the full list of levels you need to complete

  • Dan’s Crypt
  • The Graveyard
  • Cemetery Hill
  • The Hilltop Mausoleum
  • Return To Graveyard
  • The Enchanted Earth (Ant Cave)
  • Scarecrow Fields
  • Pumpkin Gorge
  • The Pumpkin Serpent
  • The Sleeping Village
  • The Asylum Grounds
  • Inside The Asylum
  • The Enchanted Earth (Shadow Artifact required)
  • Pools Of The Ancient Dead
  • The Lake
  • Crystal Caves
  • The Gallows Gauntlet
  • The Haunted Ruins
  • The Ghost Ship
  • The Entrance Hall
  • The Time Device
  • Zarok’s Lair

As soon as you’ve completed all 22 levels your Trophy will unlock

Morten Would Be Proud
Gold Image

Collect all entries of the Book of Gallowmere

Please Click the button below to be taken to a complete guide on the Morten Would Be Proud Trophy detailing every entry in the Book of Gallowmere

King of Cups
Gold Image

Collect all the chalice rewards

Click the button below to be taken to a complete guide on the King Of Cups Trophy

Silver Image

Defeat the Guardians of the Graveyard

The second boss you’ll face in Medievil, you’re going up against 2 Wolfs that are only vulnerable after they lose their green aura. Every few seconds, one of the Wolf’s will teleport into the middle of the arena, that’s when the Wolf can be hit, but it will also go for you. Dodge the lunge and then attack the Wolf on its’ flank.
Once the health bar has dropped below 50% they’ll both come into the centre of the arena, thus making this slightly more challenging.
Once one Wolf has been defeated the 2nd Wolf will constantly attack you, but is also constantly vulnerable. Once both Wolves’ have been defeated your Trophy will unlock

A Paneful Demise
Silver Image

Defeat the Stained Glass Demon in the Hilltop Mausoleum

This is the first main boss in Medievil. You’ll face it at the end of main level 3, The Hilltop Mausoleum.
To hurt this boss, you need a ranged weapon, you’ll naturally have the Great Crossbow by this stage of the game, the Demon is only vulnerable when its’ red heart is on show, other than that, you’ll have a series of attacks to deal with, block with R1
As soon as the Demon is defeated your Trophy will unlock

Demolished the Demons
Silver Image

Destroy both Demonettes in the Enchanted Earth

You’ll face this boss the second time you head to The Enchanted Earth level. First off, you need to have acquired the Shadow Artifact from the safe in The Sleeping Village.
Once you have the Shadow Artifact. Proceed through the Enchanted Earth level, grabbing the Earth Rune from the Dragon Bird Nest then proceed through the gate as usual.
Once you have made your way through the level you’ll come to a trap door with a Gargoyle statue next to it. Use the Shadow Artifact as stated by the Gargoyle, then proceed down the cave.
Once at the base you need to open the Shadow Demon Tomb by walking on the four coloured Glyphs.
The order you need to walk on them is orange, yellow, green then blue. Make sure you grab the Shadow Talisman before exiting this area.
Make your way back outside and go to the area opposite the lift (leading up the the Dragon Bird Nest) with the large puddle and the 2 demon statues shooting red lasers and use the Shadow Talisman to start the fight against the Demonettes.
You need a ranged weapon to take this pair down, the only real hazard you’ll have to worry about is when the platform you’re standing on tips from side to side
Take them down as quickly as you can to make the fight a lot easier, the longer the fight takes, the more chance you have of falling off to an instant Game Over.
As soon as the 2nd Demonette has fallen your Trophy will unlock

Bone Head Bone Dead
Silver Image

Defeat the Ghost Ship Captain aboard the Ghost Ship

This fight can be a bit of a challenge, especially considering how difficult this level can be to start off with. Speed is key here, accuracy not so much.
In order to hurt the Ghost Ship Captain you’ll need to shoot him with Cannon, he only has 3 points he can jump to, either direct ahead which will require a forward shot, then he can also be off to the left or right side of his ship, to make the cannon turn, jump on the large blocks to the left or right, this will move the cannon one place, so if he’s all the way left, then goes all the way right, jump on the right button twice
To light the cannon you need to use fire on the fuse, so equip the Dragon Armour which you’ll have by this stage in the game anyway.
Then simply hold SQUARE throughout the fight, jumping on the buttons as required, lighting the fuse every chance you have.
There will be a fair few enemies and the Captain will throw things at you, hence the need to be as fast as possible, the longer the fight lasts, the more chance you have of dying. Eventually you’ll defeat the Captain where your Trophy will unlock 

Silver Image

Eradicate the Queen Ant and her minions

Here we have a multi-levelled trophy, there’s a few things you need to do in preparation
First up, you need to get the Witch’s talisman from Cemetery Hill
To do so, you need a blunt weapon, such as the Club or Hammer, you can get a Club by going up the first ramp with the boulders, go all the way to the left, drop down, open the chest, then head all the way right on the lower level.
Smash the boulder, go through the building until you find a stair case on the left of the screen. Smash the bookcase opposite, hold CIRCLE with the Club equipped over the fire, head up the staircase, light the central section, kill the enemies and grab the Witch’s Talisman
With that done, go to the Enchanted Earth level, make your way around the level to find the cauldron, use the Witches Talisman, speak to the Witch, agree to help her where you’ll be placed in the Ant Caves, proceed through the caves freeing the Fairies as you go, you’ll find these behind the stained glass looking windows.
Once you get to the end of the Ant Caves you’ll face off against the Ant Queen, take her down with ranged attacks to have a much easier time of it, once you beat her your Trophy will unlock

Pulp King Pumpkin
Silver Image

Defeat the Pumpkin King in mortal pumpkin combat

You’ll unlock this trophy in the level The Pumpkin Serpent. Make your way through this short level until you come to a clearing with large dark Pumpkin, around the local area will be 10 green/yellow pods you’ll be tasked with destroying (1 or 2 good hits will suffice) you’ll then have the first stage of the boss to deal with.
Simply attack all 3 stalks, preferably with ranged weapons. then attack the Pumpkin itself when prompted.
Then rinse and repeat the process until the Pumpkin is down and out. Pods, stalks, Pumpkin
As soon as you’ve turned this maniacal vegetable into mulch your Trophy will unlock during the animation

Not So Scary Now, Eh
Silver Image

Defeat Lord Kardok and his skeletal steed

Lord Kardok is the Penultimate Boss in MediEvil and the fight itself is a challenge, depending on how many Knights Of Gallowmere you previously saved, each knight upon the fight starting will turn into a Life Bottle, giving you a much better chance at surviving Lord Kardok’s incredibly powerful attacks.
The fight starts easily enough, he’ll canter around until he’s ready to go in the circle where he’ll rise up on his horse, making him vulnerable to attacks so get in there and hit him as many times as you can
He will start doing some very powerful attacks including a fire stream, a homing attack, as well as having to deal with a multitude of enemies. He will become vulnerable at any point in the arena rather than going back to the centre so keep a close eye on him, attack when you can and stay away the rest of the time.
As soon as you have defeated him your Trophy will unlock

Silver Image

Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves

You’ll fight this Dragon as you naturally progress through the Crystal Caves. it can be a tricky fight until you learn the pattern then it can be a quite enjoyable break from normality.
You’ll notice on the floor there are coloured crystals and the same colours are dotted around the ceiling. Your objective here is to use a blunt weapon such as a Club or Hammer, hit the coloured crystal on the floor to make the crystal of the same colour on the ceiling fall down
You’ll also notice, there are 4 caves around this arena. You’ll soon get used to the pattern, I personally stayed in between the red and the light blue colours on the floor as these worked best rather than trying to run all around the arena
Your objective is to hit the Dragon in the head by a falling crystal to hurt it, nothing else will have any sort of impact.
Once you’ve hit the Dragon in the head with the crystals enough times, you’ll have it defeated and your Trophy will unlock

Almost A Hero
Silver Image

Give the Knights of Gallowmere everything you have

You can unlock this trophy at the final level, Zarok’s Lair, once the level starts, proceed forward into the arena and you’ll be greeted by a plethora of enemies and more importantly, you’ll be joined by several Knights Of Gallowmere
Along with these Knights, comes a healing chalice that you can activate by pressing SQUARE.
For this Trophy you need to hold down the SQUARE button and run from left to right across the arena, healing the Knights Of Gallowmere in the process.
As soon as you have used up every single Life Bottle and your last remaining health bar, killing yourself. Your Trophy will then unlock

Lost and Found
Silver Image

Find all the Lost Souls

See Soul Savior for more information

Soul Savior
Silver Image

Lay all the Lost Souls to rest

Please click the button below to be taken to a complete, comprehensive guide on all of the Lost Souls, their locations and their solutions

If It Slithers, I Slays
Silver Image

Kill the Serpent of Gallowmere

A nice, easy trophy to get completed in MediEvil that you can unlock in The Gallows Gauntlet level. Make your through the level as you normally would, until you get to the fire wall.
It’s in here you can find The Serpent Of Gallowmere. At the back left wall will be a skull chest. Hit this chest and the Serpent will come out, you only have a few seconds to kill this snake.
Rain blows down on its’ head as quickly as possible, the Magic Sword will make this trivial. As soon as you’ve hurt the Serpent enough, he will then slither off through a wall unlocking your Trophy in the process

Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Silver Image

Collect every Life Bottle

There’s a total of 9 Life Bottles in MediEvil, each Life Bottle you collect essentially increases your maximum health giving you a much stronger chance of surviving the later levels, or even the earlier ones depending on your skill controlling Sir Fortesque.

  • 1st Life Bottle
    Will be in Dan’s Crypt at the very start of the game, you’ll pick this one up as you make your way through this very short level
  • 2nd Life Bottle
    Will be in The Graveyard. Head to the angel statue, hit it 3 times to make it look left, make your way left and you’ll find your Life Bottle near the top of the small hill
  • 3rd Life Bottle
    Will be in Dan’s Crypt again. Once you have a blunt weapon such as the Club or Hammer, make your way back to the Crypt, smash the wall on the right side of the Crypt in between 2 fallen pillars, your Life Bottle will be in here
  • 4th Life Bottle
    Will be in Scarecrow Fields, you need to progress near enough to the end of the level. On the level hazard with the fast moving spiky wood, rather than taking the first exit to finish the level, take the second exit (keep going round) to find another path. At the end of this short path will be a harvest part
    Backtrack all the way back to the Farmhouse (Just after the 2nd Mecha Imp and before the spinning windmill), go around the back to get into the Farmhouse, use the harvester part to fire up the harvester and then go back outside, your Life Bottle will be at the end of the new path that has been created, jump over the small stream to grab your Life Bottle
  • 5th Life Bottle
    Will be in the Pools Of The Ancient Dead level. Make your way through the level as normal until you pass through the red rune gate, just off the right (as the camera pans) will be a small island, it’s hard to miss really. Jump over there, to collect the Life Bottle
  • 6th Life Bottle
    Will be in the Time Machine level, make your way all the way through the level as you normally would until you get to the red lasers, short circuit these lasers by first hitting the skull in the centre, then hit the bottom 2 laser nodes until the red crystal explodes. Proceed all the way back to the start of the level, go right this time to find a golden butterfly gate, on the left side of this gate a clock will appear, if you’ve gotten this far, you know what to do. Jump on the clock face and set the time again, opening the butterfly gate. Go through and grab your Life Bottle
  • 7th Life Bottle
    You’ll acquire in the Hall Of Heroes after having redeemed 2 Chalices
  • 8th Life Bottle
    You’ll acquire in the Hall Of Heroes after having redeemed your 16th Chalice
  • 9th Life Bottle
    You’ll acquire after having redeemed your 20th and Final Chalice

Whichever order you decide to do these in, once you have collected all 9 Life Bottles your Trophy will unlock

Sir Moneybags
Bronze Image

Collect 10,000 gold coins

You should easily have this one done through natural progression, if this is your last trophy you need to unlock simply replay the Dan’s Crypt level over and over again.
A chest will count as 50 gold and a bag of money will count as 10 gold, you don’t need to hold all 10,000 at once, this a cumulative trophy, so you have the freedom to spend should you need to
As soon as you hit a total of 10,000 collected gold, your Trophy will unlock

Old School Sneaky
Bronze Image

Attempt to perform any original game cheat code

There were cheat codes in the original version of MediEvil back on the PS1, the developers have decided that the cheats themselves won’t activate anything in the PS4 version except for a bronze trophy.
To input a cheat code simply pause the game, Hold L2 and input
PAL – Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle
NTSC – Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Left, Circle, Up, Down
Once you have successfully inputted your cheat code, your Trophy will unlock

Impaired Drivers
Bronze Image

Defeat both Mecha Imps and their taunting Imp Pilots

You’ll naturally unlock this trophy as you make your way through the main game. When you get to the level, Scarecrow Fields, you’ll have to take down a mech walking towards you.
Equip your Crossbow and shoot at it until its’ head falls off, then go behind the mech and shoot the Imp until the mech is defeated.
For the 2nd mech, you’ll need to be quick as it fires quite hard hitting fireballs at you.
Rapidly fire arrows at the mech, once the head has been knocked off, get behind this mech and shoot the Imp until the mech falls. Your Trophy will then unlock

Master Dan-At-Arms
Bronze Image

Collect every weapon

There’s a total of 19 weapons in MediEvil, only 17 of which are required for this trophy
The majority of these weapons are found in the Hall Of Heroes for returning chalices, see King Of Cups for more information on the chalices.

The 2 that aren’t required are the Dragon Armour (beat the Dragon in the Crystal Caves) and the Healing Chalice (an item you acquire in the final level)
I’ll list below, exactly what weapons you’ll need and where to find them.

  • Small Sword – Dan’s Crypt
  • Throwing Daggers – Dan’s Crypt
  • Copper Shield – Dan’s Crypt
  • Club – Chest in Cemetery Hill
  • Silver Shield – Chest in front of the Shop Gargoyle in the Return To Graveyard Level
  • Chicken Drumsticks – Enchanted Earth, Ant Caves. See The Answer Is Chicken Trophy
  • Crossbow – Return the 1st Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Hammer – Return the 3rd Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Broadsword – Return the 5th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Spear – Return the 7th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Longbow – Return the 8th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Gold Shield – Return the 9th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Throwing Axe – Return the 10th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Flaming Longbow – Return the 11th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Magic Sword – Return the 13th Chalice to the Hall Of Heroes
  • Lightning Glove – Return the 15th chalice to the Hall Of Heroes

Collect all of these and your Trophy will unlock

Dizzy Decimator
Bronze Image

Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack

Quite a simple trophy to get done and a very useful technique to utilise in later levels. Simply equip any Sword, hold down CIRCLE and release it once the tip of the Sword has lit up. Once you have killed your 30th enemy with this technique, your Trophy will unlock

The Answer Is Chicken
Bronze Image

Throw 42 chicken legs

First up, you need to acquire Chicken Drumsticks from the Witches Quest in The Enchanted Earth Ant Caves section.
To start this quest you need to get the Witch’s Talisman from Cemetery Hill, that will allow you to start the aforementioned quest.
Retrieve all 7 pieces of amber – The Ant Caves aren’t that big, run around killing and smashing everything you come across and you’ll have all 7 pieces of amber soon enough.
Once you have successfully navigated the Ant Caves and defeat the Ant Queen (used ranged weapons to make this easier) you’ll then get 30 Drumsticks as a reward, now in order to be able to throw 42 of them we need to get creative because you can’t just go off and buy more of these shop merchant, well, not without the proper planning of course
So let’s get to it. After you have your Drumstick’s, head off to The Hilltop Mausoleum, equip your Drumstick’s and throw roughly 20/25 of them away using SQUARE, you don’t have to hit or even be anywhere near an enemy, just chuck them away. Whatever you do Do Not Eat a Chicken Drumstick (Using CIRCLE) as this could very easily negate your trophy.
Once you have thrown 20/25 Drumsticks, you need to allow an Imp to successfully steal these Drumsticks’ from you, the only Imps that can steal from you are the one straight after you open the gate with the earth rune, and the one at the top of the stairs next to the health fountain.
You can then, go to a shop merchant and buy back your stolen chicken allowing you to be able to throw out more Drumsticks’ until your Trophy unlocks.

Witches’ Familiar
Bronze Image

Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests

You acquire the Witches Talisman in Cemetery Hill.
Proceed up the first ramp (with the boulders)  then head all the way left, drop down, open the chest, this will give you a Club, use this to smash the boulders in your way, head all the way right on the lower level, smash the boulder blocking your path, head through to the staircase, smash the bookcase opposite (top right) in this room, proceed through. With your Club equipped, hold CIRCLE over the flame then head up the staircase you previously passed.
Hit the Altar in the middle of the room with the prison cells. Kill all of the Frankenstein’s that are released and the collect your Witch’s Talisman (circular Pentagram) from one of the cells
Now that you’ve acquired your Witch Talisman, head off to The Enchanted Earth level, take your first left to find the Witch’s Cauldron, use the Witch’s Talisman on the cauldron, you need to Accept The Quest
This will see you go through a series of Ant Caves collecting amber and freeing Fairies, the amber is collected easily enough, proceed through the Ant Caves smashing and killing everything as you go.
The Fairies are behind coloured glass sections at the edges of the caves, you’ll find them easily enough. At the end of the caves you’ll face the Ant Queen, use ranged weapons to have a much easier time taking her down. When you’re topside again you’ll have the first quest completed
Your second quest will be in the Pumpkin Serpent level, make your way through the level until you get to the boss section, just before this and just up from the well (where the level chalice is) will be another Witch’s Cauldron, use your Witch’s Talisman here to start a quest for a Pumpkin Pig. He’ll task you with taking out the boss
Go off and destroy all of the green & yellow pods to initiate the fight, it’s easy enough, hit all of the stalks until the boss becomes vulnerable, rinse and repeat, pods, stalks, boss until the Pumpkin is defeated.
Upon doing so, return back to the cauldron where you’ll complete your Quest and unlock your Trophy

Zip Zap Imp Splat
Bronze Image

Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning

You need a very specific weapon for this trophy, that being the Lightning Glove, which you’ll acquire after having collected 15 Chalices and place them in the Hall Of Heroes.
Once you have the Lightning Glove, head back to the level The Hilltop Mausoleum, equip the Glove and hold down SQUARE when you’re close to an Imp, these guys will die very quickly, and be forewarned this Lightning Glove doesn’t have unlimited charge, but you can buy more from the Shop Merchant in the Level (next to the Phantom)
As soon as you’ve killed your 12th Imp with the Lightning Glove, your Trophy will unlock

Gimme That Back!
Bronze Image

Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp

Your first opportunity to get this will be main level 3, The Hilltop Mausoleum. Through natural progression an Imp will steal the weapon you have equipped
Make sure you have a good strong weapon equipped in both weapon slots, I went for the Sword and the Club
As soon as you see a message appear on screen “Sword Stolen” you have to switch to your secondary weapon and kill the thieving Imp quickly, you’ll notice which Imp it is at it stands still, usually hiding on a staircase or at the edge of a hole
Kill the Imp to retrieve your weapon and unlock your Trophy

It’s Not Their Fault They’re Mad
Bronze Image

Don’t harm the Mad Family

Quite an in-depth trophy in MediEvil. Level 9 is The Sleeping Village and as stated, you can’t harm any member of the mad family of which there are 3, the Father, the Mother and the Daughter
Any sort of impact on this possessed trio will negate this trophy so be careful not to hurt them at all, that includes the Shield Dash, melee Or ranged weapons
The main part you need to look out for is the area where you get the earth rune, you’ll find 2 Mothers near the bar and 1 father who is hidden behind the barrels next to the earth rune
In order to get this rune without hurting any of them, as soon as you enter, run clockwise around the room until the Mothers are near the door you came through, then equip your Arm, stand about a foot away from the barrels and use the Arm to smash the barrels. If successful, you’ll break the barrels and not hurt the Father If you do hurt the Father you need to quit the level and start from scratch.
Check the video below for a much more detailed and visual reference of how to complete this section.
Once the Red Guard with the guns turn up, you can kill them, but just be double careful there isn’t a Daughter anywhere near the range of your strikes.
Proceed through the level as normal after this, grab the Crucifixion Cast from behind the bookcase, grab the Landlord Bust after using the earth rune and pulling the lever. Go to the forge to make the golden crucifix.
Use this in the Church, grab the safe key. Proceed through the black lattice door, jump up the hay bales and down the chimney, use the lever.
Open the safe to acquire the Shadow Artifact. Make your way out of this building, proceed back to the fountain, take a right. Kill the Red Guard and you’ll have this level completed.
Providing you haven’t harmed a single member of the mad family at any moment throughout The Sleeping Village your Trophy will unlock.

Deathly Smorgasbord
Bronze Image

Die 7 different ways

This seems to be the one everyone seems to be struggling with the most in MediEvil Rather than looking at dying 7 different ways, look at this one laterally and die 7 types of ways.
Now, a “death” for all intents and purposes of acquiring the Deathly Smorgasbord trophy has to be a Game Over, not just using a Life Bottle

  1. Die to an enemy – Any standard enemy will suffice
  2. Die to a fire – Any Bonfire will do for this
  3. Die to water – Find some Water (Enchanted Earth)
  4. Die to a level hazard – Scarecrow Fields has several
  5. Die to a boss – Any Boss will suffice
  6. Die by falling into an Abyss (Crystal Caves will work well here)
  7. Die to a timer – Haunted Ruins, let the Timer count down to Zero

As soon as you’ve died all 7 ways, your Trophy will unlock

Partial To The Potions
Bronze Image

Drink 32 Health Vials

You’ll be able to get this through natural play, as you progress through the levels, you’ll inevitably take damage.
Every so often, you’ll come across an energy vial. These are the health vials you need to drink, merely collecting these will count towards the trophy, once you have acquired 32, your Trophy will unlock

Now With Added Magic!
Bronze Image

Enchant the Broad Sword

You’ll unlock the Broad Sword after having collected 5 chalices throughout MediEvil in the Hall Of Heroes
To Enchant this sword, simply go to any shop merchant and select the option enchant sword, this will cost a very small amount of coin and makes the weapon incredibly powerful.
You can keep the weapon enchanted by revisiting the shop merchant and buying another enchantment, as soon as you’ve done this for the first time, your Trophy will unlock

Mostly Armless
Bronze Image

Kill something with your own arm

You can equip you Arm as a secondary weapon from the start of the game, press the TOUCHPAD to open your inventory and select the Arm using TRIANGLE.
Simply kill any enemy in the game to unlock your Trophy

Rock Wrangler
Bronze Image

Avoid all the rolling rocks on Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill is the 2nd main mission in Medievil. Proceed forward from the start, kill the couple of enemies here, your objective is to make it to the top of the spiralling walkway without being touched once by any rolling boulder.
The dark boulders will follow the pathway down as the path travels, the flaming boulders will take shortcuts though.
As you make your way up, take note of the crevices you can hide in, these crevices are the shortcuts the flaming boulders will take. There is a pattern thankfully and once you have that figured out, this trophy becomes a lot easier.
Every other flaming boulder will take the shortcut, as soon as you work out the pattern for your particular attempt, you’ll have a much easier time of it.
As soon as you make your way to the top and get past the 2 Gargoyles your Trophy will unlock

Colonel Fortesque’s Special Recipe
Bronze Image

Turn an enemy into a Roasted Chicken and eat it

First up, you need to acquire Chicken Drumsticks from the Witches Quest in The Enchanted Earth Ant Caves section.
To start this quest you need to get the Witch’s Talisman from Cemetery Hill, that will allow you to start the aforementioned quest.
Retrieve all 7 pieces of amber – The Ant Caves aren’t that big, run around killing and smashing everything you come across and you’ll have all 7 pieces of amber soon enough.
Once you have successfully navigated the Ant Caves and have defeat the Ant Queen (Use ranged weapons to make this easier)
Once you have your Chicken Drumsticks go to any area that has standard enemies (The Graveyard will suffice) throw a Drumstick near an enemy with SQUARE, the Drumstick will then explode, turning the enemy into a Roasted Chicken, run-up to the Chicken, you’ll automatically collect the Chicken, unlocking your Trophy

Not So Armless
Bronze Image

Defeat Stained Glass Demon with just your arm

You’ll face the Stained Glass Demon in main level 3, The Hilltop Mausoleum.
Proceed through the level as normal, then just before you walk into the coloured fog to start the fight, equip the Arm as your primary weapon
This can be a bit of a challenging one, but very manageable. Make sure you don’t use a Life Bottle before attempting this fight as you’ll more than likely use 2 or 3 before the end of the fight.
The Stained Glass Demon has a health pool of 500, unfortunately for you, every time you throw your arm with CIRCLE (only when the red heart is exposed) it will only deal 10 damage, meaning you need to hit the demons’ heart 50 times to unlock this Trophy 

A Shocking Lack Of Respect
Bronze Image

Destroy 100 gravestones

A very straightforward trophy to unlock in MediEvil, as you progress through the levels, you’ll find gravestones dotted all over the place, simply smash 100 of these Gravestones with any blunt weapon and your Trophy will unlock

That's Just Mean!
Bronze Image

Smash a severed hand

You can find Severed Hands in the first main level, The Graveyard. In order to smash the hand, you’ll need a Club. Head over to main level 2, Cemetery Hill, go up the first ramp where the boulders are rolling down and keep going left until you fall down to a secret area with 2 Frankensteins and a chest, in this chest will be your Club.
Simply complete Cemetery Hill to keep the Club in your inventory. Head back to main level 1, The Graveyard and simply attack a Severed Hand with the Club, your Trophy will then unlock

Walls Are For Chumps
Bronze Image

Return to Dan’s Crypt and smash down the secret wall

A very simple trophy to unlock, you need to have either the shield dash, a Club or the Hammer to smash this wall.
Make your way back to the prologue level, Dan’s Crypt, as soon as you start look right, the smashable Wall is the 2nd in from the right, hit it twice to break through and unlock your Trophy

Bronze Image

Set 50 enemies on fire

There are several ways of setting enemies on Fire in MediEvil.
First up and the hardest/longest way of burning enemies is to light your club on fire and attack enemies before the flame goes out. Your better option is to acquire 11 chalices throughout the game and get the Flaming Longbow from the Hall Of Heroes
However, your best option is to defeat the Dragon and acquire the Dragon Armour, when you wear the Dragon Armour, you can hold SQUARE and breathe a constant stream of fire at your foes.
You can either do 1 or a combination of any of these methods. As soon as you have set your 50th enemy on fire your Trophy will unlock

Stop Hitting Yourself
Bronze Image

Get hit by a falling crystal during Dragon battle in Crystal Caves

This one has a very misleading description, while you can get this one out the way during the Dragon battle, you can also get this unlocked after the Dragon boss fight which is a lot easier.
As you’ll know if you’ve defeated the Dragon, when you hit the floor with a blunt weapon such as a club/hammer next to a coloured crystal, the crystal with the same colour will then fall from the ceiling.
You need to get hit directly in your head, next to you simply won’t count. Get a direct hit to your skull to unlock your Trophy

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