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God Of War Ragnarök Sigrun's Curse Favour

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Sigrun’s Curse Favour where we will help you open the vault in The Lost Treasury which you will need to do as you work towards Collector Silver Image PS.

You will be able to start and complete the Sigrun’s Curse Favour once you get to Midgard, Lake Of Nine either before or after you find the Norns in the story and I recommend ensuring you have applied all available upgrades or come back later in the game as you will have a good number of powerful enemies to take on along the way.

Firstly, we need to find 2 halves of the Fjoturlund Vault Key which are at the back of 2 Raider infested areas.

Once you’re ready to begin, head to The Oarsmen in the Northern section of the Lake Of Nine in the Shores of Nine region, burn the bramble to your right and head down the stairs where you will be ambushed by a group of Raiders.

Take them all down and climb the wall to the right of the back wall and take out the Raider and Centaur ambush which can be a tough fight.

Climb the gold chain then drop down and pull the ships’ anchor chain revealing a stair case you can descend, taking out the Wisps as you go.

Once all enemies are down, head forward and look left before opening the gate to find the first half of the Fjoturlund Key on the Altar then leave The Oarsmen going back to the Lake of Nine.

For the second half of the Key, cross the Lake of Nine heading South West through to The Derelict Outpost. Take out the Raiders if its your first time here then climb the chain up to the Outpost.

Proceed forward swinging across the grapple point and hit the gold disc on the right side of the crane with the Axe bringing it round allowing you to grapple across.

Clear the Wisps by smashing their shrine at the back of the area then hit the gold disc on the right of the next crane swinging the grapple point round.

Jump across then go left using the chain to bring another crane up and swing across clearing the Raider ambush as you go.

Mantle up to the left then follow the path right taking out the Wisps and Raider waiting for you, smash through the ice then drop down to your right.

Use the chain to bring the crane down, hit the gold disc on the right with the Axe to swing the crane round then use the chain to send the crane back up then use the grapple point to swing across the chasm.

Mantle up then look left and mantle up again to find the second half of Fjoturlund’s Key on the shrine then make your way back to your sled (take a right dropping down. Kill the Wight then slide back down the chain).

Once you’re back on your sled, head forward out of the gorge and take a right going round to The Lost Treasury.

Clear the Raiders then grapple the shield to the right, climb the shield then destroy the pot in front of you dropping the pillar down.

Continue forward clearing the Wisps then drop back down to the lower level, grapple the shield to the left then climb back up and around to the pillar.

Latch on to the pillar then send it to the left where it will hang off the edge of the platform.

Drop back down and grapple the shield to the right one last time where the shield will get caught up on the pillar allowing you to access the gate.

Use the wheel in front of you to open the gate then have Freya / Atreus place a Runic Sigil on the gear to the right and throw your Axe at the Sigil freezing the gear.

Repeat the process for the gear on the left then sprint through the open gate before the gears defrost meaning you have to repeat the steps above, where,  Once you’re through the gate you will be locked in.

Turn around and throw your Axe at the blue disc on the right of the gate to sever the mechanism causing the gate to remain open.

Place a Runic Sigil on the vines over to your right and remove them with a blast from your Blades then take out the Traveller who can be a challenge if you’re under powered as they’re pretty much immune to stagger and your attacks will rarely interrupt his own.

Once all enemies are down, Freya will go over to where Sigrun’s Brother once sat where you can then go and read the Lore tablet completing the Sigrun’s Curse Favour.

That’s how to complete the God Of War Ragnarök Sigrun’s Curse Favour.

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