Grand Theft Auto V Stick Up Kid Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto V

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Stick Up Kid

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Stick Up Kid
GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here’s the Grand Theft Auto V Stick Up Kid Trophy Guide.

In order to hold up a store you need to enter a store during opening hours (during the day) then, with a gun equipped aim at the clerk behind the counter who will then start handing you over some cash from the till.

You can make them go faster by shooting things in the shop behind them. Take care though as once you have robbed the store you will get a 2 star wanted which becomes a 3 star wanted level if you kill the clerk so it’s best to leave them alive to have an easier time evading the Police.

Although I will say, I received a 3 and even 4 star wanted level on occasion even without killing the cashier so be prepared for a hard time getting away from the cops. It will be quicker on a 4 star to take a death where you’ll respawn a lot quicker than you’ll lose the cops.

Below, you can find all 20 stores’ locations which can be done in any order.

Store 1

Store 2

Store 3

Store 4

Store 5

Store 6

Store 7

Store 8

Store 9

Store 10

Store 11

Store 12

Store 13

Store 14

Store 15

Store 16

Store 17

Store 18

Store 19

Store 20

Once you have held up all 20 stores your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Stick Up Kid Trophy / Achievement in Grand Theft Auto V.
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