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God Of War Ragnarök The Desert Door Favour

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök The Desert Door Favour guide where we will help you unlock the way through to a powerful Drake: Gravel Belly.

Before you can access the, The Desert Door Favour, you will have several Favours to complete first which are:


Upon completing the Freyr’s Gift Favour, the statue of Freyr will spawn a sword revealing the treasure that was previously hidden inside the purple crystal discs around The Forbidden Sands.

If you have finished the Freyr’s Gift Favour and are stuck in the area you get out by collecting the light crystal underneath the light bridge with the Twilight Stone then take the crystal round to the right underneath the light bridge you used to come down in to the area from The Forbidden Sands.

This will reactivate the light bridge allowing you to leave.

Whilst there is a fair amount of useful treasure scattered throughout the area now, you are looking for both halves of the Alfheim Barrens Key Half the first or closest of which will be to the right of the area containing Freyr’s Statue just pass where you freed the Hafgufa in the Song of the Sands Favour.

Finding the first half of the key will then begin The Desert Door Favour which is an important Favour to complete as the reward you will receive will allow you to, as long as you have the other required items, enable you to craft a Hilt required for Collector Silver Image PS.

The next half of the key is found just to the right of the entrance where The Forbidden Sands and The Hjarta meet.

Collect both key halves then travel back across the sands going pass the entrance to The Burrows you would have used in the Song of the Sands Favour to a pillar you can mantle up, then, if it’s your first time here, smash through the wall and clear the Light Elves then go to the door on the left.

If you’ve been here before then jump through the gap and head over to the door on your left where you can use the fully formed key to open the door only to have a powerful Drake: Gravel Belly come smashing through the wall at you.

Gravel Belly can be a real challenge if its your first Drake you have fought as it is as tough as it is angry, will come at you with goring, swiping, smashing, slamming and all other manner of melee attacks.

There are 2 weak points on either front leg you can throw Draupnir in to which will fell the beast for a few seconds allowing you to get some hits in against its exposed stomach area.

Ensure you use your Runic abilities as well as manage your Rage and Health meters as you bring Gravel Belly down where the Favour will then complete.

Collect all of the loot from Gravel Belly which will include the important item: Skirnir’s Gambanteinn enabling you to craft the Hilt of Angrvadall which is required along the way to completing Collector Silver Image PS.

That’s how to begin and complete the God Of War Ragnarök The Desert Door Favour.

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