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God Of War Ragnarök Song Of The Sands Favour

Here is the Song of the Sands Favour guide where we will help you free the 2nd Hafgufa trapped under the sands in Alfheim.

Before attempting this Favour, you need to have completed the Secret of the Sands Favour before the area(s) you need to access become accessible and completing both Secret of the Sands and Song of the Sands will earn you Full Gufa Silver Image PS.

When you’re all set, head to the North of The Barrens and use the Chisel on the dish then have Freya speak the Runic word opening the path through The Hjarta to The Forbidden Sands, go straight once in the sand storm taking a right around the back of the structure on your right to find the entrance you can climb down to The Burrows.

The area is a lot more challenging to navigate than The Below where you freed the previous Hafgufa with trickier puzzles and tougher enemies so ensure you’re ready for a fight before descending.

Once you’re down in The Burrows go straight forward clearing the blockage with a Sonic Arrow then jump across the gap dropping down to the level below.

Look to your left once you have dropped down to see a section of wall that you can send a Sonic Arrow into to open the wall section allowing you to send another Sonic Arrow in to the blockade clearing the path.

Continue forward jumping across to the wall then back across getting around the section of wall you just cleared mantling along the wall jumping back and forth until you come to a small cave.

Stand at the back of the cave (the right side wall as you enter) then aim your Axe at the floor which is a Twilight Stone you can ricochet the Axe off removing the heavy inset section of Hive Matter in front of you.

Head forward and clear the Wretch nest continuing forward where you will need to take on an encampment of Grim and Light Elves.

Once all enemies are down, drop down to the lowest level and squeeze through the gap on your right.

Drop off the edge and mantle across to the adjacent ledge where you need to look up to the left against the opposite wall to see a section of wall Freya can open with a Sonic Arrow revealing a Twilight Stone you need to throw the Axe in to clearing the Hive Matter blockage out of the way. You need to do this quickly before the wall closes again.

Jump back over to the wall then across to the newly opened section of the area where you can jump back and forth across the chasm to a section of wall you can climb down.

Deal with the Grim and Light Elves who will ambush you then climb the back wall.

Once up top, drop down to your left and look up where you need to throw the Axe through 3 weak sections of Hive Matter clearing the way through to the Hafgufa who is currently trapped.

Look to the left of the Hafgufa to see an archway of Hive Matter you can throw the Axe through to the Twilight Stone which ricochets back clearing a strong section of Matter out of the way revealing a grapple point.

Swing across then look to your right aiming to the top left corner to see another section of wall Freya can open with a Sonic Arrow revealing a Twilight Stone you need to throw the Axe in to clearing one third of the Hive Matter.

Jump back across and go to your right when looking at the Hafgufa, line up another throw with the Axe through more weak points of Hive Matter clearing the next third of the blockage.

To free the final section of Hive Matter around the Hafgufa, swing back across then look up, carefully line up the Axe ensuring it goes through all 3 weak points which will then free the bonds trapping the Hafgufa in place.

Next up, we need to escape The Burrows and get back up to the surface to free the Hafgufa from its current confinement.

Jump back across heading through the now open doorway, drop down and take out the Bergsra and the Grim who are waiting for you and climb the wall over to your right.

Climb, mantle and jump your way up and around the cavern to the ledge above then stand on the right side of the higher platform looking to your left where you can throw the Axe in to the higher of the 2 Twilight Stones which then ricochet down to another Twilight Stone ultimately finding its way into the Hive Matter blockage which will reveal another grapple point once it’s been cleared.

Head up to the next ledge, turn around and throw the Axe at the right side of the pedestal’s gold disc twice to reveal another Twilight Stone, throw the Axe in to the Twilight Stone on the left of the cavern so it bounces into the newly revealed Twilight Stone enabling the Axe to clear another Hive Matter blockage revealing yet another grapple point.

Grapple across and climb the wall where you can jump through the adjacent section of wall then head right to exit taking down the last remaining Light Elf in the process then climb back to the surface.

Once out, follow the mission marker or go around to the South West aiming towards the light in the distance then clear the last section of Hive Matter by freezing then smashing it out of the way ultimately freeing the Hafgufa from its prison which will then not only complete the Favour, it will also unlock Full Gufa Silver Image PS for having freed both Hafgufa’s in Alfheim.

That’s how to complete the Song of the Sands Favour in God Of War Ragnarök unlocking Full Gufa Silver Image PS in the process.

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