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God Of War Ragnarök The Librarian Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok The Librarian trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Librarian
Collect all of the Books

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök The Librarian trophy guide where we will help you collect all of the books throughout the game.

In total there are 14 books to collect which are Kvasir’s Poems, which you will naturally collect as you progress towards The Curator Bronze Image PS as the poems are also classed as artefacts.

Kvasir’s Poems are fairly easy to collect for the most part with some needing you to solve puzzles or battle through enemies all of which we’re here to guide you through along the way.

To see which of the 14 of Kvasir’s Poems you have collected in game go GGGULTRATP> Goals> Artefacts> Kvasir’s Poems, however, this list won’t appear until you collect at least 1 Poem.

The 14 Kvasir’s Poems as they appear in game are:

  1. The Sunrise of Nothingness.
  2. Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance.
  3. We Who Remain, Part the Second.
  4. Tool and Bang.
  5. Afterlife Abandonment.
  6. Visions After Rest.
  7. Spirits Within Walls.
  8. Celestial Construct.
  9. Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked On Maps.
  10. Trip.
  11. Eastern Spectre.
  12. An Organisation: In The Future.
  13. Sanguinity.
  14. The Dead Do Not Ride.

However, whilst you can collect them in the order the appear in game, to optimise your time and if you’re following along with the rest of our God Of War Ragnarök guides you will be better off collecting them in the following order to ensure you will be strong enough to take down the enemies you will encounter along the way:

  1. Kvasir’s Poem 1: The Sunrise of Nothingness.
  2. Kvasir’s Poem 2: Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance.
  3. Kvasir’s Poem 4: Tool and Bang.
  4. Kvasir’s Poem 5: Afterlife Abandonment.
  5. Kvasir’s Poem 6: Visions After Rest.
  6. Kvasir’s Poem 7: Spirits Within Walls.
  7. Kvasir’s Poem 9: Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked On Maps.
  8. Kvasir’s Poem 14: The Dead Do Not Ride.
  9. Kvasir’s Poem 3: We Who Remain, Part the Second.
  10. Kvasir’s Poem 13: Sanguinity.
  11. Kvasir’s Poem 8: Celestial Construct.
  12. Kvasir’s Poem 10: Trip.
  13. Kvasir’s Poem 12: An Organisation: In The Future.
  14. Kvasir’s Poem 11: Eastern Spectre.

Once you have collected all 14 Kvasir’s Poems and have you trophy, you can sell the Poems at any Blacksmith where you can then view them on the bookcase in Sindri’s House allowing to see some nice PlayStation references for games like Astro’s Playroom, Bloodborne and plenty of other PlayStation exclusives.

The 14 Kvasir’s Poems you need to collect are as follows:

Kvasir's Poem 1: The Sunrise of Nothingness

Svartalfheim, Aurvangar Wetlands.

Continue through to the area where you need to open the geyser after dealing with the Cursed Grim ambush, freeze the geyser in the structure then throw the axe dropping the block down quickly before the block raises back up to its original position.

From here, jump on the platform and throw the axe at the now open geyser to propel you up to the higher platform.

Look directly forward as you step off the block to find the Kvasir’s Poem: The Sunrise of Nothingness on the bench.

Kvasir's Poem 2: Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance

Svartalfheim, Nidavellir.

Dock your boat then head up to the upper level near Odin’s statue and talk to Sindri who will upgrade your bow.

Clear out the ambush then head back down to the lower level on the dock.

Aim at the glowing shield wall and tap GGGULTRASQ to have Atreus shoot a volley of arrows breaking the shield wall allowing you to go through and collect the Kvasir’s Poem, Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance from the table.

Kvasir's Poem 3: We Who Remain, Part the Second

Svartalfheim, Bounty Bay, Lyngbakr Island.

Before you can get to this poem, you will first need to raise the Lyngbakr out of the water. Please click the link to go to the Making Amends trophy guide where we will walk you through exaclty what you need to do in order to free the Lynbakr.

Take the boat to the Southern dock on Lynbakr Island, climb the wall then go left around the path and climb the gold chain.

Look left and climb the wall up to the ledges above you where you can jump across the gaps to the final ledge.

Look to the right on the floor to find Kvasir’s Poem 3: We Who Remain, Part the Second on the floor.

Kvasir's Poem 4: Tool and Bang

Svartalfheim, Jarnsmida Pitmines.

Head through the area to just before you go into the mines then take the path on your right going back on yourself, look up to your right and activate the switch with GGGULTRACC to change the direction of the water feed which will bring a large block around to your position.

Jump on to the block then throw your Axe at the water channel to freeze the water allowing the block to move back to it’s original position with you on top, drop down the edge of the block the jump the gap to the adjacent ledge once it stops.

Follow the path to the top where you will be able to collect Kvasir’s Poem 4: Tool and Bang from the floor.

Kvasir's Poem 5: Afterlife Abandonment

Alfheim, The Strönd.

Follow the main path through the crack in the wall from the start and follow Tyr through to the Twilight Stone you need to throw your axe at to clear the way then take down the ambush.

Drop down to your left, smash through the barrels where you will be ambushed again. Take them down and go over to the right to collect the Kvasir’s Poem: Afterlife Abandonment.

Kvasir's Poem 6: Visions After Rest

Alfheim, Temple of Light.

Cross the chasm using the 3 grapple points Tyr makes for you then go to the top of the spiral staircase in front of the wall of light.

Take a right through an open section of wall and mantle up then go round to the left to find Kvasir’s Poem: Visions After Rest on the floor.

Kvasir's Poem 7: Spirits Within Walls

Alfheim, Temple of Light.

Proceed through the biome to where you need to drop down and use the wheel to lower the Twilight Stone to the 2nd level then throw your axe when the marker turns blue which will open the light gate.

Once through the archway take the first left into a small room where you can collect the Kvasir’s Poem: from the table.

Kvasir's Poem 8: Celestial Construct

Alfheim, The Barrens.

I recommend you clear the sand storm in The Barrens by completing the Secret of the Sands Favour making the are a lot easier to navigate.

Once you’re ready, come out of the open gate where The Canyon meets The Barrens and head West across the desert to the large skeleton which you can enter through the mouth, mantle up then take down the Grim and Wretch ambush.

Once all enemies are down, climb the back wall then look to your right to find Kvasir’s Poem 8, Celestial Construct on the floor.

Kvasir's Poem 9: Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked On Maps

Vanaheim, The Southern Wilds.

Head through the Wilds to where you go through a stone corridor with exploding poisonous plants then go round to the left run across diagonally to the left going behind the wall (story progression).

Mantle up to the left twice, go forward then left kicking down the shield off left edge of the roof, hang over the edge where you can press GGGULTRACC to smash through the floor below into the room which contains Kvasir’s Poem: Spirits Within Walls.

Kvasir's Poem 10: Trip

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

Firstly, ensure you have completed both the Secret of the Sand and the Song of the Sands Favours which will calm the sand storm in both The Barrens as well as The Forbidden Sands.

Coming out from the archway leading from The Hjarta to The Forbidden Sands, take a right along to the the watchtower you can climb inside of to find Kvasir’s Peom 10: Trip on the floor of the watchtower.

Kvasir's Poem 11: Eastern Spectre

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Sinkholes.

Coming out of the Temple from where you acquired Kvasir’s Poem 12: An Organisation: In The Future, go back around past the start of The Plains heading straight to a zipline.

You might have some enemies to take down including Wisps and Wights, it’s random as to whether or not they will be there, if they aren’t then great but if they have spawned then take them down and push forward.

Once at the bottom of the zipline, go right then freeze the poison plant with the Axe and go round the corner where you will begin the Quaking Hollow Favour (we’ll get to that shortly).

Continue through the area swinging across the grapple point then mantle up the wall. Clear the poison pod on the ceiling then throw the Spear in to the wall clearing the way to an arena where a Dragon will incinerate a group of Seidr.

Go right taking out 2 Seidr then throw a Spear into the Pillar the Dragon will be on on the right side of the area and blow it away whilst avoiding the attacks as best as you can.

Go left to the next pillar and repeat the process, throwing the Spear in to the weak point of the pillar and blow it which will remove the Dragon from the area.

Make your way all the way to the right and pull the chain removing the gate out of your path then continue forward, clear the red vines in the usual way then look through the crack in the wall on the left side where you can throw the Axe through the crack freezing the plant allowing you to squeeze through the adjacent crack in the wall.

Climb the stairs then take down the 2 Seidr over the chasm by throwing either your Axe or Draupnir at them and look up where you can place a Sigil on the vines above you close enough to allow you to hit the Sigil with a blast from your Blades allowing you to grapple across.

Head forward then drop down in to the ravine, go through the crawlspace where you will have a tough fight against Crag Jaw, a giant Dinosaur who likes to tail whip you, stomp, bite, gore and smash you around.

It has 2 a weak point on either front leg you can throw a Spear in to then blow the Spear to topple the creature allowing you to inflict some heavy punishment.

Once Crag Jaw is down you will complete the Quaking Hollow Favour.

Clear the vines against the back wall allowing you to squeeze through the gap, climb the stairs to find Kvasir’s Poem 11: Eastern Spectre on the floor in front of a corpse in front of you.

Kvasir's Poem 12: An Organisation: In The Future

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Before you can get to The Crater you will need to continue through the main game to where you acquire Freyr’s Boat then complete the Scent of Survival Favour which will end with you being in The Crater which you can return to at any point free travel is allowed using a Mystic Gateway.

From the start of The Crater, mantle up then drop down, head left jumping across the Chasm then continue forward either dealing with or running past the enemies whilst avoiding the Dragon above you.

Continue forward dealing with the poison pods on the way to dropping down then swing across both grapple points where you can mantle up to the Celestial Altar in front of you changing the time of day from Day to Night.

From here, kick the shield off the grapple point in front of you then go round to the right dealing with the enemies if they get in the way.

Drop down again and go over the rock bridge taking you around to a temple with 2 Dragon statues outside that have their mouths lit up.

Inside the temple you will have 2 Seidr to deal with, one with a fire and one with an ice shield so take them out then head right avoiding the poison pods as you go.

Look to the left of the chasm to find a wall you can climb across then once on the bottom, turn around to the right where you will see Kvasir’s Poem 12: An Organisation: In The Future against the back wall.

Kvasir's Poem 13: Sanguinity

Svartalfheim, The Applecore.

You will need to progress the story to where you acquire the Draupnir Spear then after riding the train car down with Freya you can at any time go back to Aurvangar Wetlands, go left and ride the ferry across to Sverd Sands, take down the Bergsra then follow the path along to the elevator you can ride down back in to the Applecore area.

Once you’re in the Applecore, follow the path around dealing with the enemies and the Revenants at the bottom who you will need to fire arrows at to be able to hit them.

Go to the end of the path, throw a spear in to the spear point and mantle up to the corridor above.

Head forward and throw the Spear in to the rock in front of you that is glowing yellow, explode the rock and head through then look to the right just pass a dead Grim where you will find Kvasir’s Poem: Sanguinity on the floor.

Kvasir's Poem 14: The Dead Do Not Ride

Midgard, Lake of Nine, Shores of Nine, The Oarsmen.

The Oarsmen is a dungeon you can access in the Northern section of the Lake of Nine by jumping over a log and lifting a stone out of the way where you will be in the Shores of Nine area, burn the vines on your right then jump across the gap where you can descend down in to the Oarsmen which is a tough area so ensure you are appropriately levelled before proceeding.

Deal with the initial ambush then climb the wall at the back of the area where you will then be ambushed by a Centaur and some ice-shielded Hel-Raiders so take them all down.

Climb the gold chain against the back right wall and jump down to the ground below where you can pull the large chain forward slightly moving the ship revealing a staircase.

Descend the stairs and take out the Wisp ambush, open the gate over to your left and head back through to the starting area.

Climb back up the wall you previously climbed to fight the Centaur where you will now be able to access a hidden room after having moved the ship above where you will find Kvasir’s Poem: The Dead Do Not Ride on the floor.

Once you have collected all 14 of Kvasir’s Poems your trophy will unlock.

Now that you have all of Kvasir’s Poems you’re well on your way to earning The Curator Bronze Image PS for collecting all of the artefacts throughout the game.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök The Librarian trophy guide complete I hope it helps you find all of the books.
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