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God Of War Ragnarök Odin's Raven Locations: Vanaheim

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Odin’s Raven Locations: Vanaheim guide where we help you find and destroy all 15 Ravens throughout Freya’s homeland.

You can take out the first 8 Ravens as you progress through the story ensuring you take a deviation along River Delta which is available once the Nidhogg has been defeated then the remaining 7 Ravens needing to be found in The Crater which you can get to after you have completed the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest where you rescue Freyr enabling you to begin the Scent of Survival Favour.

Once the Scent of Survival Favour has been completed you will then be in The Crater and in order to access every Raven in the area you will also need to complete the Return of the River Favour making every area accessible as long as you are tough enough to take on the enemies that await you.

You will need to take out every one of Odin’s Ravens throughout the game in order to be able to access 1 of the Hilts required for Collector Silver Image PS.

Destroying a Raven will require you to get close to it then throw your Axe through the Raven removing it from the realm. All Ravens can be tracked on your World Overview.

Here is where you can find and remove each of the 15, Odin’s Ravens throughout Vanaheim.

Odin's Raven 1

Vanaheim, The Southern Wilds.

From the Mystic Gateway head forward then take the left path going through the archway to the riverbank.

Look up where you will see Odin’s Raven swooping around, take aim and destroy the Raven as it swoops pass the left side of the screen.

Odin's Raven 2

Vanaheim, Freyr’s Camp.

Leave the camp via the wooden gate (story progression) then follow the path down to the water’s edge where you will see the Raven up on a branch directly in front of you.

Line up the shot just above the Raven to allow for the Axe’s trajectory to destroy another of Odin’s Ravens.

Odin's Raven 3

Vanaheim, River Delta, Pilgrim’s Landing.

From the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway, clear the log on your left with a Sonic Arrow then row your boat along the now accessible river taking a right when the river opens up.

Dock at Pilgrim’s Landing and clear out the enemies taking care when they’re dead as they will explode which can devastate your health bar if there’s a few of them at once.

Once they’re all down, mantle up to the left then have Freya send a Runic Sigil into the red vines on the left side of the raised bridge then another in to the lit brazier causing a chain reaction clearing the vines revealing 2 blue discs (1 either side of the bridge) you can destroy with ether a thrown Axe or Spear lowering the bridge.

Head through in to the newly opened area taking out the enemies, again watching out for their exploding corpses. There will usually be 2 Nökken in this area so try and take them out as a matter or priority to prevent the other enemies from being healed.

Once all foes are down, go over to the right side of the walkway and look up to see a contraption held in place by a blue disc you need to throw your Axe or Spear through freeing up the contraption.

After it has stopped swinging, send 2 Runic Sigil’s on to the right side ensuring you have the unlit brazier close to the centre of the Sigils then grapple the contraption sending it to the right where it will hit the lit brazier on the top of the ruins igniting the right side of the contraption.

Once it has stopped swinging, send one Runic Sigil just below the left brazier then make a path along the contraption to the fire on the right sending a final Runic Arrow in to the lit brazier on the right which will cause a chain reaction lighting the Brazier on the left.

Swing the contraption up to the left which will then light the brazier on the left side of the upper ruins. Fire a Runic Arrow into the vines on the upper left side of the ruins then fire another in to the now lit brazier which will cause another chain reaction removing the vines along the wall to the raised bridge.

Either side of the bridge will be yet more breakable blue discs you will need to throw your Spear or Axe through them lowering the bridge.

Jump across the gap then look out the upper left archway across the river below to the river bank where you can see Odin’s Raven milling about, dispatch it with either your Spear or Axe.

Odin's Raven 4

Vanaheim, River Delta, The Veiled Passage.

You will need to open the Pilgrim’s Gate in River Delta via Cliffside Ruins to be able to access The Veiled Passage. If you have unlocked either It Was A Good Day Silver Image PS or New Friends Bronze Image PS then you will already have the way open, if not then here’s a quick overview of what you need to do.

Row your boat around to Cliffside Ruins, clear the enemies then climb wall at the back left of the area. Go around to the platforms heading left then place 3 Runic Sigil’s along the cliff face then ignite the Sigils with a blast from your Blades causing a chain reaction to remove the red vines dropping the chain down.

Head back down to ground level then climb the chain where you can use the Chisel on the dish to reveal a runic word Freya can speak to open the Pilgrim’s Gate allowing you to row around to Goddess Falls.

Take a left before getting the Goddess Falls behind the rocks to your left to enter The Veiled Passage.

Once in the cavern row your boat to the last beach and dock then turn around and look up where you will see Odin’s Raven in a crack in the roof which can be despatched simply enough with a quick throw of your Axe or Spear.

Odin's Raven 5

Vanaheim, The Veiled Passage (River Delta).

This Raven can only be destroyed by going the The Veiled Passage although it will count as a Raven in River Delta when you look on your completion section of the map in Vanaheim.

After you have destroyed Odin’s Raven 26, turn back around and smash through the wooden barricade on your left where you need to destroy the 5 poison pods before dropping down in to the next area to avoid taking damage then climb the wall on your left.

Deal with the enemies as you progress through the area then destroy the 3 poison pods as you progress through the passageway taking care as you follow the pathway as there will be a few enemies who ambush you.

Take out the main poison pod on the right in an alcove as you are next to the water if the poison darts are giving you a lot of hassle then progress through to the enemy who is hiding in the poison with a shield, have Freya send a Sigil to the plant making the fog then throw your Axe at it which will freeze the fog production long enough for you to take down the enemy.

Proceed forward, slide down the chain then take a right (opposite the raised bridge) to the edge of the cliff overlooking the river below to see Odin’s Raven on a branch which can easily be taken down with a Spear throw.

Odin's Raven 6

Vanaheim, Goddess Falls.

Head back around to Goddess Falls (through the Pilgrim’s Gate you opened earlier), clear out the enemies then climb up the wall at the back of the area.

Swing across the gap then climb the next wall on your right to the top of the cliffs, which, if you turn around you will be looking out over Vanaheim and will see the Raven swooping around.

Look to your right to see a rainbow that we will use a reference point to take down the fast moving Raven. Look to where the red and green meet (see the image below for exact placement) then throw your Spear once the Raven makes the sharp left turn allowing you a second to hit it.

Don’t be disheartened if this one takes a while to get, it’s a fast moving Raven that may well take a good few attempts to destroy but you will get there in the end.

Odin's Raven 7

Vanaheim, Eastern Barri Woods.

You will come back to Vanaheim much later in the story where, during the Creatures of Prophecy main story mission you will be going through Eastern Barri Woods.

Once there, proceed through the area to where you need to clear a rock out of the way with the Spear, head forward and take out the poison throwing plant up and across to your left.

Stand in front of the now dead plant then turn around and look up to find the Raven in a cut out section of tree.

Despatch the Raven with either Spear or Axe.

Odin's Raven 8

Vanaheim, The Abandoned Village.

As you progress through the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest you will come see a teleporting Einherjar in the distance as you come out of East Barri Woods.

Drop down and make your way across the river then take out all of the Einherjar in the building.

Drop down to the lower level once all enemies are dead where an Einherjar thief will snatch your prize causing you to give chase.

As you mantle back up, Einherjar will burst through a previously inaccessible section of wall. Take out all Einherjar in the local area then go right to the end edge of the platform in front of the section of wall you need to throw a Spear in to to get across the water.

Before jumping across the water, look up to your left to find the Raven sitting in a cutout section of tree.

Despatch it with either Sword or Axe.

Accessing The Crater

The remaining 7 Ravens can be found in Vanaheim, The Crater and as explained at the top of the guide, accessing The Crater will require you to firstly complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story mission where you rescue Freyr and more importantly, acquire Freyr’s Boat.

You can then make your way back towards the Mystic Gateway, where, on the way, you will come across Lúnda’s dog, Helka. beginning the Scent of Survival Favour which, once completed, will land you in The Crater.

The Crater, however, is an area filled with tough opponents from Travellers to full grown Dragons with the landscape as well as the enemies you’ll face changing depending on the time of day.

You can change the time of day at any one of the Celestial Altars in the 3 areas which make up The Crater: The Plains, The Jungle and The Sinkholes.

Navigating through The Crater in daytime will be a lot easier, however, some Ravens, as you would no doubt expect in a game of this nature can only be destroyed at night and are hidden behind formidable foes.

Ensure you have applied every upgrade for not only Kratos but Atreus / Freya as well especially if you’re playing on a harder difficulty.

The majority of the areas you need to access won’t be accessible until after you flood The Crater which is done by completing the Return of the River Favour in The Crater, The Jungle area at night.

Given the nature of where the Ravens are located in The Crater I have taken you around as linear path as I can with some of the Ravens being accessible earlier than we go for them, although it would have added some back and forth which I have tried to avoid as much as possible in the guide.

The 9 Ravens you can find and remove in Vanaheim, The Crater are as follows:

Odin's Raven 9

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Mantle over the cliff from the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway (where you start in The Crater), take a left dropping down then swing across the chasm and mantle up.

Stay against the right wall, where, if the Dragon is on the rock, the enemies will aggro so take them out. If it’s not there or you’ve killed it already which is done during the For Vanaheim! Favour, stay right and go to the rock formation next to the canyon / water’s edge (depending on if you have completed the Return of the River Favour yet).

Look up to see the Raven on the rocks which can be taken out with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 10

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Once you have despatched Odin’s Raven 9, go right staying against the right wall dealing with the Wyvern and Draugr if they aggro then get past the 2 poison pods.

Drop down and go to the edge of the canyon and look down to the left across the canyon to find the Raven sitting on a ledge which is easily removed with either Spear or Axe.

Odin's Raven 11

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

After having despatched Odin’s Raven 10, swing across the chasm to the far bank then mantle up to the right.

Go to the edge of the wall and look down to the left where you will see the Raven on the rocks.

You can either despatch this Raven here or after you have killed the Dreki during the In The Dead Of Night Favour if you’re strong enough to take it down.

Either way, use your Spear or Axe to remove the Raven.

Odin's Raven 12

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Before you can find and remove this Raven, you will firstly need to take down a full grown Dragon: The Crimson Dread which is done during the For Vanaheim! Favour.

If you have already completed the favour which is part of Invasive Species , head back to arena where you fought the Dragon, if not, then here’s what you need to do to access the Dragon’s lair.

From where you took out Odin’s Raven 11 on top of the cliffs, go forward and use the Celestial Altar changing the time of day from Day to Night then kick the shield off the edge of the cliff.

Drop down and take out the Wight, Wisps Seidr and the Ogre then open the gate over to the left which the Ogre was trying to smash through.

Go forward being careful around the poison pods then take a right through the narrow passage to The Crimson Dread’s lair.

This fight can be tough as you are taking on a fully grown Dragon after all so make good use of your Runic / Rage abilities as well as parries, blocks, dodges and rapid button presses if the Dragon gets hold of you.

Every so often the Crimson Dread will take flight and swoop in on you dealing heavy fire damage if you get caught in its stream. An easy way to counter this attack is to throw your Axe at the Dragon once it’s coming in for the attack, which, if successful, will cause the Dragon to crash land giving you a good few seconds to pile on some damage as it gets back up.

Once The Crimson Dread has been defeated, go around to the left wall to find a small sinkhole where the Raven will be flitting around on a ledge.

Despatch it with any weapon of your choosing.

Incidentally, this Raven was the one that gave me the most hassle to find in the entire game. Some of the Ravens are in obscure locations, this one was very well tucked away.

Odin's Raven 13

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Jungle.

Proceed through The Crater to where you complete the Return of the River Favour in The Jungle which can only be accessed at night then, once The Crater has been flooded, it will make things easier if we turn the time of day back to Day from Night.

Head down the lift you would have used to get up to the floodgates then go over to right after The Corpse Eater who you can take out in the Trail of the Dead Favour snatches the Deer and row the boat forward then right to the dock.

Take out the Wulvers and Nokken that are awaiting you then go up the stairs and use the Celestial Altar to change time of day back to Day which will make the latter Ravens easier to find.

Get back in your boat and row round to the right then left through the narrow passage to the dock.

Once out of the boat, squeeze through the gap and take out both Nokken as well as the 2 Ogres then look up to the left of the arena against the stone wall to find the Raven on a ledge flitting around.

Take the Raven out with any throwable Weapon.

Odin's Raven 14

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Plains.

Get back in your boat after having taken out Odin’s Raven 13 and head to the Mystic Gateway you passed when you initially came into The Jungle or use the one by the Wulvers you took down and head back to the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway.

Mantle over the cliff again this time taking a right, cross The Plains which will have a lot less enemies during the Day, drop down then mantle up to the left.

Go to the end of the path pass the Blacksmith then look over to your right to see the Raven on the large rock which can be taken out with either Axe or Spear.

Odin's Raven 15

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Sinkholes.

Turn right from where you took down Odin’s Raven 14 going back the way you came, drop back down then slide down the zipline to your left in to The Sinkholes.

Take a right through the cavern freezing the poison plant as you go, clear out the Seidr if they aggro, taking note of the boat to your left on the beach which we will need shortly, then swing across the river and mantle up in to the passage.

Take care above you as the poison pod can strip chunks off your health bar then use the Spear to clear the section of wall and go through to see The Ash Tyrant who can be taking out in The Burning Skies Favour roasting some Seidr.

Head right and take out the 2 Seidr where you can then look left to see the Ash Tyrant perched on a pillar trying to attack you. Send a Spear into the pillars’ weak point and blow the Spear removing the pillar.

Head left and do the same thing for the far left pillar the Dragon will land on removing The Ash Tyrant from the area who we won’t need to worry about again for a while.

From here, go all the way to the right and pull the chain opening the gate and head back round to the boat you passed whilst passing the Seidr and row round to the right taking a right behind the arena where the Ash Tyrant cooked the Seidr to the dock.

Go round to your left and pull the chain opening another gate, get back in your boat and row around to the dock at the beach. Taking note of the Raven you will pass up to your left on the cliff.

The Ash Tyrant will be above you in its lair sending attacks down at you which are fairly easy to avoid by standing behind one of the large rocks if you’re low on health.

Look back across the water to the cliff face on the right where you can throw a Spear wither close to the Raven or through it if you can.

If the Spear lands close to the Raven, explode the Spear to take out the Raven with the splash damage.

That’s where to find and how to dispatch all 15 of Odin’s Ravens throughout Vanaheim.

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