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Here we have a full walkthrough to help you get your King Of Cups trophy for collecting all 20 chalices throughout the World of Gallowmere in the MediEvil PS4 Remake
Once you’ve collected a Chalice you need to go to the Hall Of Heroes after completing the level to receive your reward

In order to collect a chalice you need to kill near enough every enemy in a given level, some will also have additional requirements, which is all detailed below.
You’ll have a bar in the top corner of your screen that will fill up, once it’s reached 100% your chalice will be collectable
The rewards you will earn for redeeming your Chalices are

1. Cross Bow
2. Life Bottle
3. Hammer
4. Gold Coins
5. Broad Sword
6. Gold Coins
7. Longbow
8. Spear
9. Axe
10. Flaming Longbow

11. Gold Shield
12. Gold Coins
13. Magic Sword
14. Magic Longbow
15. Lightning Glove
16. Life Bottle
17. x2 Energy Vials
18. Gold Coins
19. Life Bottle
20. x3 Energy Vials

Below you’ll find the full descriptions on how to acquire every Chalice in the MediEvil PS4 Remake

The Graveyard

Hit the Angel statue after achieving 100% to open the gate hiding the Chalice

Cemtery Hill

Proceed through the level killing everything as you go. Make your way up the first ramp and go all the way left, drop down to found a chest with a Club, now stay on the lower part of the level and proceed as far right as you can, smash the boulder, proceed through, smash the bookcase, light your club on fire, proceed up the stairs, light the Altar in the middle of the cells, kill the enemies and collect the Chalice

The Hilltop Mausoleum

Proceed through the level and kill the Stained Glass Demon, once defeated, make your way down the screen and this time, go through the right stain glass window, proceed all the way down the ramp to get the music sheet, make your way back to the Stained Glass Demon boss area and go through the door on the right, use the music sheet on the Phantom playing the organ to unlock the door hiding the Chalice

Return To Graveyard

Make your way through the level, killing every enemy you come across, your aim is to be at 88% towards your Chalice before you go through the gate into the tunnels that lead left and right, you’ll see the Chalice as you make your way down, but it will be blue rather than gold
Go all the way left (stay out of the blue jump zone) then go back and all the way right (again, don’t jump in the blue zone) this should give you 100% once all the Frankensteins’ have been defeated and the Chalice will then be obtainable. If you aren’t at 88% by the time you’ve opened the gate then backtrack and kill any enemies that you may have missed

The Enchanted Earth (Ant cave)

This Chalice is in the Ant Caves, a hidden area in The Enchanted Earth level. To access this level, you need to get the Witch’s Talisman from the level Cemetery Hill. Make your way through the Ant Caves collecting all 7 pieces of amber and free all of the Fairies, most importantly, kill every single ant and chrysalis you come across. Once you get to the end of the caves, defeat the Ant Queen (use ranged weapons) and collect your Chalice that will appear in front of  the Ant Queens corpse

Scarecrow Fields

First up, make your way through the level until you get to the final hazard (The spring-loaded spiked planks of wood) rather than going through the 1st exit to complete the level, take the 2nd exit to find a hidden path, at the end of this short path is a harvester part, now you have this, make your way back to the Farmhouse (just after you faced the 2nd Mecha Imp) use the harvester part on the harvester to have it smash through the wall and create a new path. Providing you’ve killed enough enemies throughout the level and your Chalice bar is at 100%, go to the end of this new path, jump across the stream and collect your Chalice

Pumpkin Gorge

Your Chalice here will be right near the start of the level, take the path off to the right, smashing through the vines and the pumpkins that block your way. Once down the lowest level of this area, you’ll find your Chalice. Make your way through the level defeating every enemy you can, once you hit 100%, go back to the start to collect your Chalice

The Pumpkin Serpent

After you have defeated the Pumpkin King, a well will open up just South of the boss area, jump down this well to collect your Chalice

The Sleeping Village

Proceed through the level as normal, until you get to the area where you need to jump on the roof and down the chimney. Just to the front of that house will be a smashable wall. Kill all of the Boiler Guards in the level, including the 4 in the final area then go back to this area to get your Chalice

The Asylum Grounds

The Chalice is located next to the large Elephant bush, there’s more than enough enemies in this level to charge the Chalice to 100%, once done, return to the Chalice location and pick it up

Inside The Asylum

You’ll find this Chalice at the very end of the level just near to the green earth rune, killing every enemy in this level will make the Chalice readily available once you get to the end of the level

The Enchanted Earth 2nd Visit

First up you’ll need to have the Shadow Artifact, which you can get from the safe in the house during The Sleeping Village level. Once you have this, go to the lowest level of The Enchanted Earth and step on the Runes in this order, Orange, Yellow, Green then Blue, that will release the Chalice location as well as a lot of Demons, go off and kill the Demons then come back for your Chalice

Pools Of The Ancient Dead

Your Chalice is to the very Northernmost part of the swamp, kill every enemy in the level and before you turn in the 8 golden helmets go back to the top corner of the swamp to collect the Chalice

The Lake

After you have frozen the whirlpool in place, jump down and turn around where you’ll see your Chalice, carry on through the level, just before you get to the exit, turn back and get the Chalice, if you haven’t hit the 100% needed, kill the fish that are jumping out of the water

The Crystal Caves

You’ll see this Chalice at the start of the level, go through and defeat every enemy in the level, then backtrack to the start. If you can’t find your way, go back to the room with the yellow lasers, turn back and take the first left where you’ll be able to get your Chalice

The Gallows Gauntlet

You’ll need the Dragon Armour for this Chalice (defeat the Dragon in the Crystal Caves)
Once you have the Dragon Armour, make your way through the wall of flames, step on all of the floor-pads in this section. Then head back near the start of the level, step on the floor-pad behind the now open gate. This will open the gate to the Chalice, defeat every enemy in the level, then head over and collect your Chalice

The Haunted Ruins

This can be a tricky one, once you have lowered the drawbridge by using the Chickens, you’ll need to move quickly to save the 3 Farmers that are above the bonfires, use ranged weapons (not fire based) to kill the enemies quickly, then use the Hammer on the bonfires to free the Farmers. Defeat every other enemy in the level, once the countdown timer starts, head up to the left of the exit to defeat your last couple of enemies and collect the Chalice, if you die after collecting the Chalice, you won’t lose the Chalice itself, but you will have to redo the level

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

You’ll need to defeat all of the Officers (blue enemies) in this level to get your Chalice. With that done, head to the back of the ship (near the boss fight) use the rotating platforms to get to the elevator. Take the elevator up, then head left to get the Chalice

The Entrance Hall

When you get to the first T-Junction, take the staircase down to the right where you’ll find your Chalice, go through the level to defeat every enemy then backtrack to this spot once you have 100% in your Chalice bar

The Time Machine

Hopefully this will be your final Chalice in MediEvil where your trophy will unlock make your way through the level until you get to the top where you need to disable the red lasers, hit the skull pedestal at the front of the device twice to make the lasers go in a square pattern, this will destroy the large laser holding the Chalice
Proceed through the level from here taking out every enemy you can, just before you go through the exit, having charged your Chalice bar to 100% go back to the top of the level and collect your (hopefully) final Chalice

To get back to the main game guide or to view the guides for either Morten Would Be Proud or the Lost Souls trophies, click the buttons below

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