God Of War Ragnarök Path Of Destruction Favour

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Path Of Destruction Favour where we will help you find and take Slag Horn who is as hard to summon as it is to take down.

Slag Horn will count towards one of the Crater Hunts as you work towards Invasive Species Silver Image PS and is considered a Dragon Hunt on your World Overview.

In order to get to The Crater you will firstly need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest where you rescue Freyr then, on your back to the Mystic Gateway you will come across Lúnda’s dog, Helka beginning the Scent of Survival Favour, which, once completed, will land you in The Crater.

You then need to flood The Crater allowing you to access the areas you need to access which is done by completing the Return of the River Favour.

After the Return of the River Favour has been completed, take the lift down then row the boat forward to the first dock on the right where you will have a Nokken and 2 Wulvers to take down.

Once they’re down, go up the stairs to your left and use the Celestial Altar to change time of day from Night to Day.

Get back in the boat and row round to the right then take a left through the narrow passage, dock then squeeze through the gap where you will face of against 2 Nokken and 2 Ogres.

After the enemies are down, with your back against the gap you squeezed through, go to the wall opposite and rip the barricade down, then, ensuring it is daytime there will be a grapple point you can use to swing across the river to a path you can follow around pass the Summer Stag (check out the Pure of Hart trophy guide for how to acquire all 4 Stags).

Follow the path around, jump over the gap then kick the chain down on your right which we will need to get back up here later on in the Favour.

Head around pass the pods firing poison darts at you, jump the gap then go right where you can squeeze through a tight gap in the wall to the Slag Horn’s lair, however, it won’t appear yet. You need to lure the prehistoric beast out with some lunch.

Drop down in to the pit in the middle of the area, turn around and familiarise yourself with the white section of wood above you and the gear in front of you as you need to do this next section quickly.

What you need to do is place a Runic Sigil on the gear, throw the Axe at the left side of the wooden panel above you then recall the Axe quickly where you can throw the Axe at the gear allowing you to escape the cage before it comes back down.

Once out of the cage, recall your Axe then go and open the gate at the end of the corridor.

Now you need to lure at least 1 Gulon in to the corridor and place it in the cage which isn’t the simplest thing to do.

Get 1 or 2 Gulon around the cage blocking their attacks as best as you can, throw the Axe over the the top of the cage through either the gap on the left or right hitting the white section of wood opening the gate.

You’re aiming to trap a Gulon in the cage as the cage falls down with you being on the outside of the cage which is trial and error. You will get there with practice and it can be frustrating. If you do kill the Gulon in the process, wait a few seconds for them to respawn (if they don’t respawn take the lift up to the area with the floodgates then take it back down where they will have respawned) and keep trying to trap one in the cage.

Once you have trapped a Gulon in the cage, use the chain on the outside of the cage to send the Gulon up to the Slag Horn’s lair which will spawn the overgrown dinosaur.

Leave the corridor, take a left then drop down the wall. Either freeze the poison plant or go round to the left where you can get through safely and climb the gold chain we kicked down earlier and follow the path back around to the lair.

The fight itself is tough as the Slag Horn hits hard, has a very high amount of health and defence and there are very limited opportunities to heal.

You will have 2 points on either front leg to throw a Spear in to which staggers the Slag Horn allowing you to get in some heavy punishment. Make good use of your Runic abilities as well as your Rage to work its health down.

Once the Slag Horn is down, the Path of Destruction Favour will complete.

that’s how to complete the God Of War Ragnarök, Path Of Destruction Favour.

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