God Of War Ragnarök The Lost Pages Locations

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök The Lost Pages Locations all of which you will need to collect as you work towards Collector Silver Image PS for acquiring all Hilts and Relics in the game.

There are 4 Lost Pages to find throughout 3 of the 9 realms and before you can acquire them all, you will firstly need to have completed several Favours along the way which are:


Once you have completed all of the Favours above you will then be free to collect the Lost Pages which will unlock Relic crafting at the Blacksmith by going Special Items> Relics.

The Lost Pages will be necessary to Craft 4 Hilts and 1 Relic which also require other items or to complete the main story, however, you won’t be able to unlock Collector without firstly acquiring all 4 Lost Pages which are as follows:

The Lost Page 1

Midgard, Lake Of Nine, The Lost Treasury.

Before you can access this Lost Page, you will firstly need to gain access to The Lost Treasury in Midgard which is done by completing the Sigrun’s Curse Favour then climb the gold chain at the back of room.

Turn around once up on the higher level, look down at the floor below and tap GGGULTRACC to smash through the floor to a hidden location and collect the Lost Page.

The Lost Page 2

Alfheim, The Barrens.

Ensure you have firstly completed the Secret of the Sands Favour in The Barrens which will subdue the sand storm then head over to the building in the North West section.

Clear out the Dark Elves then head around under the bandstand to find the Lost Page on the floor.

The Lost Page 3

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

You will need to complete the Song of the Sands Favour subduing the sand storm in The Forbidden Sands which will also unlock Full Gufa Silver Image PS then head East to The Elven Sanctum.

Mantle up the cliff and go through both sets of doors where you will come to a section full of tables.

Go over to the back left of the room to find the Lost Page on a table.

The Lost Page 4

Vanaheim, The Crater, Wishing Well.

Once either the Trail of the Dead or Path of Destruction Favours have been completed in Vanaheim, The Crater, The Jungle you will have removed the 2 Ogres who are throwing rocks at you making the gate you need to open inaccessible no longer an issue.

Either of the 2 Favours listed above can completed after finishing both the Scent of Survival and Return of the River Favours where you not only get to The Crater, you will also flood The Crater making every area accessible.

Start from the, Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway, go round to the left and grapple across the water. Pull the chain opening the gate and go through the passage clearing the Wretch Nest.

Throw a Spear in to the wall then mantle up, squeeze through the passage and go through opening the gate to Wishing Well.

Take a left mantling up to the upper platform, go through the open archway where you will be overlooking The Plains then pick up the Lost Page on the floor to your left.

That’s where to find and how to collect all of The Lost Pages in God Of War Ragnarök.

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