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God Of War Ragnarök The Curator Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok The Curator trophy
Bronze Trophy

The Curator
Collect all of the Artifacts

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök The Curator trophy guide where we will help you collect all of the artefacts.

There are 43 artefacts to acquire as you progress through the game 14 of which are Kvasir’s Poems which once you have found all of them will unlock The Librarian Bronze Image PS leaving you 29 artefacts to collect broken down in to 4 sets of 6 and 1 set of 5.

The first 4 Artefact sets listed below will require you to collect the Artefacts as they appear, whereas the final Set, Spirit Mementos will require you to collect 10 halves of each of the 5 Artefacts to be able to complete the set so whilst there are fewer total artefacts, you will have more to collect overall.

You will need to complete several Favours along the way as you progress towards collecting every Artefact which are:

  • Secret of the Sands: Clear the sand storm on Alfheim in The Barrens.
  • Song of the Sands: Clear the 2nd sand storm in Alfheim in The Forbidden Sands which will also unlock Full Gufa Silver Image PS.
  • Scent of Survival: Required to access The Crater in Vanaheim where you will find the Spirit Mementos Artefact Set.
  • Return of the River: Required to return the water to The Crater making all of the areas accessible as long as you are strong enough to take down the foes you’ll face along the way.

To see which artefacts you have out of a particular set go: GGGULTRATP> Goals> Artefacts then scroll down to a particular set, none of which will be viewable until you have at least 1 artefact from a given set.

All artefacts can be acquired as you make your way through the story or after you have completed the main game.

You can find the complete guides for each of the 5 Artefact Sets as well as how to acquire every Kvasir Poem below:

  1. Things Left Behind.
  2. Stolen Treasures.
  3. Family Crests.
  4. Tributes to Freyr.
  5. Spirit Mementos.
  6. Kvasir’s Poems.

Once you have collected each of the 29 artefacts as well as all 14 Kvasir’s Poems your trophy will then unlock.

Things Left Behind Artefact Set

You can acquire the Things Left Behind Artefacts in Svartalfheim after completing the prologue.

Check out the complete Things Left Behind Artefact set guide for exactly where the artefacts are and how to find them.

Stolen Treasures Artefact Set

The Stolen Treasures Artefact set can be found in Midgard once you have access to The Lake of Nine.

Check out the complete Stolen Treasures Artefact set guide for how to find all 6 Artefacts in the set.

Family Crests Artefact Set

You can collect the Family Crests Artefact set in Vanaheim, River Delta once have have defeated the Nidhogg.

Check out the complete Family Crests Artefact set guide for where to find each of the 6 artefacts.

Tributes To Freyr Artefact Set

You can acquire the Tributes to Freyr Artefact set in Alfheim after you have unlocked Full Gufa Silver Image PS.

Check out the complete Tributes to Freyr Artefact Set guide for how to collect each of the 6 artefacts required.

Spirit Mementos Artefact Set

The Spirit Mementos Artefact set can be found in Vanaheim, The Crater.

Check out the complete Spirit Mementos Artefact set guide for how to get to The Crater then collect each of the 10 Artefact halves you need to complete the set.

Kvasir's Poems

Kvasir’s Poems can be found throughout the realms and not only do they count towards The Curator, you will also unlock The Librarian Bronze Image PS when you have found all 14.

Check out the complete The Librarian trophy guide for exactly where to find all 14 of Kvasir’s Poems.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök The Curator trophy guide, I hope it helps you collect all of the artefacts.
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