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GRID Legends will be releasing 25-Feb-2022 and is set to be the biggest and best entry in the series.

We found out recently about the various car classes in GRID Legends and now we have every track you can race those classes around in order to get the glory first places finishes bring.

Every track will have several variations of the full circuit with sections blocked off giving you a different experience at the same location including reversing the track making it a completely different circuit to master.

The tracks listed below are in alphabetical order with some new entries and returning favourites:

  1. Barcelona, Race Track: 6 Routes.
  2. Brands Hatch, Race Track: 4 Routes.
  3. Chicago, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  4. Crescent Valley, Race Track: 7 Routes.
  5. Dubai, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  6. Havana, City Circuit: 7 Routes.
  7. Indianapolis, City Circuit: 8 Routes.
  8. London, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  9. Moscow, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  10. Mount Panorama, Race Track: 2 Routes.
  11. Okutama GP, Race Track: 6 Routes.
  12. Okutama Sprint, Point-to-Point (sprint): 6 Routes.
  13. Paris, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  14. Red Bull Ring, Race Track: 6 Routes.
  15. San Francisco, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  16. Sepang International Circuit Race Track: 6 Routes.
  17. Shanghai, City Circuit: 6 Routes.
  18. Stada Alpina, Race Track: 8 Routes.
  19. Suzuka Circuit, Race Track: 6 Routes.
  20. Sydney Motorsport Park, Race Track: 8 Routes.
  21. Yokohama Docks, Race Track: 8 Routes.
  22. Zhejiang Circuit, Race Track: 6 Routes.

That’s all 22 main locations which gives you 136 routes to master as you work your way through GRID Legends.

It’s very nice to see Yokohoma Docks make a very welcome return to the GRID series as well as being able to race around my local track: Brands Hatch.

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