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Gran Turismo 7 springs back with developer update

Polyphony digital have today confirmed via a PlayStation blog article confirmed the immediate future of the latest instalment in the series.

After releasing patch 1.07 on the 17th March Polyphony Digital were left with no choice but to disable the servers for over 36 hours whilst they released the 1.08 patch that solved a save data issue that had arisen from the 1.07 patch, thankfully this is the last of the bad news in this article.

From early April Gran Turismo 7 will receive a patch that addresses the communities concern on certain aspects of the game including:

  • Increasing the upper limit of credits a user can hold at any one time from 20 million to 100 million.
  • Increase the quantity of used cars and legendary cars in their respective showrooms at any one time.
  • Increase of rewards from participation in online races.
  • Increase in rewards of world circuit races.
  • Higher rewards for getting all bronze and all gold in circuit experience events.
  • Adding more world circuit events including endurance races.
  • Adding the ability to sell cars that you no longer want in your collection.

This update also grants every user of the game a one time only gift of 1 million credits as an apology for the server outages caused by the 1.07 patch, this reward can be claimed by logging into the game before April 25th.

All in all this is good news and a blessed relief for the Gran Turismo community after recent events and let’s hope Polyphony Digital  can deliver on all of their upcoming promises. 

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