God Of War Ragnarök Spirit Mementos Artefact Set

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Spirit Mementos Artefact set locations guide where we will help you find and collect the 5 artefacts that make up the Spirit Mementos set which is part of The Curator Bronze Image PS.

To see which artefacts you have collected for the Spirit Mementos artefact set. go: GGGULTRATP> Goals> Artefacts> Spirit Mementos which will only appear after you have collected 1 of the artefacts in the set.

Before you can start collecting the Spirit Mementos you will firstly need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy story quest where you rescue Freyr and more importantly, receive Freyr’s Boat.

Once you have done so, head back to the Mystic Gateway from Freyr’s Camp where you will come across Lúnda’s dog, Helka who is tracking a scent which will start the Scent of Survival Favour which, once completed, will take you to a new area in Vanaheim: The Crater.

The Spirit Mementos Artefact set is different from the other Artefact sets in the game as you will need to find 2 halves of an artefact before it is considered as collected.

Before you attempt to collect the artefacts you will need to complete the Favour: Return of the River in The Jungle which will make every area you need accessible.

The 5 Artefacts which make up the set are:

  1. Brooch First Half.
    Brooch Second Half.
  2. Scroll First Half.
    Scroll Second Half.
  3. Stein First Half.
    Stein Second Half.
  4. Hourglass First Half.
    Hourglass Second Half.
  5. Toy First Half.
    Toy Second Half.

The order we will be collecting them in the video above to make things a lot smoother and more manageable given the enemies you will face along the way are:

  1. Brooch.
  2. Scroll.
  3. Stein.
  4. Toy.
  5. Hourglass.

Collect both halves of each of the 5 Artefacts to complete the Spirit Mementos Artefact set.

Brooch First Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

From the start of The Crater mantle over the cliff in front of you then go over to your left.

Mantle up the ledge and interact with the Artefact on the floor to have a conversation with a Spirit who’s soul has been torn in half initiating the Casualty of War: The Brooch Favour.

Brooch Second Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

The 2nd half of The Brooch can be found by crossing The Plains back the way you came then mantling up the ledge past the poison plants, swing across then mantle up again to the right and head round to the left where you will encounter the very tough, Egil the Oath Guard mini boss who is virtually immune to stagger and hits as hard as his sword is large.

Dodge the unrelenting attacks as best as you can then use your Rage and Runic abilities to wear the boss down to where you can get a fatal strike cleaving his torso in 2.

Once he’s been dealt with head over to where Egil was sitting by the edge of the cliff and collect the second half of the Brooch to complete the Favour.

Scroll First Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Starting from the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway, mantle over the cliff in front of you then go left crossing the chasm. Take down the Draugr and Wyvern whilst avoiding the Dragons attacks then cross The Plains.

Cross The plains taking care around the 2 poison pods, drop down then swing across both chasms past the rock on your right.

Go behind the rock to find an entrance to a passageway you can go down taking care around the poison pods, Wretch and the poison dart pods with the latter being removable by burning the main pod near the end of the passage.

Interact with Runa who will call you over starting the Casualty of War, The Scroll Favour tasking you with finding her remains to helping Runa remember what happened the day she perished.

Scroll Second Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Come out of the passage then mantle up to your right following the path around to the Celestial Altar.

Look to the left of the Altar to find a Mystic Gateway where there will be a cliff you can look off down to the right to see a weak point in the rocks you need to throw a Spear in to.

Once the Spear is in the weak point, leave it there then go right kicking the shield off the edge then drop back down to the area where you fought the Wyvern and Draugr and go round to the left.

You’re looking for the other side of the wall you previously threw 1 Spear in to this time you need to throw 2 Spears in to both weak points of the rock then blow all 3 Spears in order to remove the rocks out of the way.

After clearing the blockage head forward looking over to the left to find the other half of the Scroll on the floor, interact with it to both complete the Favour and more importantly, acquire the Scroll artefact.

Stein First Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Jungle.

You will need to head through to The Jungle and complete the Return of the River Favour to bring the water back to The Crater making all of the previously inaccessible areas able to be accessed.

Once you have completed the Return of the River Favour you will be outside on the edge of the platform looking out over The Jungle, head back in to where you turned the wheel to open the floodgates and go to the end of the path where you can speak with Magnus who will task you with finding his body which is overlooking 3 pools of water.

Stein Second Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Now that we have returned the water to The Crater, go back down in the lift you used to get to Magnus then take the boat over to your right left through the passage pack around to The Plains ensuring that you leave the time of day as Night as you will need the plants out of the way to access the area you need.

Take a left when you’re out in the open and row to the far dock ensuring that both your Runic abilities and Rage meters are recharged as you have a very tough fight against a poisonous Dreki which will start as soon as you drop down in to the arena.

The Dreki will spit poison at you as well as have all of the usual Dreki attacks, biting, clawing, tail swiping etc. Avoid the poison at all costs as it can really rip through your health bar then make good use of your Runic attacks with all 3 weapons as well as your Rage which you might be better suited having set at Valour so you can heal quickly if you need to.

Once the Dreki has been taken down, go over to the right of the arena and interact with the artefact where you will speak to Magnus again completing the Favour as well as acquiring the Stein Artefact.

Hourglass First Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Sinkholes.

Make your way back to The Crater Mystic Gateway (where you first enter The Crater) as it will be easier to get your bearings from here.

Mantle up and over the cliff this time taking a right, continue forward then slide down the zipline.

Take a right freezing the poison plant with your Axe, take out the Seidr if they aggro then swing across to the left.

Mantle up to the ledge, destroy the poison pod above you then throw the Spear in to the weak point of the wall and blast it out of the way where you will come to an arena with a Dragon igniting some more Seidr.

Take out the 2 Seidr to your right then throw the Spear in to the pillar on the right which the Dragon lands on and blow it out of the way.

Head left and wait for the Dragon to land on the left most pillar you can again throw another Spear in to and blow the pillar which will remove the Dragon for the time being (we’ll get to the Dragon later).

Go all the way to the right and pull the chain removing the gate out of your way, clear the vines with a Sigil and blast from your Blades then throw the Axe at the poison producing plant allowing you to squeeze through the crack in the wall.

Head forward then right where you will be able to interact with Sarde before going up the stairs beginning the Casualties of War: The Hourglass Favour.

Hourglass Second Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Sinkholes.

Turn around from Sarde and go back the way you came down to the dock just by the Seidr that are convening in a corridor then row the boat round to the right.

Stay right then dock your boat at the jetty, go left to the end of the path and pull the chain opening up another gate.

Get back in to your boat and follow the river round to the next beach you can dock at and head right through the gate.

Head forward quickly where a Draugr will burst out of the wall to your left. Get in the alcove before the Dragon turns the corridor in to a furnace then look out across the corridor to see a weak point in the right side wall you need to throw your Spear in to then leave it there for now.

Head out and forward where another 2 Draugr will come out of the wall. Take them down without getting hit too many times by the Dragons fire then look across the corridor to see 2 more weak points in the rock you need to throw Spears in to then blow the entire rock formation out of the way.

Head forward and left where you will have several Draugr to deal with along the way which you need to take down efficiently without sustaining too much damage as you need a high amount of health for the next section.

Once you can mantle up to the right you will more than likely take a blast from the Dragon so I hope your health isn’t overly low which will send you back down.

Quickly mantle up again and hug the left wall looking across the corridor to see another weak point you need to destroy with a Spear causing a rock slide blocking the Dragon from getting to you.

Before doing anything else, look on the ground just in front of where the rocks fell to see the 2nd half of the Hourglass which, once collected, will complete the Favour as well as add the Artefact to your collection.

Toy First Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Jungle.

Once you are done with the Dreki and have the Stein, head round to the left, open the gate then make your way across The Plains to the boat you can row back in to The Jungle following the river around to the right then dock at the left side where you will have to deal with a Nokken as well as 2 Wulvers.

Once they’re all done, go to the right of the dock point to speak with Andor who will ask you to reunite the toy with his son thus beginning the Casualties of War: The Toy Favour .

Toy Second Half

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Jungle.

Get back in your boat this time rowing round to the right then head left through the passage to the dock.

Head up the ramp and squeeze through the gap where you will have 2 Ogres as well as 2 Nokken to take out. Take the Nokken down as a priority as they will out heal any damage you do to the Ogres then take out both Ogres one by one.

Once all enemies are dead go to the top right corner where you can speak with Andor again completing the Favour and acquiring the Toy artefact.

That’s the where to find all 5 artefacts that make up the God Of War Ragnarök Spirt Mementos Artefact Set.

Head back to the, The Curator trophy guide to help you find any other Artefacts or any outstanding Kvasir’s Poems you may need.

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