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God Of War Ragnarök Trials By Fire Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok Trials by Fire trophy
Silver Trophy

Trials by Fire
Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Trials By Fire trophy guide where we will help you complete the Trials of Muspelheim.

Before you can access Muspelheim, well, as Kratos at least, you will need to acquire 2 halves of the seed of Muspelheim which are located in 2 separate legendary chests in Svartalfheim, the first of which can be found in Bounty Bay> Althjof’s Rig and the 2nd half being in Alberich Hollow just behind Dragon Beach which can’t be accessed until much later in the game.

Check out the Svartalfheim Legendary Chest Locations for exactly how to acquire both Muspelheim Seed Halves. You need Legendary Chests 3 and 9.

There are 15 Crucible Challenges to complete in total, the first 6 are found at each of the 3 Runic Swords in the back area of the Crucible which also unlocks the Nornir Chest in the middle of the Crucible.

Once both Trials at each of the 3 Swords are complete, you then have a third trial at each of the 3 Swords to push through.

Completing any 2 Trials at any 2 Swords will now create a new Trial at the central sword which appears once you loot the Chaos Flame from the Nornir Chest in the central area.

The trials are tough as you would expect in a game like this so ensure you have every available upgrade for your weapons, companions as well as very good if not, maxed out armour to stand a better chance of getting through what lies before you.

I recommend leaving this as one of your last trophies as the enemies you face can be tough and the added variables the Trial brings can make things a lot more challenging with Trials such as keeping enemies out of a given area or not being hit at all, you will need to be very powerful to take everything down successfully.

You will, for every Trial you complete, unlock a Legendary Chest which contains a wealth of using items including Surtr’s Amour, Divine Ashes and a host of XP, Hacksilver and other goodies that will help you, not only through the latter Trials, but also through the hardest challenges in the game.

The 15 Trials of Muspelheim, what they’re called and how best to approach and deal with the enemies are as follows:

The Crucible Favour

The Crucible Favour will begin once you first go to The Crucible in Muspelheim and will require you to complete the 6 Trials which are available, 2 at each of the 3 Runic Swords, F, N and R.

The F Rune is found in the back area to the left of The Crucible:

The N Rune Sword can be found in the back of The Crucible:

Finally, the R Rune Sword can be found in the back room to the right of The Crucible:

Once The Crucible Favour is complete you will then be able to loot the Nornir Chest which holds a a Chaos Flame.

Thus spawning a new central Runic Sword that we will get to shortly.

Crucible Challenge 1: Weapon Mastery

Runic Sword: F.
Defeat all enemies within the time limit.
Time Limit: 180 seconds (3 minutes).
Rewards: Shoulder Guard Of Undying Pyres, XP, Hacksilver, Divine Ashes.

Interact with the F Rune Sword choosing the Weapon Mastery Trial, where, what you need to do is remove the Shields from the various enemies that show up by using opposing elements.

  • Blue Shields need to be attacked using the Blades of Chaos.
  • Red Shields can be removed quickly using the Leviathan Axe.
  • Black and White shields can be removed quickly using the Draupnir Spear.

Survive whilst you take down all 15 enemies which shouldn’t pose you any sort of challenge if you’re at the end game as I recommended in the intro to this guide to complete the Trial.

Crucible Challenge 2: Flawless

Runic Sword F.
Avoid taking damage.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

This is the 2nd Trial at the F Rune Sword and requires you to take down 15 enemies without being hit once and yes that does include splash damage. Kratos is not permitted to be harmed in any way or it’s an instant fail.

What makes matters worse is the fact you have Nightmares to deal with who can hit you from across the arena as well as several Draugr throwing rocks down at you from above.

Throw the Draupnir Spear in to the Nightmares and explode them to bring them down easily and efficiently allowing you to focus on the Seidr.

Back away when you take a Seidr down as they will explode so pay attention to them until their mist has cleared then focus on the Draugr who appear using Runic Attacks but ensuring you save your Spartan Rage for the Gradunger who can easily end your run with a swipe of its claws or a rush from its horns.

Take down the remaining enemies above you with either thrown Axe or Spear if you haven’t done so already where you will complete the Trial once the 15th enemy has been defeated and Kratos has received no damage during the Trial.

Crucible Challenge 3: Ring Out Challenge

Runic Sword: N.
Opponents rapidly regenerate from any damage.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Bracers Of Undying Pyres, XP, Hacksilver, Divine Ashes.

The Ring out Challenge can be found in the back room of the Crucible at the N Rune Sword and will task you with taking down 21 enemies whose health regenerates incredibly quickly meaning the only effective way of defeating everyone is to throw them into the lava or chasms around the arena.

This is made a great deal simpler if you have the Serpent’s Snare Skill for the Leviathan Axe (Skills>Leviathan Axe> Melee> Serpent’s Snare) where you can hold GGGULTRAR2 to charge up and grapple an enemy throwing them in any direction you are facing.

Hitting an enemy a few times to stun them then using the Serpent’s Snare was the easiest way I found of taking the enemy out, alternatively, you can outpower some of the lower level enemies by throwing 5 Draupnir Spears into them then exploding all 5 Spears to out damage their healing ability.

Pressing GGGULTRAR2 will usually launch an enemy into the air allowing you to juggle them across to an abyss or lava stream which is another effective way of removing the enemies.

As is having the, The Finger of Ruin Runic Heavy Runic Attack you acquire in Niflheim when you have destroyed all 48 of Odin’s Ravens as this ability creates a tornado launching multiple enemies in to the air.

Whichever route you take, send all 21 enemies off to the abyss or lava to complete the Ring Out Challenge Trial.

Crucible Challenge 4: Feed The Rift

Runic Sword: N.
Throw orbs into the realm tear to close it before time runs out.
Time Limit: Wave 1, 60 Seconds. Wave 2, 150 Seconds (2.5 Minutes).
Rewards: Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

A nice, simple challenge where you need to take out glowing enemies who then drop glowing orbs you can pick up then throw them in to the Rift in the centre of the arena.

There will be 2 waves to deal with for this Trial:

  1. Wave 1 will have a timer of 60 seconds and requires 6 orbs to be thrown in to the Rift.
  2. Wave 2 has a timer of 150 seconds (2 and a half minutes) and requires 15 orbs to be thrown in to the Rift to close it down.

Once all 21 orbs have been thrown in to the rift and you have managed to do so within the time limits, the Trial will complete.

Crucible Challenge 5: Population Control

Runic Sword: R.
Kill the elite while keeping the population under the limit.
Time Limit: N.A.
Rewards: Bracers Of Undying Pyres. Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

A fairly simple Trial that tasks you with defeating a Bergsra without allowing more than 4 Grim on to the battlefield.

Using AOE attacks will help a great deal with this trial as you will hit both Grim and Bergsra in the same attack.

The Grim are weak and die quickly when hit with your Blades, that said, don’t neglect your Rage which should be maxed out by this point in the game and focus on the Bergsra as much as you can as once it’s down the Trial will complete.

Crucible Challenge 6: King Of The Hill

Runic Sword: R.
Keep enemies out of the rings until the time expires.
Time Limit: Wave 1, 40 Seconds, Wave 2, 70 Seconds, Wave 3, 90 Seconds.
Rewards: Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

The King of the Hill Trial is accessible once you have completed the first 6 Trials and this one tasks you with killing enemies before there are to many of them who gather in a given ring.

There are 3 waves during this Trial, each one will have its own time limit and you need to not let a crowd gather in any of the rings which are:

  1. Wave 1, 1 Ring, 40 Seconds.
  2. Wave 2, 2 Rings, 70 Seconds.
  3. Wave 3, 3 Rings, 90 Seconds.

Use the Blades for heavy AOE damage against the weaker enemies and only use your Runic / Rage on the tougher enemies who spawn in then ensure there are as few enemies as possible left on the field at the conclusion of the timer where you will then complete the Trial.

Next Set of Trials

Once you have completed all 6 of the initial Trials above, each Sword will then have another Trial you can complete, where, upon completing any 2 Trials at any of the 3 Swords will then unlock a special Trial you can access at the main Sword in the centre of The Crucible.

Try using the newly spawned Runic Sword after looting the Nornir Chest which will then activate The Final Challenges Favour which requires you to complete any 2 Trials at 2 different Runic Swords to unlock a Final Challenge.

The 3 newly accessible Trials are:

  1. Runic Sword F: Rampage.
  2. Runic Sword N: Health Steal.
  3. Runic Sword R: Kill Fuse.

You will, once you complete any of the new Trials at either of the 3 swords to be able to enter one of the Final Challenges at the central Runic Sword.

Crucible Challenge 7: Rampage

Rune Sword: F.
Defeat at least 20 enemies within the time limit.
Time Limit:150 Seconds (2.5 minutes).
Rewards: Smouldering Embers, Asgardian Ingots, Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

The third Trial at the F Runic Sword tasks you with taking down 20 enemies in 150 Seconds (2.5 minutes) which isn’t as difficult as it sounds as a good number of enemies are Wisps and low level Seidr.

You will also have an Ogre to defeat, however, you can stun the Ogre then ride it smashing through most standard enemies in one or two hits so it helps rather than hinders.

Take out the Draugr and the Bergsra whilst focusing on the low power enemies like Wisps as once you have taken down any 20 enemies the Trial will end and every other enemy on the field will be immediately dusted.

Crucible Challenge 8: Health Steal

Rune Sword: N.
Take constant damage, but recover health by dealing damage.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Blazing Embers, Divine Ashes, XP.

During this Trial, your health will slowly ebb away and only refills as you kill enemies whilst working towards the total of 22 kills to complete the Trial.

Keep the pressure on the enemies and save your Runic Abilities and Rage for when the Wight then Light Elves appear in order to despatch them quickly and efficiently without taking too much damage.

Make good use of the wisps as any kill refills your health as well as counts towards the total kills.

Take out 22 enemies without dying to complete the Trial.

Crucible Challenge 9: Kill Fuse

Runic Sword: R.
Rapidly Kill enemies to increase the timer.
Time Limit: Initially 30 Seconds with 8 Seconds added per kill up to a maximum of 30 Seconds.
Rewards: Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

Ensure you are heavily upgraded before attempting this Trial as you will need to take down 22 enemies within 30 Seconds with 8 Seconds added to the timer per kill but not exceeding the 30 Second maximum.

You have some tough enemies to take down as well including Einherjar, Wulvers, Draugr and Grim enemies so managing your Rage and Runic abilities for all 3 of your weapons is vital to success here.

Take down all 22 enemies before the timer hits zero to complete the Trial.

The Final Challenges

Once you have finished all of the above Trials you will then begin what’s called the Final Challenges where you need to go back and repeat any of the Trials you have already done at 2 given Runic Swords to line up the Trial on the main sword in the centre of The Crucible to reveal a new Trial you can attempt.

The Easiest Trials I found to be at each sword were:

  • F Sword: Weapon Mastery.
  • N Sword: Health Steal.
  • R Sword: Kill Fuse.

Of course this is my personal preference, if you find any other challenges easier then repeat the ones you like the most.

The 6 Final Challenges you can face at the central Runic Sword are accessible once you complete 1 Trial at any 2 swords in a particular order which are:

  1. Endurance Challenge: Runic Swords F and N.
  2. Phantom Challenge: Runic Swords R and F.
  3. Shield Breaker Challenge: Runic Swords F and R.
  4. Ring Of Fire Challenge: Runic Swords N and F.
  5. Onslaught Challenge: Runic Swords N and R.
  6. Boss Rush Challenge: Runic Sword R and N.

Complete the 6 Final Challenge Trials above in any order to unlock your Trophy.

Crucible Challenge 10: Endurance Challenge

Activates after using Rune Swords F then N.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass, Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

The Endurance Challenge will begin after you have completing one challenge at the F and N Runic Swords and tasks you with taking on and defeating 99 enemies in one go.

The enemies themselves aren’t that tough to be fair, there’s an Ogre a Gradunger and a ton of Draugr, Seidr and Wretch enemies with a few Nightmares and variations of the enemies throw in.

Make good use of your AOE attacks as well as your rage which you can set at Valour if you’re struggling to heal yourself.

The time limit is there only to serve as a distraction. As long as you get down to business and focus on killing the enemies as quickly as possible you’ll have this done soon enough.

Crucible Challenge 11: Phantom Challenge

Activates after completing Trials at both R then F Runic Swords.
Defeat all enemies.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Surtr’s Scorched Girdle, Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

You will be facing off against a powerful Flame Phantom with an entourage of Barbarians, Gradunger, Draugr who are there to prevent you from smashing the 3 shrines that activate when the Phantom disappears below to recover.

You will be facing off against a powerful Flame Phantom with an entourage of Barbarians, Gradunger, Draugr who are there to prevent you from smashing the 3 shrines that activate when the Phantom disappears below to recover.

Crucible Challenge 12: Shield Breaker Challenge

Activates after using Rune Swords F then R.
Kill grunts to break the Elite enemy’s shield.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Muspelheim’s Force, Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

This can be a rough one as you have an Einherjar Captain who can only be damaged once you have killed the required number of enemies as marked by the counter on screen.

Once the Captain’s shield drops down you will have a few seconds to inflict as much damage as you can before the shield reactivates and you have to take down another wave of enemies whilst not getting hit too many times by the boss.

Halfway through the fight a Centaur, Stalker will charge at you and the same rules will apply to take it down.

Once you have defeated both the Einherjar Captain as well as Stalker, your Trial will be complete.

Crucible Challenge 13: Ring Of Fire Challenge

Activates after using Runic Swords N then F.
Stay within the ring.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Surtr’s Scorched Arm, Divine Ashes, Hacksilver.

Another challenge that can be rough although there are ways to simplify things.

As soon as the fight starts, place a Sigil on the poison brazier then throw the Axe in to the brazier and leave it there where it will stay frozen for the length of the fight.

You will be surrounding by lava save for a small round section you can stay in as you work towards taking down 15 enemies.

The best weapon to use here will be the Draupnir Spear as enemies who are engaged in combat with your companion will rarely come to you so throwing 5 Draupnir Spears then exploding them will deal significant damage.

If you have a group of enemies who are bunched up together then send a charged blast from your Blades to deal heavy AOE damage.

The Axe would be a really good weapon to use here given its not only Frost status but the ability to inflict heavy damage when thrown, however, as you move around the arena, getting caught in the Seidr poison can really rip through your health bar so I didn’t see the benefit personally.

Staying in the circle is vital as the lava can empty your health bar quicker than Thor can empty a carafe of Mead.

Take out 15 enemies to complete the Trial.

Crucible Challenge 14: Onslaught Challenge

Activates after using Runic Swords N then R.
Survive until the time expires.
Time Limit: 300 Seconds (5 Minutes).
Rewards: Muspelheim’s Endurance, Divine Ashes, XP, Hacksilver.

Once you start the Onslaught Challenge you will have 5 minutes (300 seconds) of a constant barrage of enemies coming for you including Dark Elves, Seidr, Wyverns, Barbarians.

You will also be limited on space as the majority of the arena is surrounded by lava leaving you a generous circle to stand in, however, you will be using ranged weapons a good deal as the enemies, for me at least, weren’t overly keen on coming over to where they can be killed. Strange, huh!

Survive for the entire 5 minutes taking down as many enemies as you can to complete the Trial.

Crucible Challenge 15: Boss Rush Challenge

Activates after using Runic Swords R then N.
Defeat a series of challenging enemies.
Time Limit: N/A.
Rewards: Muspelheim’s Essence, XP, Divine Ashes.

For the final challenge on the list, The Boss Rush Challenge, as soon as I saw it I thought, here we go, we’re going to have to do every story boss back to back in epic showdown.

However, this should have been called the “Mini” Boss Rush Challenge as you need to face off against a series of unimpressively weak mini boss enemies such as a Traveller, a Centaur, a Dark Elf Captain, Light Elf Captain and an Einherjar Captain all of which shouldn’t pose you any real difficulty at all, especially given the fact they come at you one by one making the fight a lot more manageable.

Take down every enemy who appears to complete the Trial.

Complete every Trial of Fire in The Crucible to unlock your trophy.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Trials by Fire trophy guide complete I hope it helps you complete the Trials of Muselpheim.
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