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Rightful Place
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Rightful Place
Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Rightful Place trophy guide where we will help you return every Lindwyrm to Ratatoskr.

You can start collecting the Lindwyrms after having visited the Norns in the story then head back to Sindri’s House where Ratatoskr will ask to have a word.

Indulge the Squirrel then collect the Lindwyrm trap from the table allowing you to start collecting the Lindwyrms scattered throughout the realms.

Lindwyrms are found within Yggdrasil Rifts which are located throughout the Realms and are trackable through the World Overview for a given realm.

Go to an Yggdrasil Rift’s location, interact with the Rift where the Lindwyrm will burst out and attack Kratos allowing you to mash GGGULTRACC capturing the Lindwyrm where it will be stored in the Lindwyrm trap.

Once you have collected all 6 Lindwyrms, head back to Sindri’s House and speak with Ratatoskr to safely return all of the Lindwyrms to the Squirrel.

The 6 Lindwyrms can be found at the following locations:

Lindwyrm 1

Svartalfheim, The Forge.

After taking out the nightmare Nests with Brok as you are learning how to wield the Draupnir Spear you will go through a crack in the cliff to an area where the Grim are being possessed by the Nightmare Parasites.

Take out all of the enemy then go forward from the crack you came through, turn around and look up where you can throw your Spear in to a Spear point on the cliff then throw another Spear in to the cliff to the left where you usually would to progress the story.

Jump up on the 2nd spear, turn left and jump the gap where you will be able to interact with the Yggdrasil Rift, spawning the Lindwyrm you can trap by mashing GGGULTRACC.

Lindwyrm 2

Svartalfheim, Dragon Beach, Alberich Hollow.

Go to Dragon Beach on the South East section of Bounty Bay just below the Watchtower and climb the chain on your left.

Throw the spear in to the spear point and mantle up then grapple across and go left to cross the bridge.

Take down the Bergsra where you can grab a bomb from the pedestal and throw it into the debris clearing the way then take out the Grim ambush.

Throw another bomb at the debris which blocks your path after allowing your Runic abilities for your weapons to recharge and also ensure you are at full health as you have a tough boss to take down: Ormstunga, a very powerful Grim with a decent health pool and high damage output.

Once Ormstunga is down go to the end of the path and mantle up to the left to be on a ledge where you will see an Yggdrasil Rift, interact with the rift then mash GGGULTRACC to capture the Lindwyrm.

Lindwyrm 3

Svartalfheim> Bounty Bay> Alberich Island.

Once you have the Draupnir Spear, head to Alberich Island in the Norhtern part of Bounty Bay, clear the enemies then throw the spear into the wall on the right and mantle up.

Follow the path around and have a Sonic arrow hit the debris blocking the path to clear the way then head down to the end of the path.

Look right and throw a Spear in to the rock below, where, once exploded with GGGULTRATR will bring the grapple point up to the higher level allowing you to jump across to the platform below.

Once on the platform, look left to find the Yggdrasil Rift you can go to, interact with then capture the Lindwyrm.

Lindwyrm 4

Svartalfheim, The Applecore.

In order to get back to the Applecore, you will need to go to the Aurvangar Wetlands either by boat or via the Mystic Gateway, take a left, ride the ferry across to Sverd Sands, deal with the Bergsra then ride the elevator at the end of the path back down in to the Applecore.

Once you are in the Applecore, follow the path down dealing with the enemies as you go then at the bottom of the path you will need to take down 2 Revenants which will be a lot easier if you use Runic Arrows to be able to hit them, more effectively.

Once all enemies in the local area are down, head to the end of the path and throw a Spear in to the wall on the left, mantle up then proceed forward to where you can throw another Spear in to the yellow glowing rock on the left of the path.

Explode the rock out of the way, head forward then swing across the gap to the left, follow the corridor to the end, kick the gold chain chain down then before descending, ensure your Runic abilities are all charged up as you will have a boss: Mikklimunnr to take down which will be a lot easier with the Spear / Axe.

Once he’s down, go left through the crawl space, open the double doors then look right to see a wall you can shimmy across.

Proceed straight swinging across the gap under the waterfall then head around to the right, drop down to your right then, as long as you cleared the way earlier in the game head through the small gap in the wall.

If you haven’t been here then drop down to the left and shoot the explosive pot behind the debris to clear then way.

Swing across the gap to your left, mantle up to to the right then go through the double wooden doors.

Stand to the right once through the doors then look left where you need to throw a Spear in to the wood then go up on the platform and jump across where you can look to your left to see the Yggdrasil Rift which spawns the Lindwyrm you can capture.

Lindwyrm 5

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Before you can collect the last 2 Lindwyrms in this guide, you will first need to progress through the story to the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest where you rescue Freyr and more importantly acquire Freyr’s Boat.

Once you have the boat head back to the Mystic Gateway where you will begin the Scent of Survival Favour which tasks you with tracking Helka down where you will eventually come to Vanaheim’s largest area: The Crater.

Once you’re in The Crater you will be at The Plains Mystic Gateway so mantle over the cliff in front of you then head right, drop down off the ledge then mantle up to the left.

This next section can be a pain so ensure your Runic abilities are charged and you have either Wrath or Fury equipped as your Spartan Rage then head around to face the enemies.

You only have 1 Revenant and 2 Seidr to take out here but there are 3 braziers that heal the enemy very quickly so either place a Runic Sigil on the brazier then freeze it with your Axe to temporarily disable it, or, use your Rage and Runic abilities as well as your Sigils on the Revenant to kill them all before they have a chance to heal.

Either way, once all enemies are down, head right along the path towards the end where you can drop down twice and look left to find the Yggdrasil Rift housing the Lindwyrm.

Capture it to have another one added to the Lindwyrm trap.

Lindwyrm 6

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

If we start back at the Mystic Gateway in The Plains so you can get your bearings, this time, mantle over the cliff and go left crossing the chasm and taking out the Draugr and the Wyvern whilst avoiding the Dragons attacks as best as you can (we’ll get to the Dragon shortly).

Continue across The Plains avoiding the poison pods, dropping down, swinging across both chasms then mantling up to the right where you will come to a Celestial Altar you can use to change the time of day from Day to Night.

Kick the shield out of the way in front of you then head left taking out the Ogre, Wight and any Wisps who spawn in where you can then open the gate the Ogre was trying to break through.

Head left avoiding the poison pods then go round to the right where you can squeeze through the gap leading to one of the Dragons in The Crater: The Crimson Dread who can be tough.

Avoid the Dragons attacks as best as you can especially the fire as it can wreck your health bar. Every so often the Dragon will fly around above you then sweep down with a stream of flame, when this happens, throw your Axe at the Dragons head to bring it down allowing you to get in some heavy punishment as it tries to get up.

Once The Crimson Dread is down go over to the far left side of the arena to find the Yggdrasil Rift in some water which contains the Lindwyrm you can capture.

Returning the Lindwyrms

Sindri’s House.

Once you have all 6 Lindwyrms, head back to Sindri’s House, go over to the left and interact with Ratatoskr where he will accept then Lindwyrms unlocking your trophy in the process.

Once you have returned all 6 Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr your trophy will unlock.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Rightful Place trophy guide I hope it helps you return all of the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr.
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