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Here we have the complete walkthrough to enable you to find and lay to rest all 19 souls across the world of Gallowmere, in doing so you will unlock the Lost And Found trophy for finding all of the Lost Souls and the Soul Savior trophy for laying all 19 Lost Souls to rest

You won’t be able to start finding the Lost Souls until you have proceeded far enough through the game to unlock the, The Entrance Hall level.
Once in the, The Entrance Hall level, make your way down to the lab.
Open the chest there to release all of the Lost Souls. There are 19 Lost Souls throughout Gallowmere, to find them you need to meet certain requirements in order to be able to collect and then lay the Lost Souls to rest
Everything is detailed below. Happy Hunting!

Fisherman Formes

The Entrance Hall
This Soul will become available as soon as you open the chest to start the side quest
Biggest Fish I’ve ever seen pulled me right into the water. Right by the village Lake! You should’ve seen it! I’m sure those fish are still in there!

The Sleeping Village
Make your way to the small lake, go to the end of the jetty, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul whereby you’ll be greeted with a lot of large orange fish jumping out of the water and several turtle enemies, defeat them all (ranged weapons work best) once the last enemy has been defeated you’ll have laid Fisherman Formes to rest

Brute Bruty

The Graveyard
Proceed forward from the start of the level and hug the
right fence, follow this fence round 180 degrees, you’ll find the Lost Soul at the end of this very short path
Hey tough guy! I’ve got a proposition for ya. Meet me by the old windmill. Ya know, the one with the broken blade

Scarecrow Fields
Just after you defeat the second Mech Imp, you’ll come to a windmill with a broken blade, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul to have the traps you’ll need to pass have their speed increased, proceed through these sped up traps, just before you finish the level, you’ll lay Brute Bruty to rest

Ye Olde Olivara

Cemetery Hill
Make your way to the left of the lower area, you’ll find this Lost Soul just around the stables near the shop merchant
An awful little hand stole my wedding ring! It fled to the Graveyard, just past the Skull Gate. Give that thief a slap on the wrist!

Return To The Graveyard
At the very top of the hill where you get the yellow rune, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul where you’ll need to crush several severed hands with either a Club or a Hammer (you’ll need to have one of these weapons in order to complete this Lost Soul quest) Once the game has decided you’ve crushed enough severed hands you’ll have laid Ye Olde Olivara to rest

Baffy The Baffler

The Hilltop Mausoleum
From the start of the level, proceed straight forward until you get to the closed gate (where the boss is) just to the right of this gate will be the Lost Soul
Rhinotaurs are in the maze. Cleanse them of their vile ways

The Asylum Grounds
As you start the level, you will be prompted to open your inventory, do so, select the Lost Soul, which will spawn 5 Rhinotaurs (stronger versions of the normal enemies) you’ll find the Rhinotaurs as you proceed through the first third of the level, kill them all which will lay Baffy The Baffler to rest

Surgeon Sherman

Return To The Graveyard
You’ll struggle to miss this one, it’s on the first small hill once you start the level
I was having a great day. Then my patients murdered me. Now it’s a very mediocre day. Let’s give those patients a taste of their own medicine

Inside The Asylum
In the 4th area of the Asylum, where you defeat the legs and zombies in a circular prison, once the door opens to proceed through the level, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul. This will spawn a Serpent that’s on your side, in the next area, let the Serpent kill all of the enemies (keep jumping over the lava until they’re all dead) once you exit into the next room you’ll lay Surgeon Sherman to rest

Chen The Enchantress

Scarecrow Fields
Before the first Mech Imp fight, you can find this Lost Soul in between the 2 houses you’ll pass as you proceed towards the Mech Fight
Some earless hag left than Eye of Dragon Toad on the floor. Now our old coven is swarming with ants! Be a dearie and stomp them flat for me, would you?

Cemetery Hill
You’ll need a Club (which you can get in Cemetery Hill) or the Hammer, make your way to the right of the lower level. Smash your way through to the secret area, continue through here until you find a staircase, opposite this staircase, is a bookcase, smash this and enter the small room. From here open your inventory, select the Lost Soul. This will see you shrunk down and have to defeat a number of Ants, once you’ve killed the final Ant, you will lay Chen The Enchantress to rest

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Weder

Lost Soul 7 -, Pumpkin Gorge
In the area where you need to place the chaos rune, there’s a small shack over to the left, proceed into this shack, your Lost Soul will be inside
Everyone talks about the Pumpkin King, but no one mentions the other plants. They’re the root of all evil! Always watching… waiting… stalking

The Pumpkin Serpent
First up, defeat the Pumpkin King boss. Once done, interact with the rake that’s growing out of the side of the house, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul. This will then task you with defeating 10 small plants around the boss area, defeat these plants to lay Peter, Peter Pumpkin Weder to rest

Treviarnus The Troubadour

The Pumpkin Serpent
You can find this Lost Soul just behind the Witch’s cauldron before the boss fight
I grow weary of that noisy phantom’s meddling melodies. make his organ pipe-down before we give him a sound-thrashing!

The Hilltop Mausoleum
Make your way through the level until you get to the Stained Glass Demon boss fight, defeat the Demon then head over to the right through a door where you’ll find Mr. Organ playing the Organ. Open your inventory, select the Lost Soul.
You will now have to make your way all the way through the level collecting 40 sheets of music. The only one’s of these 40 that are hard to find are back in the first area under the wooden panels on the floor, use a Club or Hammer to smash the panels and reveal the music sheets. Once you have collected the 40th music sheet, make your way back to Mr. Organ to lay Treviarnus The Troubadour to rest

Grave Keeper Kambic

The Sleeping Village
After you have opened the black lattice door that leads you up to the room that opens the final gate, rather than jumping up the hay bales and down the chimney, proceed round the back of the house to find this Lost Soul
Have you seen my grave anywhere? I seem to have misplaced it. Perhaps ask the angel? She could give you some pointers.”

The Graveyard
Make your way through the level until you get to the Angel statue, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul then hit the Angel twice to make her face the other way, once completed you will lay Grave Keeper Kambic to rest

Gavin The Golden

The Asylum Grounds
Once you have proceeded far enough through the level, you’ll find a large elephant bush, just opposite this bush is the Lost Soul
A giant crystal fried my flesh. Hate it when that happens! There’s some gold left on my body, but that crystal may not hand it over so easily

The Crystal Caves
Make your way through the level to the large yellow crystal that has lasers coming down to the floor, when you’re there open your inventory, select the Lost Soul where a few treasure chests will spawn in the laser grid, collect all of the treasure chests to lay Gavin The Golden to rest

Sir Schmidt The Hermit

Inside The Asylum
This Lost Soul is opposite the prison cell where you find the Mayor in the last area of the Asylum
My wonderful pumpkin tower has been invaded by Shadow Demons. How did those horrible beasts get free? Who could have done such a thing?

Pumpkin Gorge
Make your way through the level until you find the large house that you need to use the green rune to get on top of, once at the top, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul where some Demon enemies will spawn, once they’ve been defeated you will lay Sir Schmidt The Hermit to rest

Daring D. Castro

The Enchanted Earth
Once, you have defeated the Demonettes boss, proceed left after getting off the elevator to find this Lost Soul
I heard King Peregrin once captured the Serpent of Gallowmere. I dare you to open his courtyard door and see if it’s still in there. You’re not scared, are you?

The Haunted Ruins
Make your way around to the left where you saved the Farmers, then go to the end where you’ll see a large stone wall, just to the right of this wall will be a gate, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul which will spawn a Serpent, defeat this Serpent (use the Magic Sword) to lay Daring D. Castro to rest

Hopper The Legless

Pools Of The Ancient Dead
You’ll find this Lost Soul towards the back of the main area
My fellow prisoners used to call me the fastest runner in Gallows Gauntlet. They wouldn’t lie about a thing like that! Fancy a race, Sir Dan?

The Gallows Gauntlet
You need the Dragon Armour from the, The Crystal Caves level, once you have the Armour stand at the flame wall in the top left of the level, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul which will start a race against a very slow-moving Ghost, run through all of the blue flames to find the exit. Once you have won the race you will lay Hopper The Legless to rest

Son Jr, Son of Sr

The Lake
Once you’ve proceeded far enough through the level, you’ll go through an underwater tunnel, in order to pick up a yellow rune, just by this yellow rune you’ll find the Lost Soul
My poor merchant friend. First, locked in a forest cage. Now, trapped behind a wall of vines. He just can’t catch a break!

The Enchanted Earth
You’ll need to have the Shadow Artifact from the house with the chimney in the, The Sleeping Village level. Once you have that, make your way to the lowest part of the, The Enchanted Earth level, step on the floor pads in the following order Red, Yellow, Green then Blue which will release the Demons. With that done, backtrack to the very start of the level, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul, which will spawn some vines in front of the shop merchant, destroy the vines to lay Son Jr, Son of Sr to rest

Knight McKnight

The Crystal Caves
Once you’ve been through the room with the large yellow crystal spinning, you’ll find the green Lost Soul
May I hitch a ride with you Sir Skeleton? Meet me at the old fort by the ancient pools!

Pools Of The Ancient Dead
At the start of the level, go to the shop merchant where you can open your inventory and select the Lost Soul, this Soul will accompany you throughout the level, continue as normal, the only thing to really watch out for, is having the Lost Soul along for the ride will spawn a lot more Tentacles than normal. After you use the chaos rune to open the gate, proceed down to the end of this area, once all of the enemies are defeated you will lay Knight McKnight to rest

Nautical Nachbaur

The Gallows Gauntlet
Just before you proceed through the fire-wall where you can find the Serpent Of Gallowmere, you’ll find this Lost Soul against the wall
The ruler of rats has his sights set on my darling Elephant Dragons! Repel that repulsive rodent before he sends my precious pachyderms packing!

The Lake
Go through the level as normal until you freeze the Whirlpool in place, jump through the whirlpool to get to the lower section. Once down there, turn around and come back on yourself, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul which will spawn a small white rat. Equip a Club or a Hammer and smash the rat which will lay Nautical Nachbaur to rest

Barrelman Badillo

The Haunted Ruins
In the area when you use the chaos rune to open the gates, just to the left of these gates (before going through) will be the Lost Soul
I saw a giant crow up in me crow’s nest. Largest I’ve seen. Wonder if it’s up still there?

The Ghost Ship
Proceed through the level until you get to the spinning platforms, follow them around to the elevator that takes you to the crow’s nest where you can also get the Chalice for this level. Once there, open your inventory when prompted, select the Lost Soul, you’ll see a giant Dragon Bird fly by the Ship, after this, walk to the far right of the upper platform where you will lay Barrelman Badilo to rest

Captain Coffman

The Ghost Ship
About halfway across the deck, you’ll need to jump across the netting, to make your way to the boss. Fall down in-between the gaps in this netting, you’ll come across the Lost Soul as you make your through this portion of the level
I once was a Captain, but my pirates mutinied, due to my lack of convincing pirate accent. My soul remains trapped in time. Perhaps that Wizard’s big clock can set me free?

The Time Device
Jump onto the 1st clockface, stand in the very middle of this clock, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul then jump on the pads to set the time to 16:10 (gold handle 4, silver handle 2) this will then lay Captain Coffman to rest

Sir Sloane

The Time Device
At the top of the level, where you make a square with the red lasers, you’ll find this Lost Soul just to the right of the skull mechanism you need to interact with
It is I, Sir Sloane, the Dragon Smiter. You know how many dragons I’ve smote? Well, none yet. But we can change that! To the dragon statues of Zarok’s hall!

The Entrance Hall
Make your way through the level to where the exit is, once there, stand in the very middle of the room, open your inventory, select the Lost Soul which will spawn some Dragon Toads. Take them out to lay Sir Sloane to rest

As soon as you have found and then laid all 19 Lost Souls to rest, your Trophy will unlock

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