God Of War Ragnarök Quaking Hollow Favour

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Quaking Hollow Favour guide where we will help you find and track down Crag Jaw in The Crater, The Sinkholes in Vanaheim.

Crag Jaw will count towards one of the Crater Hunts as you work towards Invasive Species Silver Image PS and is considered a Dragon Hunt on your World Overview.

In order to get to The Crater you will firstly need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest where you rescue Freyr then, on your back to the Mystic Gateway you will come across Lúnda’s dog, Helka beginning the Scent of Survival Favour, which, once completed, will land you in The Crater.

To begin the Quaking Hollow Favour, mantle over the cliff in front of you and go right crossing The Plains which will be easier if the time of day is Day as there will be less enemies to contend with.

Slide down the zipline then take a right, freezing the poison plant and jumping across where the ground will start to shake thus beginning the Quaking Hollow Favour.

Follow the path around taking out the Seidr if they aggro, swing across the chasm / river (the landscape changes depending on how far through The Crater you have gotten) then mantle up the ledge.

Clear the poison pod above you and throw a Spear in to the wall clearing the path through to where a Dragon is scorching some Seidr.

Head right taking out the 2 Seidr then throw a Spear in to the pillar on the right where the Dragon will be perched and blow the pillar out of the way.

Head to the far left pillar removing it when prompted with another Spear causing the Dragon to leave the area allowing you to go all the way to the right and pull the chain opening the gate.

Continue forward clearing the red vines with a Sigil and blast from your Blades then throw your Axe through the gap on the left freezing the brazier allowing you to squeeze through the gap to the right.

Follow the stairs up then take out the 2 Seidr across the chasm using Spear or Axe.

Look up to the left to see a set of red vines you can remove with a Sigil and a blast from your Blades freeing up a grapple point you can use.

Head forward and drop down in to the gorge taking a right through the crawl space where you will be ambushed by Crag Jaw.

Crag Jaw hits hard, has a high health pool and is a rough time to take down if you aren’t appropriately upgraded / geared. Crag Jaw will stomp, bite, gore, and smash you around the arena.

Blocking doesn’t really do much as you’d expect given the fact you’re taking on a fully grown dinosaur essentially so dodge where you can but given the fact Crag Jaw fills the arena, there aren’t many places you can be safe so keep the pressure on and fight fire with fire.

There are weak points on the front of both legs you can throw Spears into then pop the Spears bringing the beast down for a time allowing you to get in some heavy punishment.

Once Crag Jaw is defeated the Quaking Hollow Favour will complete.

That’s how to complete the God Of War Ragnarök Quaking Hollow Favour.

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