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God of War Ragnarök Trophy Guide

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,
36: Platinum Image PS 1 Gold Image PS 4 Silver Image PS 15 Bronze Image PS 16
Release Date
Missable Trophies
None. Everything can be either collected, destroyed, accessed, upgraded or learnt after completing the main story.
Glitched Trophies
Nothing yet.
Online Trophies
Difficulty Rating
7/10 Mainly due to Grave Mistake Gold Image PS and The True Queen Gold Image PS.
Approx. time to 100%
40+ Hours.

Welcome to the God of War Ragnarök trophy guide.

If you’re new to the God Of War franchise take the first couple of hours to learn the mechanics, combat style and how the game plays.

You can play through Ragnarök on any difficulty so if you’re just here for the story and the platinum put the game on the easiest difficulty to have a much easier time of it.

The game will still be a challenge if you are under powered, levelled or geared so ensure you improve your gear whenever you’re able at any one of the Blacksmith Forges you can find throughout most of the realms.

There are a lot of collectibles in God Of War Ragnarök which can either be collected as you progress through the main story or obtained after the main story, the choice is yours.

I do recommend, however, that you go after all of the Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead as you work through the main story at the very least as these items increase your maximum health and Spartan Rage respectively, check out Full Belly Silver Image PS for more information.

None of the trophies are missable, you can access every area that hold collectibles after completing the main game with every Favour, which are the games side quests, a good number of which open up new areas throughout the realms being completable before or after the main games’ conclusion.

Throughout the 9 realms you will come across Legendary Chests which usually require some traversal or going off the beaten track to find and loot them. There aren’t any trophies linked in to finding the Legendary Chests although some Chests will contain items you need to get to a given realm where some trophies can be obtained.

Check out the complete Legendary Chests locations guide on where to find and how to loot every Legendary Chest in the game, some of which are locked in story progression, although none of the story progression ones are linked to any trophies, they contain Runic Summons or gear for companions for the most part.

God of War Ragnarok The Bear and the Wolf trophy
Platinum Trophy

The Bear and the Wolf
Collect all Trophies

Collect the other 35 God of War Ragnarök trophies to unlock your Platinum Image PS.

God of War Ragnarok The Florist trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Florist
Collect one flower from each of the nine realms

Collecting the Flowers will take you through the Nine Realms in Bloom Favour which can be started once you collect your first Flower.

There are 9 Flowers to collect in total, most of which can only be collected after you complete the main game so leave this one as one of your last trophies to earn.

Check out the complete The Florist trophy guide for where to find and how to collect every Flower.

God of War Ragnarok The Librarian trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Librarian
Collect all of the Books

The books you need to find are Kvasir’s Poems which can be collected either a you work your way through the story or once the main game has completed, the choice is yours.

Kvasir’s Poems are counted as Artefacts and will need to be collected as you progress towards The Curator Bronze Image PS

Check out the complete The Librarian trophy guide for where to find and how to collect each of the 14 Kvasir’s Poems.

God of War Ragnarok The Curator trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Curator
Collect all of the Artifacts

You will need to collect 24 artefacts as well as 14 of Kvasir’s Poems either as you progress through the game or after completing the main story giving you 38 artefacts to collect in total.

The 24 artefacts are broken down in to 4 sets of 6 artefacts found throughout the 4 main playable realms in the game:

  1. Svartalfheim: Things Left Behind.
  2. Midgard: Stolen Treasures.
  3. Alfheim: Tributes to Freyr.
  4. Vanaheim: Family Crests.

Kvair’s Poems can be found throughout 5 of the 9 realms with their exact locations found in The Librarian Bronze Image PS.

Check out the complete The Curator trophy guide for exactly what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok How it Started trophy
Bronze Trophy

How it Started
Equip an Enchantment

After taking down Nidhogg in Vanaheim you will equip an Enchantment as part of the story.

God of War Ragnarok Spit Shine trophy
Bronze Trophy

Spit Shine
Upgrade one piece of armor

See Ready for Commitment Gold Image PS for more information.

God of War Ragnarok Spartan Ways trophy
Silver Trophy

Spartan Ways
Remember the Spartan teachings

As you play through the main story, Kratos will remember his Spartan teachings which are:

  1. Fury.
    Press GGGULTRAL3+GGGULTRAR3 to enter a state of Rage and use the GGGULTRAR1, GGGULTRAR2, GGGULTRAL1 and GGGULTRAL2 buttons to unleash on enemies. Each attacks heals a small amount. Exit this stage early by using the command again.
  2. Valor.
    Press GGGULTRAL3+GGGULTRAR3 to consume a chunk of Spartan Rage and gain a moderate burst of Health. Time it right before being hit to negate the incoming attack, gain an additional burst of healing, and grant a Melee Attack bonus.
  3. Wrath.
    Press GGGULTRAL3+GGGULTRAR3 to consume a chunk of Spartan Rage and charge down an enemy with your current weapon, dealing a large amount of damage with additional weapon effects. Killing the enemy heals a small amount.

Keep playing through the story until Kratos has remembered the third and final Spartan teaching where your trophy will unlock.

God of War Ragnarok Full Belly trophy
Silver Trophy

Full Belly
Obtain all of the Apples of Iðunn and Horns of Blood Mead

This is possibly one of the most important trophies to work towards you progress through the story as the Apples of Idunn increase your health and the Horns of Blood Mead increase your Rage meter / activations depending on which of the 3 Spartan Rage teachings you have equipped (See Spartan Ways Silver Image PS for more information).

In order to obtain either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead you will need to find and unlock Nornir Chests which are scattered throughout the realms which can be done by either activating, burning, rotating or ringing 3 Rune pedestals around the local area to be able to loot a given item from the Chest.

Check out the complete Full Belly trophy guide for everything you need to max out both your health and rage meters.

God of War Ragnarok Knock off the Rust trophy
Bronze Trophy

Knock off the Rust
Purchase a Skill

You will earn XP for both Kratos and Atreus as you progress through the game which can then be used to acquire any of the available skills in the game.

During the games’ prologue you will need to buy a skill in order to progress from either the:

  1. Leviathan Axe.
  2. Blades Of Chaos.
  3. Atreus.

Purchase any skill from any of the 3 available skill trees to unlock your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok A Grizzly Encounter trophy
Bronze Trophy

A Grizzly Encounter
Battle the Bear

Story related and cannot be missed.

Take down the first boss: Björn in the mission: Surviving Fimbulwinter to earn your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok Blood Debt trophy
Bronze Trophy

Blood Debt
Battle the God of Thunder

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will fight Thor God of Thunder during the mission: Surviving Fimbulwinter unlocking your trophy at the conclusion of the battle.

God of War Ragnarok Backyard Brawl trophy
Bronze Trophy

Backyard Brawl
Battle the Mysterious Valkyrie

Story related and can not be missed.

At the end of Atreus’ trip to Ironwood he will be ambushed, take down all who appear to earn your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok Root of the Problem trophy
Bronze Trophy

Root of the Problem
Battle Níðhögg

Story related and can not be missed.

Continue through Vanaheim to battle the Nidhogg, just make sure you have upgraded Kratos a decent amount as this boss hits like a truck.

God of War Ragnarok The Cauldron trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Cauldron
Destroy Grýla’s cauldron

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will face Grýla in the Ironwood as Atreus, take her down to earn your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok Off the Leash trophy
Bronze Trophy

Off the Leash
Battle Garm

Story related and can not be missed.

You will battle Garm in Helheim. I’m not going to give you any spoilers but if your trophy doesn’t unlock when you defeat Garm, keep progressing through the realm and it will all make sense soon enough.

God of War Ragnarok Comeuppance trophy
Bronze Trophy

Battle Heimdall

Story related and cannot be missed.

Heimdall can be fought upon your return to Vanaheim. I’m trying to keep the guide farily spoiler free where I can so to make the fight easier, remember whi Kratos and Brok went to Svartalfheim in the mains story.

Use what you were given in Svartalfheim to make the fight a lot more manageable.

God of War Ragnarok Better Together trophy
Bronze Trophy

Better Together
Battle Hrist and Mist

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will fight both Hrist and Mist right before the end of the game so ensure you’re appropriately geared and levelled as these ladies are a tough challenge to take down.

God of War Ragnarok Phalanx trophy
Silver Trophy

Obtain all Shields

There are 5 Shields to obtain as you progress through the game.

2 Shields are craftable from the Blacksmith leaving the remaining 3 being looted from either Legendary Chests or obtained from through story progression.

Check out the complete Phalanx trophy guide for where to find all 5 Shields.

God of War Ragnarok Collector trophy
Silver Trophy

Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts

Relics are Hilts, they’re the same thing in game and you have a lot to do in order to obtain every one of them including destroying every single Raven in the game, defeating every Berserker boss and a lot more besides.

Check out the complete Collector trophy guide for exactly what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok Dragon Slayer trophy
Silver Trophy

Dragon Slayer
Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set

Continue through the story to where you acquire Freyr’s Boat and complete the Scent of Survival Favour in Vanaheim which will take you a new hidden area called The Crater.

Once there you will be able to craft the Dragon Scaled Armor set at any Blacksmith although you will more than likely be missing some of the crafting materials at first.

You will naturally acquire the crafting materials required as you complete Invasive Species Silver Image PS and do everything required to get every collectible you need along the way to unlocking The Bear and the Wolf Platinum Image PS.

Once you have earnt Invasive Species, you can then got o any Blacksmith and craft the Dragon Armour which is one of the most powerful armour sets the game.

God of War Ragnarok How It's Going trophy
Silver Trophy

How it’s Going
Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil

You will firstly need to acquire the Amulet of Yggdrasil which is dropped by Nidhögg during the main story in Vanaheim, The Abandoned Village.

Once you have the Amulet you will see you have 9 slots, 2 are ready for use and the other 7 will be broken.

In order to fix the broken slots you will need to find 7 Jewels of Yggdrasil which are scattered throughout the realms.

Check out the complete How it’s Going trophy guide to find all 7 Jewels of Yggdrasil and how to repair the Amulet.

God of War Ragnarok Funeral for a Friend trophy
Silver Trophy

Funeral for a Friend
Attend the funeral

After you have completed the main game head back to Svartalfheim and speak with Lúnda at any Blacksmith where you will begin the Funeral for a Friend Favour.

Go to Nidavellier’s Tavern and interact with the corpse (you will know who when you get there, I won’t spoil it for you).

Head to Sverd Sands which can be accessed by going left from the Aurvangar Wetlands Mystic Gateway on Svartalfheim and riding the Ferry back across to where Kratos, Atreus and Tyr escaped The Applecore much earlier in the story.

Once there, attend the Funeral following the prompt where you will earn your trophy at the Funerals’ conclusion.

God of War Ragnarok Rebel Leader trophy
Bronze Trophy

Rebel Leader
Return the Hammer of the Rebellion

The Hammer of the Rebellion is the item you are going for during the favour Spirit of Rebellion which can be accessed after you have forged the Draupnir Spear and have ridden the train down with Freya, where, opposite the Mystic Gateway will be Durlinn asking to have a word.

Click the link to go to the complete Rebel Leader trophy guide.

God of War Ragnarok New Friends trophy
Bronze Trophy

New Friends
Fetch Lúnda’s orb

Once you have cleared the story section of Vanaheim and have left Freyr’s camp you can, at any time the story allows free roam or after completing the main game head back to Vanaheim to the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway then head left along the river to the Smith shop opposite the Cliffside Ruins dock where you can talk with Lúnda accepting the, The Mysterious Orb favor to retrieve her lost orb.

Check out the complete New Friends trophy guide to see what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok Full Gufa trophy
Silver Trophy

Full Gufa
Free the Hafgufas

You will be able to free the Hafgufas in Alfheim which I recommend doing after acquiring the Draupnir Spear as the enemies can be a challenge if you’re underpowered.

Head left from The Strönd Mystic Gateway in to The Canyons then ride the sled through to The Barrens where you can start working towards freeing the Hafgufas.

Check out the complete Full Gufa trophy guide to see what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok Making Amends trophy
Silver Trophy

Making Amends
Free the Lyngbakr

You can get this at any point in the game once you can free roam around Svartalfheim, either near the start of the game or later once you have the Draupnir Spear, the choice is yours.

The Lyngbakr is found in the middle of the Northern section of Bounty Bay and requires you to do a good few things to free it.

Check out the complete Making Amends trophy guide to see what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok It Was a Good Day trophy
Silver Trophy

It Was a Good Day
Retrieve Mardöll

Mardöll can be acquired in Vanaheim when you have Freya as a companion as part of the Freya’s Missing Peace Favor.

Check out the complete It Was a Good Day trophy guide to see what’s required.

God of War Ragnarok Invasive Species trophy
Silver Trophy

Invasive Species
Complete all of the Crater Hunts

You will need to get over to The Crater in Vanaheim which can’t be done until much later in the game and this trophy can be tough as you will have some tough enemies to take down so I recommend leaving this one as one of your last trophies.

To get to The Crater you will need to acquire Freyr’s Boat in the main story then complete the Scent of Survival Favour in Vanaheim where you will ultimately land in The Crater.

Once in The Crater you can start the Crater Hunts which consist of completing 9 different Favours throughout the 3 main areas inside The Crater.

Check out the complete Invasive Species trophy guide for exactly what to do, where to go and who and what you need to fight to complete every Crater Hunt.

God of War Ragnarok Besties trophy
Silver Trophy

Pet Speki and Svanna

Continue through the game to Midgard, Lake of Nine where you can take down 4 Raider Camps dotted around the area.

The camps you need to take down are:

  1. Raider Hideout found in the Eastern section of the map.
  2. Raider Stronghold which is located in the centre of the map underneath Tyr’s Temple.
  3. Raider Keep which is found in the Southern section of the map.
  4. Raider Fort which is found on the Western side of the map.

The Raider camps shouldn’t pose you too many issues as long as you have been upgrading yourself and your gear as you have been working your way through the game. Keep an eye out for the threat detection markers which will help you roll out of harms way for the most part and keep the pressure on the enemy to whittle them down.

You will have some Radiers who have a blue bar on their shield, if you see a blue health bar, switch to your Blades of Chaos to inflict heavy damage on their shields.

Clearing out the first of the Raider camps will initiate the Animal Instincts favour where you can then follow the quest markers on the map to locate camps or you can look at the image below for their exact locations.

When you have cleared out the 4th camp you will then have a tough fight against the Chieftain: Oluf Nautson who does hit very hard and has a high health pool even on the easier difficulties so ensure you have a good number of upgrades before taking him on to stand a chance of coming out the other side victorious.

After taking Oluf down you can go and interact with your Wolves where your trophy will unlock after the cutscene.

God of War Ragnarok Rightful Place trophy
Silver Trophy

Rightful Place
Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

You can start collecting the Lindwyrms after having visited the Norns in the story then head back to Sindri’s House where Ratatoskr will ask to have a word.

Indulge the Squirrel then collect the Lindwyrm trap for the table allowing you to start collecting the Lindwyrms scattered throughout the realms.

Check out the complete Rightful Place trophy guide for where to find each of the Lindwyrms.

God of War Ragnarok Pure of Hart trophy
Silver Trophy

Pure of Hart
Return the Stags of the Four Seasons

Towards the latter part of the game, upon returning to Sindri’s House you will have a Squirrel calling you over to ring the Chimes. Do so by throwing your Axe at the Chimes there which will give you the Stags of the Four Seasons Favour to complete.

To do so you will need to have reached The Crater in Vanaheim which is done by completing the Scent of Survival Favour.

You will then need to track down and return the 4 Stags to Ratatoskr.

Check out the complete Pure of Hart trophy guide for exactly what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok Trials by Fire trophy
Silver Trophy

Trials by Fire
Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

Muspelheim is one of the realms you can travel to in God Of War Ragnarök and requires you to find 2 Muspelheim Seed halves before you can travel there and confront the trials.

Both Seed halves are found in 2 of Svartalfheim’s Legendary Chests. Check out the Svartalfheim Legendary Chest locations guide for how to open every Legendary Chest in the realm. You are looking for Chests 3 and 9.

Once you have both Muspelheim Seeds, go to any Mystic Gateway and fast travel across to Muspelheim, The Crucible where you can interact with any of the 3 Runic Sword to begin your Trials.

Check out the complete Trials by Fire trophy guide for exactly what you need to do.

God of War Ragnarok Ready for Commitment trophy
Gold Trophy

Ready for Commitment
Fully upgrade one armor set

You can upgrade any armour set in the game, however, there are only a few armour sets you should fully upgrade as your resources are finite in the game.

Personally, I went for the Dragon Scaled Armour set (see Dragon Slayer Silver Image PS for how to craft the armour) as you need to craft it on your way towards unlocking The Bear and the Wolf Platinum Image PS and it is a very powerful set, although the choice is yours.

Before you can fully upgrade the Dragon Scaled Armour you will firstly need to unlock Invasive Species ensuring you collect all of the loot from the Crater Hunts where you will then have a lot of the items required, namely Dragon Tooth and Dragon Claw.

In addition to taking down the Crater Hunts, you will also need to complete the, The Desert Door Favour in Alfheim where you will then receive another set of Dragon Tooth.

Before you can begin The Desert Door Favour, you will firstly need to complete the following 3 Favours:

  1. Secret of the Sands Favour.
  2. Song of the Sands Favour.
  3. Freyr’s Gift Favour.

Take down Gravel Belly, who is a powerful Drake you would of fought variations of during Invasive Species Silver Image PS ensuring you collect its dropped loot.

You can then head to a Blacksmith and select your Armour enabling you to upgrade all 3 pieces of a single set all the way through to level 9.

Upgrading pieces of armour from different sets won’t count and will just waste your resources.

In addition to the Dragon Tooth and Dragon Claw items you will also need a good amount of Hacksilver, 190,000 which can be found throughout the realms, you can also sell the artefacts you acquire as you proceed through The Curator Bronze Image PS.

Finally, you will also need a few rare items to complete the level 9 upgrades for each piece of armour.

Divine Ashes and Smouldering Embers are found in the the Legendary Chests you are awarded upon completing the Trials during Trials by Fire Silver Image PS.

Purified Crystalline can be refined in Vanaheim, The Crater, Wishing Well (where you acquire the 4th Lost Page you need as you work towards Collector Silver Image PS. Smash the 3 large crystals around the lower section of Wishing Well and throw the crystal pieces in to the water.

Here is what you will need in order to upgrade all 3 pieces of the Dragon Scaled Armour which start off at level 6:

Dragon Scaled Breastplate

  • Level 7:
    Dragon Claw: 2.
    Hacksilver: 20,000.
  • Level 8:
    Dragon Claw: 2.
    Divine Ashes: 1,500.
    Hacksilver: 25,000.
  • Level 9:
    Dragon Claw: 3.
    Smouldering Embers: 2.
    Hacksilver: 35,000.

Dragon Scaled Bracers

  • Level 7: 
    Dragon Tooth: 8.
    Hacksilver: 13,500.
  • Level 8:
    Dragon Claw: 1.
    Divine Ashes: 750.
    Hacksilver: 16,500.
  • Level 9:
    Dragon Claw: 1.
    Purified Crystaline: 20.
    Hacksilver: 25,000.

Dragon Scaled Girdle

  • Level 7:
    Dragon Tooth: 8.
    Hacksilver: 13,500.
  • Level 8:
    Dragon Claw: 1.
    Divine Ashes: 750.
    Hacksilver: 16,500.
  • Level 9:
    Dragon Claw: 1.
    Purified Crystalline: 20.
    Hacksilver: 25,000.

Once you have fully upgraded all 3 pieces of any armour set you will then earn your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok Ragnarök trophy
Gold Trophy

Battle the All-Father

Story related and cannot be missed. You will take on the All Father at the end of the main game.

Ensure you upgrade your gear and weapons at a Blacksmith before you start the final mission (you will be told of the point of no return).

Take down the All-Father to earn your trophy.

God of War Ragnarok Grave Mistake trophy
Gold Trophy

Grave Mistake
Battle King Hrólf

You will need to progress the story to where you acquire the Hilt of Skofnung which is a story progression item in Midgard as you are searching for the Norns.

You will then need to find glowing gravestones which are located throughout the realms and house some of the toughest fights in the game.

Ensure you are at least Power Level 8 or above before tackling the Berserkers, especially as some gravestones contain 2 bosses which really ramps up the difficulty level.

King Hrölf will be the final Beserker you can fight and will only appear once all of the other Beserkers have been take down.

Check out the complete Grave Mistake trophy guide for where to find and how to best take down every Beserker Gravestone.

God of War Ragnarok The True Queen trophy
Gold Trophy

The True Queen
Battle Gná

You will firstly need to have beaten the main game then I strongly recommend you get your power level (Look to the top left screen in your in game menu) to level 9 by levelling up your weapons and upgrading your armor where even then and even on the easiest, Give Me Story difficulty you will still have a serious battle on your hands.

Once you’re ready to face off against Gná, head over to Muspelheim, The Crucible, drop down to the Nornir Chest then look right to go through a crawlspace.

Drop off the right side and mantle across to the a new area then once you’re ready, interact with the book on the floor where Gná will drop in and the fight begins.

The battle is tough, there’s no way around it, Gná hits incredibly hard and has a very high health pool. You will need to use every trick in the book including using Runic Arrows if you manage to set her alight, throwing Draupnir into her and detonating them to help prevent an attack and shield parry as best as you can.

Don’t be surprised if this fight takes you a lot of attempts to do as she is just that tough but that said, Gná isn’t an impossible challenge so with practice, learning her moves, learning when to dodge and when to parry will help you out a lot then once you do take the new Valkyrie Queen down, your trophy will unlock.

That’s the God of War Ragnarök trophy guide complete, I hope it helps you through the game.
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