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God Of War Ragnarök The Burning Skies Favour

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök The Burning Skies Favour where we will help you track down and take out The Ash Tyrant in The Crater, The Sinkholes in Vanaheim.

The Ash Tyrant as well as this Favour will count towards one of the Crater Hunts required as you work towards Invasive Species Silver Image PS. This Favour will show up as a Dragon Hunt on your World overview once the Favour has been completed.

In order to get to The Crater you will firstly need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest where you rescue Freyr then, on your back to the Mystic Gateway you will come across Lúnda’s dog, Helka beginning the Scent of Survival Favour, which, once completed, will land you in The Crater.

You will also need to ensure you have flooded The Crater to get to all of the areas you will need which is done by completing the Return of the River Favour in The Jungle.

We will use the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway as a starting point and I recommend using any Celestial Altar to change the time of day to Day (you make it night time during the Return of the River Favour) as there will be less enemies to contend with.

Mantle over the cliff in front of you and take a right. Cross The Plains then slide down the zipline in to The Sinkholes.

Take a right, freeze the poison plant then make your way through the next section taking out the Seidr if they aggro taking note of the boat on your left as you will need it shortly, swing across and mantle up to the passage.

Remove the poison pod above you and throw a Spear in to the wall clearing the way through to an area where The Ash Tyrant will be cooking some Seidr.

Go round to the right clearing the Seidr as you go then look to the pillar the Dragon will be perched on and throw a Spear in to the pillar removing it.

Head left to the far left pillar throwing another Spear in to the pillar blowing it out of the ay which will then begin the, The Burning Skies Favour.

Go all the way to the right and open the gate using the chain then head back through the way you came to the boat you passed by the Siedr, get in to the boat, row round to the right to the dock behind the arena.

Make your way left pulling the chain opening another gate you can row through to the beach then head right opening the gate into the catacombs.

This next section can be nasty if you’re playing on harder difficulties as the Dragon will turn the passage into a furnace whenever Kratos is out in the open which can hurt a lot and you’re going to need to keep your health up for what’s waiting for you later on.

Head forward where a Draugr will burst out of the wall to your left creating an alcove you can hide in. Take out the Draugr then look across the corridor to the wall to see a weak point you need to throw a Spear in to then leave it there for now.

Continue up the passage to the next alcove, take out the Draugr whilst avoiding the blasts from the Dragon, look across the passage and throw a further 2 Spears in to the rock, then, ensuring all 3 weak points have a Spear embedded in then, blow the rock out of the way.

Clear the Draugr in the corridor then follow it round mantling up to the right then immediately drop back down to avoid a blast from the Ash Tyrant.

Mantle back up and sprint to the left behind the rocks, look across the passage to see another weak point you can throw a Spear in to creating a rock slide giving you a breather from the Dragon.

Climb out of the passage then get ready for a tough fight against a powerful Centaur, The Untamed Fury who will ambush you and can be more of a challenge than the Dragon itself.

Whittle her health down where she eventually leave you be then climb the wall on your left up to the Dragon’s lair.

If you have fought the other 2 Dragon’s in The Crater:


You will know what to expect here, plenty of slashing, biting, flame attacks and swooping blasts to deal with, however, you will, in this fight, have Draugr and even a Bifrost Wyvern to deal with throughout the fight which can make it more of a challenge.

The Dragon, will, at times, perch on pillars around the edge of the arena. These can be cleared by firstly clearing all of the enemies then throw a Spear in to the weak point of the pillar whilst avoiding the attacks from above so roll at the last second to hopefully avoid incoming damage as best as you can.

Ensure you use your Rage for either healing / damage depending on how much you’re struggling as well as using all 3 weapons Runic abilities.

Once The Ash Tyrant is down you will complete the, The Burning Skies Favour and if this, like me was your last Crater Hunt you will also earn Invasive Species Silver Image PS.

That’s how to complete the God Of War Ragnarök The Burning Skies Favour.

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