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GRID Legends Review

Here is our GRID Legends Review giving you a subjective, unbiased review helping you make a more educated decision on whether or not the game is for you

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PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC,
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Electronic Arts

The Game

GRID Legends is an arcade racing game where you have a lot of vehicles from a good  number of classes such as Stadium Trucks, Tuners, Electric, Drifters and Special cars to name a few.

You can set up Multi-class events so if you want hyper cars racing muscle cars with some trucks in the mix, go for it.

There is a very good, well put together campaign where you race against your rivals in a quest to be the very best in the world becoming the ultimate GRID Legend.

With a solid online offering as well you have a lot of game here for a racer.

The good

GRID Legends is really well put together, from the 36 event Story to the 63 event career as well as having an impressive roster of 120+ cars which you can drive around 21 main locations which in total have a very impressive 123 routes.

In a multi-class event which are new to GRID Legends the slower cars start first whereas the fast classes have a time penalty before they are able to cross the start / finish line to begin lap 1 that means there is fairness implemented throughout.

A hyper car for example will have around a minute of time to make up against a slower vehicle meaning whichever way you choose to do it there is always a fair race going on.

Another very good aspect of the game is that you can loan a car you don’t own to then go off and complete an event meaning you always have the car you want available to you, whilst this doesn’t apply to the story, if you’re looking at racing a specific car you can do so at your leisure from the Race Creator.

The Race Creator is an inspired idea and gives fans of the series the chance to customise an event to their liking. You choose the race type from anything from Circuit to Elimination events with up to 22 racers in up to 5 different classes of car from Le Mans to an Mini there really is something for everyone here.

As for the Story, it isn’t needed in this type of game, however, that said they have gone the extra mile and put it in to give you more game for your money which is always appreciated.

Combine that with the lengthy Career and you have a solid well stacked game here which is at a perfect price point.

It wouldn’t be worth the £69.99 some other companies are charging for broken games, I’m not naming names but some games at the end of 2021 were farcical to have that price point and it’s very nice to see GRID Legends priced appropriately for the market at £54.99.

The not so good

There honestly isn’t much not to like about GRID Legends except maybe the Nemesis system which seems a bit pointless and is more there for it to be there rather than serving any sort of noteable purpose.

If you bang into another racer they become your Nemesis and try to ram you a few times or you get a small telling off over the radio but there’s no other detriment so this kind of gets ignored during races, well, it did by me at least.

As a UK gamer it would have been nice to see more than one McLaren in the game but this is such a minor gripe it’s barely worth a mention.

I guess if I’m being super critical it would be nice for the car damage to be more realistic with body parts that could not just fall off but then become a potential hazard to other drivers but then we’re going more simulation than arcade racer so I completely understand why this wasn’t implemented.

Graphics and Visuals

The cars look really well designed whether they’re brand new and polished or smashed up at the end of a tough race, everything looks really well done with realistic damage as well as scuff marks, bumpers and wings that hang off.

The courses themselves are very well put together with very good looking backgrounds, the lighting looks really good and as you would expect if you were actually there whether you are racing around a circuit at sunset or speeding through a night time city circuit it always looks on point.

Racing in the rain looks really well done as well with the rain bouncing off the car as well as the track and also seeing the car displace the water as you drive through is a visual treat.

Graphically GRID Legends looks stunning.


Whether you are looking for a Quick Race or a dedicated session with friends you will be well catered for in GRID Legends.

You can even go in the Race Creator and set up custom events to truly test your skills against other players or your friends.

I have played 30 Online races at the time of writing this review and none of them have had any sort of shut down, server issues, lag or anything I’d describe as problematic.

Another really good mark for GRID Legends here.


Whether you’re red-lining a hypercar, going around London in a Mini or smashing your way through to first place in a Stadium Truck, GRID Legends sounds good, really good.

You can tell the developer’s have put a lot of time, effort and thought into making each car sound different, crashes sound impactful, you can feel the crash and scraping of metal especially on PlayStation 5 using the DualSense controller which only serves to heighten the experience.

The soundtrack in the game is good enough for what it is and certainly doesn’t detract from the experience.

Overall the entire audio in GRID Legends is really well done.


Trophy wise you have a lot to do in GRID, it certainly won’t be a list you can complete in a day which for me is a good thing.

Personally I really enjoy a racing game that makes you think and with trophies such as beating a Le Mans racer in a sports car, being in last place on an Elimination and then winning the race as well as owning 100 different cars and completing any event in them.

GRID Legends will certainly keep completionists very busy for a good while.

Check out the complete GRID Legends Trophy Guide to see what’s on offer.


Here are a series of photos to show you how the game looks;


Overall GRID Legends is a really well put together game for the type of game that it is.

If you do get bored of the game any time soon, it certainly won’t be for lack of content. With crisp audio, stunning visuals (for the type of game it is) as well as a massive amount of car and circuit combinations.

This is a must play game for any fan of racing games which is why I award GRID Legends a very well deserved 9 / 10.

Final Score: 9


That’s our GRID Legends Review I hope it helps you decide whether or not the game is worth your time and money.

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