God Of War Ragnarök Phalanx Trophy Guide

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Obtain all Shields

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Phalanx trophy guide where we will help you obtain all shields.

There are 5 shields to acquire as you progress through the game, 2 of which are craftable leaving the remaining 3 Shields being obtainable from either story progression or Legendary Chests found throughout the realms.

You will craft a Shield as part of the story once you have completed the Surviving Fimbulwinter story mission near the start of the game when you get to Sindri’s House.

You are able to craft the other Shield once you have the required materials with the Shields in the Legendary Chests becoming obtainable as you progress through the story or after the main game has been completed where you can go back and collect anything you have missed along the way with the exception to the final Shield which, if you missed it can only be acquired from the Blacksmith for a hefty price.

The 5 Shields, their locations and a how to acquire them are as follows:

Stone Wall Shield

Sindri’s House.
A Shield for for absorbing attacks and striking back.
Requires: 1 Slag Deposit, 750 Hacksilver (free if you choose this Shield as your first one).

Once you have completed the Surviving Fimbulwinter side quest you will be making your way to Sindri’s House where you can craft a Shield of your choosing.

You can craft either the Stonewall Shield or the Dauntless Shield, the choice is yours, personally I went for the Stonewall Shield hence its position in this guide.

Dauntless Shield

Any Blacksmith.
A shield for for high risk and reward parries.
Requires: 1 Slag Deposit, 750 Hacksilver (free if you choose this Shield as your first one).

You can acquire Slag deposits from most barrels in the water as you make your way around Svartalfheim.

Once you have the required materials, go back to any Blacksmith then go: Weapons> Shields> Dauntless Shield and craft the Shield to add it to your collection.

Shatter Star Shield

Vanaheim, The Abandoned Village.
A shield fit for staying mobile and charging up.
Requires: Unlock the Legendary Chest in The Abandoned Village.

Continue through the story mission: The Reckoning where Kratos and Freya seek to remove the ties that bond Freya to Asgard. Once you’re in The Abandoned Village, clear out the enemies then pull the chain at the back to open the gate allowing you to go round to the left.

Freeze the purple poison plants and climbing the chain to a wooden platform after dealing with the poison pods and burning the vines to drop the gold chain down.

Look forward and down to the right to see another poisonous plant you can freeze. Once you have done so, drop down to the now safe area looking to the left to see the Legendary Chest you can loot which contains the Shatter Star Shield.

Guardian Shield

Sindri’s House.
A shield fit for a balance of offensive options.
Requires: Begin story mission: The Word of Fate.

Once you start the story mission: The Word of Fate (where you are tracking down the Norns).

You will be handed the Guardian Shield back by Sindri and Brok who have now fixed it for Kratos. You won’t need to equip the Shield, just receiving it is enough to fulfil the requirement.

Onslaught Shield

Helheim, The Silent Clearing.
A shield fit for safely advancing on enemies.
Requires: Unlock the Legendary Chest in: Helheim, The Silent Clearing.

After you have initially defeated Garm you can make your way through the corridors to the next gate you need to unlock. Just over to the right will be the Legendary Chest that holds the Onslaught Shield.

If you missed the Legendary Chest and don’t have a save to go back to then go to any Blacksmith once you’re out of Helheim where you can purchase the Onslaught Shield for 7,500 Hacksilver from the Blacksmith.

Thanks to Powerpyx for confirming where you can acquire the Shield if you were to miss it.

Once you have acquired all 5 shields, your trophy will unlock.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Phalanx trophy guide complete I hope it helps you obtain all shields.
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