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Red Mist

20g tester 2

Red Mist
Complete all Rampages.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here’s the Grand Theft Auto V Red Mist Trophy Guide.

Trevor is the only character who can perform Rampages so this will need to be completed before the final mission depending on the choices you potentially make.

The first Rampage becomes available after you complete the Trevor Phillips Industries mission and the other 4 will follow on upon its completion.

The Rampages are shown on the map as an orange skull and see Trevor get incredibly angry over a minor issue then go on a killing spree. Fortunately he takes heavily reduced damaged during a rampage as well as dealing increased damage, essentially being in a permanent special ability state throughout the rampage which completes once the timer runs out.

Here is a breakdown of what’s required for all 5 Rampages throughout Los Santos.

Rampage 1 ~ Rednecks

Kills required for completion> 25
This is the first Rampage in GTA V and can be a tough one given the open area and the amount of Rednecks that come for you.
Use the building in the centre of the area for cover and utilise headshots for quick kills. If you get swarmed there is a propane tank behind the building which can clear any enemies using it for cover but take care you’re not to close.
You also have grenades in your weapon wheel so use them if there’s a few enemies behind cover then survive the time limit to complete the Rampage.

Rampage 2 ~ Vagos

Red Mist Rampage 2 Vagos

Kills required for completion> 30.
Head up to the 2 Vagos at the corner to start the Rampage then take down as many Vagos as you can manage.
There are grenades in your weapon wheel if you have enemies using vehicles for cover then use short bursts aiming for the head where possible to take down as many Vagos as you can in the time limit.

Rampage 3 ~ Ballas

Rampage 3 Ballas

Kills required for completion> 30.
Speak to the 2 Ballas at the alleyway entrance to initiate the Rampage then get ready for a fight! The Ballas come from every direction and can even fire an RPG at you which, if it hits, you won’t survive so stay at the entrance to the alleyway and take them down.
If you have enemies hiding behind vehicles use the Grenades in your weapon wheel to deal with them.
Survive the time limit to complete the rampage.

Rampage 4 ~ Military

Rampage 4 Military

Kills required for completion> 35.
This can be a rough one as the Army come for you in a heavy way here in armoured trucks, jeeps oh, and there’s 2 tanks do deal with as well. Fortunately you have a Grenade Launcher from the outset as well as Grenades and an Assault Rifle which will help you dispatch any wayward Soldiers that made it out of a vehicle.
The tanks will take several shots from the Grenade Launcher to disable, however, the gunner is on his first day as the tank fires then aims for where you are then fires again so keep moving left and right to avoid the shells and survive the time limit to complete the Rampage.

Rampage 5 ~ Hispters

Rampage 5 Hipsters

Kills required for completion> 20.
Arguably the hardest Rampage given the sheer numbers of Hipsters that come for you. There’s cover to be found in the front of the buildings, however, the Hipsters will come for you even in cover so put them down quickly preferably with headshots.
As with the other Rampages if you have enemies using their vehicles as cover, send a Grenade over to them to end that problem then survive the time limit to complete the Rampage.

One you have successfully completed all 5 Rampages, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Red Mist Trophy / Achievement in Grand Theft Auto V.
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